Friday, May 30, 2008

Yeah finally i let go the fish

Yesterday,i've finally let go my 5 yrs old fish.Since its growing,so we cant keep it again.So yesterday i bring it to my house near Taman Tasik to let "it" go.

Without it althought felt abit empty but without it i also become more free no need to clean the aquariuma again.Remembered last time everyday need feed it and change the water for it.So tired...but now its a relief for me and "him".=D

Besides filing more free,so i go play my camera at the garden.And now become more professional and the way im holding the camera more stable and wont captured a shot for the flowers.
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Went out for movie =D

Today went Berjaya Times Square to see Indiana Jones,The crystal Skull.This movie was abit comedy+adventure,his son dunno Mutt playing as a comedian and likes playing knifes and combing his hair.While Indiana Jones act as a professor which presenting himself as an intelligence people who know much thing in the"Crystal Skull"with his old friend Oxy.Overall the movie is not bad.8/10.

Besides going for a movie,i also went to LowYat Plaza to get some ink replacement for my old Epson C41UX printer,according to them the ink catridges is going to discountinue,so looking for a replacement is abit hard.But finally i found them and bought it.

After that when reach home,testing the printer who knows the old catridges still can be use,shit me.But anyway..waiting for the old catriges to "kong".Haha..
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally going to wash my shoes

During these bored caturdays,i decided to wash my almost half year never wash is 2 pair.During these days,i just change off my socks after wear and never intend to wash because many of lazy reason flying on my mind like" today weather not good,busy,sleepy,forgotten and more".So today i decided to wash them out,because the shoes is too"black" till cannot work as school shoes.Haha=D

Besides of taking the damn shoes shots,i also took a shot from my house graden which the morning glory is opened,and i also willing to test my imaging skill.Haha..using "program" mode ISOAUTO,macro mode.

And for my holiday,i promise will post one new article on my blog everyday to fullfill visitor demand and also to fill my freetime.=D
Monday, May 26, 2008

How to draw Frank Grimes in just 15minutes!

Well today abit bored,so went to youtube to surf video.Crazy huh?
Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kampar Journey

Today send my bro back to kampar due to his last before open school.We depart from KL from 11.45am.So we use Sungai Buloh to enter the Plus highway,today actually dont desired to go but finally also go with them.

To save more time,i bring a long my lappie to do my geography project.In the car, i feel dizzy and feel like wanna vomit.Cuz the car shaking while typing,oh shit!

And today my grandmother wants to follow along while we hanging on at Batu Gajah before return back to Kampar.So we bring our grandmother to explore my bro university and show her the buildings and his living place.

This is the Kampar Utar opening Testimonial sign by Tun Dr Mahathir.

My Bro Living room shots

This is the bedroom,looks small huh?I like my home more!Because it dont comes with air con and so small,my room better than this much many more.XD

This is the bathroom,with water heater.=D

While this is the kitchen with water purifier and electric cooker which dont require natural gas.

This is the house outer look,and 3 of one is my bro bicycle.The glass windows tinted with sun tint.Wow!

This is the exterior of the house.Nice huh?Its a danish house!

So at 5.30pm,we finally begin to back to Kuala Lumpur due to the time is no early anymore.
We arrived home at 8.30pm.=D

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bought new bottle LoL!

Yesterday went tesco and bought a new plastic bottle because my previous plastic Ro bottle cracked and i think shouldn't do like this since the earth is changing.So i decided to get a new hard-body plastic bottle for a more environmental friendly.So reduce,reuse,recycle,3R since many natural disaster of earth is happening just like earthquake,ternados,etc.So its better to get a decent bottle instead of using and throwing around.=D
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Backstreet Boys Album Inconsoluble

Well,i think for english hits lover,will sure know who is backstreet boys.They seldom publish new album in these years ago,this album is launched at 2007.I heard few times before at FM about their songs,but everytime felt lazy to go download.But today my friend asked me to help him find this album,so indirectly i also use to hearing their song besides burn to friend.

Overall i cant i give a actual ratings,but i love the song"Inconsoluble" and other song still trying.=D
Sunday, May 18, 2008


Recently just back from Kepong Jusco,and i bought a small 30ml of perfume which burnt out my wallet.Haha..its called"Passion Fruit" flavour.I like it..the colour of bottle suits the smell of it,Really!I bought it because of the smell great and 10% offer.

Lets see if holiday hangout with friends i gotta use this.XD
Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ancient Imaging Dynamo!

Well,nowadays after exam life has been bored.So i decided to arrange up my room stuff,and found my dad's ancient SLR camera.Its a Yashica Electro 35.According to dad,this camera usually a very expensive and high end one last time.

Its a film SLR with battery check and manual focus lens.Its from Hoya,a well known Glass Lens for spec manufacturers,i wonder last time they also do camera lens.Nowadays Hoya lens are at spec and rarely found at camera lens right?

However,the camera is protected by a leather pouch by Yashica,its from Japan sounds like.Unfortunately,putting there for a long period causing the leather to oxidized.So it feel hard and abit of black powder if u press harder.

Covered by a metal stainless steel body,it looks armory!And of course its pretty heavy for a camera.Ancient,Giant also! =D

Other shots of this camera!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Exam Finished 15thMay2008

Well,mid year exam finally finished and ended with fun =D
This 2 weeks i tight up myself from games,and entertaiment,after a hard study.The moment i finally awaited is now!Geography!~The last exam of 2008 Mid Year Exam,11.00-12.30pm,time goes slow as snail,i keep stretching my head and ask myself"Why so long d?5mins past away only..=,="

After a long wait,

The teacher had collected all papers 5mins earlier b4 end,so that moment everyone dont wish to stay at the class anymore.After the exam finishing announcement ,all pupils rushed out and run to home,CC,Cinema,or some even go for dating=D

Somehow,we decided to go to TS for movie,we wathed the "Speed Racer",well the movie actions and cars are awesome!Besides that,we took our lunch at the MC Donald.

We also taken some photos during that time,

Lastly,besides studying at the exam period,i used to made a video about passwords cracking.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Exam Week

Yahuu... Q1 of the exam week has just past,priority subjects like Chinese,Malay,English,History all had completed.So,next week just a few important subjects like algebra,science which require to prepare.

Anyway,this week was a hardtime for me also,everynight studying untill midnight.Haiz..yet very sad History might fail cuz its insane hard paper.

You all can clearly see my last minutes notes also so massive and huge to memorise.Unfortunately,the next day i still fail out.Haizz...feel like hitting the exam sheet author. =.=

Lastly,wish to quickly end up this exam period,i really wish to hang out with friends after that!=D

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