Monday, July 20, 2009

Abstinence for the Win!


Yeah..oh yes!I won the competition,thanks to my determination for the past 10days for not wanking..*sigh*.As you guys would have knew I had lost the IT competition last year,this year which fortunately I have granted my dignity back.I am not dreaming heck..going crazy..the competition is a narrow win,we are damn fucking lucky I would say.

Imagine you were guessing for nearly 5 questions with zero hunch,you know I was closing my eye and begging 'No' to elimination,luckily we were drown at the QUIZ stage.Lastly,we have ended up victory with a given subjective question,which is damn lucky!

Joel was running furious allocating the place.@#$%^&*(

Morning,we were having some hard time going to UCSI,we spent over 1 hour+ looking for the effing university with no road board,heck you know it's a university with no road board...Will you go to the university?But finally,we got reached there at 8.5xam.Besides,our teacher also got late because they had also went wrong.Basically,I got poor impression for this University,but for the competition sake,we have to go though.

Joel was,Macro-ing his own sticker,with red beam.

Given a challenge to install PC parts at a given time.

Price was Rm3000 divided by 3 persons and some 'duty' from school,I guess it's not adequate for my D90 but it's a big leap towards my target.Besides,there was an auction held on that day.I was being damn unlucky and were forced to buy a fucking speaker system with conspiracy to elevate the bid price,but I then 'kena' myself because I was fouling with the same trick for almost few times,then the last time all of them do not wanted to raise up their hands,then I was forced to buy that speaker.HAHA..but it's still considered okay as I purchased the speaker under the retailed price but with NO warranty.*darn*

Nevertheless, I have managed to foul them for twice,and with exchange that I have to quench a RM80 speaker system for once,Price Worthy!

Sonic Gear Ego 7,purchased for Rm80 at the auction.Will take it review soon.

Abstinence for the WIN*FTW*
Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life Update

This week is absolutely procrastinating,ponteng sekolah for 2 days repetitively but not consecutively(as I play tick-tock ponteng style,1day appears,another day absent),tons of homework and worksheets to get done.I even used up my recess time for copying homework,next week will be going on a torturing test fever.And most importantly,next week Sunday is my lifetime kick-start opportunity to get nearer to my DSLR dream.The competition is an IT Knowledge Quiz organised by a chinese magazine company,and I dont care it's organised by who,but heck I'm ambitious and desperate enough to pursues my dream now.I want an DSLR!I even made a ridiculous abstemious vow for the competition sake.=.=

Hopefully can win the prize and get my D90(I knew it was written 1000D in my bday post,but now lust has an advancement)*chuckles*Really please grant me a chance to win the prize,I know I'm desperate for the prize.

Ya,that's why,sitting there and making vacant wish is definitely declining you to success.Thereby,I and Joel went to MCD for an epic preparation.We ransacked a pile of magazine and brainstormed for potential questions.While what which is considered unfortunate was we couldn't connect to the free wifi spot even there was a signal there(Deadspot.Swt).Anyhow we managed to find some clues with regards of the prep.Thank you Joel for the help and time.=)

Joel was looking exhausted..

But since next week competition is going to happen soon,so we would be going to make another prep meeting right on Sat-(The day before competition).And guys,you would have wishing me for the victory dont you,and I"ll surely appease you with an extravagance meal if I have did so.
Friday, July 3, 2009

Leeching in HUKM,make worth of time.

I will be coming back to HUKM every 3 months for my schedule Diabetes appointment,however each time I will be frittering off my time there for no reason.You know,staying at hopsital is heck irritating and not pleasant.But since last, I brought my lappie along,the scenario then changed,Thoroughly.

Stay on the canteen for whole day,as long as the presence of an internet access point,it wont makes me down.But heck you know,HUKM management has been restricting the wifi connection towards the public.Ironically,they tagging on the ISO 9002 tag which learnt to have a convenient and uncompromised services within the hospital.Not to be too sarcastic,sometimes they did redundant stupid things and evenly they have poor networking skills.

I had managed to enter their EXPLICIT loophole without any hassle at all,even a moron would also notice the loophole as they making it so obvious.The thing is something like this,they created an independent splash page with user login form and they assumed to block all the outgoing clients which connected to this access point,theoretically it"ll automatically redirect to the login page.But you guess how I caught the loophole,hacking skills and rocket language is needless in dealing with this scenario.


Use the given url,stripe off the phrase after and proceed into the page.Click create new user and you're connected to internet.As for networking discipline,they should have secured the CP access instead of a single splash page,and you know they should have provide the access to the public as well,not only staff....Why restricts?==

My dad has been a loyal tax payer for the past and the present,thereby we have the rights to make worth of every cents we devoted to the know what I'm talking didn't you.I was not stealing,you know WIFI access does not took down by the numbers of clients,since it's an established facility,so it should be beneficial for the public.

Making use of the environment,this is the feng sui place which I am spending on my moment in the meantime of waiting my dad whom is working far away at Bangi.Honestly,their karipap is quite spicy but tastes great,everywhere would be a workplace you know.

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