Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nikon Girl music video, The Photo Club

Just some temporary painpills for my long-awaited SLR purchase,this video is so awesome.I couldn't figure out on how they inspired to make such video.And the rap part is nicely composed,especially the lyrics.

They picture the story about a Canon 1DsMarkIII with a Nikon D200,as what we thought like a Romeo and Juliet story.Enjoy guys,this is a nice MTV.

P/S Good news readers,I will be likely getting my SLR in few weeks time.Stay tuned!=)
Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jogoya Feast


Yesterday I were supposed to feel very sick due to a serious flu,luckily I went to see the doctor in the last minutes.In that moment,I was given an idea that I should not have missed out the date,as it's Joel farewell feast.

Me,Joel,Soulchild,Yiling,Chong Wei,Huan Ling aka SkyLooker,Kelvin Lee,Qi Yong were present on the feast.

Skylooker was caught in teasing under eighteens to drink alcohol,OPPS...did I mentioned that I did drink along with them?xD

We only managed to spend about an hour plus to dine in Jogoya,the dinner session was actually started at 5pm while we stepped in the buffet hall at 7pm+.

The durian ice creams were great,we only manage to snap some delicacies as we didn't have sufficient time to dine.

Joel is learnt to have prom last night,and he was having sore throat also.Joel was hilariously having sissy voice and me too,but Joel had the worst one..Hahaha

Afterwards,OMG I was freaking full.

We were playing outside the restaurant to get some relief.

And Joel was certainly doing with his D90,shutter sounds were so sweet!


'Imma Bokehmon,witness the paweeeer of 18105!!!'

While me,holding my trusty A590IS! Canon...Delighting you always...
Hey,did you see the lights bokeh behind of me?That was a snapshot from D90 also!

Our unite shot,I think Jogoya staff should have practiced more in using camera to snap properly.This picture is slightly blurrish caused by handshakes,but it was still acceptable.And they dont know about picture compo..WTF

The night performance,taken @ ISO 1600.D90 of course!

Of course,we did enjoyed the delicacies there and if we were to reach there much earlier,we would have more time to dine then.Besides that,I had stand a chance to molest Joel's D90 and it was an awesome experience.You know what?The 18-105 basoka was so sexy,simply turn the zoom ring to the max,rich bokeh will just appeared in your sight,we were coincidentally lucky to snap some night performances to toast up the D90's performance.

Frankly speaking,I certainly felt the difference of PnS camera in low light condition, argument you can make to claim a PnS camera is great at high ISO(I mean just above 400,we dont elucidate on over 1600)

Actually,I still kept many of the shots in my pc,since they were too much and I had only uploaded portion from them.For people requesting for more photos,please do let me know,I"ll update into this post.

Monday, November 16, 2009


The also last day of school and the 'World',we went to embrace the amazing earth movie,2012.I went to the movie with liping and jason,we also had our lunch at sushi king.

Initially we were planning to go for karaoke,but due to my illness of throat.We had finally went to the 2012 movie,no regret though!Thanks for their sensibility to change plan,we also spent some time in the bowling court.

For those whom are anticipating for my upload of class photo,here it is.The first shot was nice,the followed trials were out of angle as someone had kicked off the tripod,maybe it's me or someone..=X

Please click the entitled picture in order to view in native size.


The others version click second third fourth


When came to SUSHI,then you'll know it wont go anywhere without this green paste..yeah Wasabi!I like it so much


This time I poisoned Liping,Jason to craze with wasabi.We even rowed down our tears when succumbed to the 'power of rejuvenation' of wasabi.Btw,it's kinda replenishing..Turned my nose to fresh breath!

Oh yea,want a piece of me?

Enough for this post,we'll continue in the next one.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I wanted to win II

Since the contest's closest is in the 30th of November,so I have made a video to outdo the other contestants as all of them are doing the same ting,macro+bokeh and nothing is new.So I wanna distinguish mine with theirs.


Idea was inspired by my spontaneous intention.
Thursday, November 12, 2009

We won or we lost?

Indeed,we did win spiritually as everyone is united in this tug of war.We,the whole class gathered to cheer up the team.Further,I am so dumbfounded that our form teacher had eventually enrolled into our team regardless the last minutes.

Though,we lost in the competition but not the spirit.Everyone is so devoted to the competition!What a game..really

As the overall,the art stream classes outdone the contenders.Yeah
Saturday, November 7, 2009

This is it


I have watched 'This is it' today,thanks Jason for the free ticket.Hopefully,it would not be a slowpoke,since it was unveiled in last 29th.

Michael is certainly the undisputed universe entertainer I had to say,it was an amazing performance regardless it was in rehearsal stage.They were so strict when came to picking dancers and preparation,Micheal demanded for the best from every mettle."Should not get the job,if they didn't fullfill those' said the director in the intake addition.

Off for MJ,today we also went to Sushi King for wasabi craze and I had go to LYP to buy my brothar's FM modulator.

I waited for almost 1 hour until the shops opened because I reached LYP was at the time of 10am,I had to come earlier as I am going to the train station with my dad,so I have to suit his time as well.

This is the scene you would see when you pick the wrong time to come LYP.I even came there earlier than any people whom work in that place.zzz

We ordered the plates with up to 4 sushi-s,the main motive is to cater them with big topping of wasabi.So syoooook..when the smells came up to your nose.XD

We ate those sushi-s before entered to the cinema,we dont feel any cold there even the sits were situated below the air conditioner.Wasabi ftw!
Monday, November 2, 2009

Everything is getting better

Yea,my brothar lappie had succumbed to my iron leg-kick and now have revived back,while Joel had bought his D90,OMG!!! Wait about me?Hehe..God knows

Tomorrow is going back to school,I mean officially,but will only last for few more weeks time then we resume to holiday mode.For me,every forth day is a holiday,the post picture is taken in adjacent of my living home.

I demand for C&C like the previous post,and..this post is done here.


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