Saturday, February 11, 2012


Late greeting in the month of February,my life is as preoccupied as a star.This week was a painstaking one,we had 3 core subjects at one go,what left is GP and Econs Test,not to mention about Moral Study presentation.

Blogging is always the best way to hark back things and regain what we were almost oblivious about.The urge to constantly come out with one post regardless of how busy and tough life is,I believe that you all would have noticed that this blog has traversed through the many stages of my life,and it will continue to progress for a lifetime longevity.

Being many years studying in Korea,finally there is a chance to catch up with Joel during the Thaipusan holiday.It so happened to be a holiday and the only day I could barely squeeze out from the killer schedule of mine.There is finally a chance I could fetch Joel and Lit Yang since I passed my driving test in 2 years back,time flies remembering last time when we both went to a school competition having to have lost on the way finding the right place.So that's this opportunity I could really do this!

So that hangout out lasted for a few hours because we all had things in hand.Went to Mid Valley for lunch and had a long catching up conversation in the Manhanttan Fish Market.At that instance,I nearly lost my iPad as I unconsciously left it on the couch of the restaurant,thank Joel and Lit Yang,and the restaurant staff for helping out while I managed to leave the parking lot as they went to find my iPad.At that time,I frantically finished my Chatime Matcha Latte in the car without much taste as if my tasting bud malfunctioned because I was practically so freaked out that I wasn't enjoying the tea at all.Later,when things got into order,we went back home for good.

Started my first translation task for the year,I'm getting back on the track of writing but things just get more challenging.Gonna finish it within a 3-day deadline,fortunately I was stealthily fast and did it in a less than 24hrs basis.In future,I would need to turn up in KL for meeting and job delegation.Life surely is not easy

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SkyChin-The Author.
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