Saturday, March 29, 2008

Popcorn Quick Guide by SkyChin night so bored.So i decided to make popcorn,after searching some wikipedia and youtube tutorial.Firstly,i steal my mum's corn seeds and heat up the wok.Then i juz pour the corn seed into it..and cover it.After finish "pop-ing",then the seeds was suprising amazing.From a small part of turns to a whole wok of pop corn.Shit..i one people how finish lerh?Haha..nvm..i left some for dad and mum.=D Of course first time was very fun,but i realise very sien when washing those plates and the wok.Sienz..the oil damn hard to wear off.LoL!Lastly..its very simple to make popcorns.But its troublesome for the cleaning and washing jobs.=D

Rainbow MTV second edition

Well..i also not sure why Jay Chou going to release this MV.Maybe he think the previous MV not enough great?But actually i think this second MV is worst because the Male actor kinda ugly and his characteristics is sux.But overall the songs is great...what ever video will works great with it .=D

Opening Of Current Blog

Well,i've not been a blogger before.From last time i dont willing to form a blog because i thought blogging is not fun enough.But now i realise that actually blogging is much simpler and easier.Just like my diary right?And also our current website is lack of place to let me express my feelings.LoL!Anyway..more article will be uploaded soon!

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SkyChin-The Author.
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