Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kampar vacation

I'm only here again after the 2 weeks stay in bro's hostel.Didn't get to blog yesterday as I was too tired for the trip back here[KL] and some mind blowing news.Of course it was a terribly-GOOD news hehs.

Generally speaking,the 2 weeks vacation was fun and self-sufficient.That I always cooked ramyun to appease hunger when bro was in class;Boiled hot water and made my own drinks;It was fun to create my own orchestra when there's no one in the house in afternoon,listened to songs and working on my translated articles.There was times when the roommate overheard the music,but they all claimed it was pleasant to hearing LOL.

Partly,the roommates were not bad though,exchanged FB before we came back here.Having conversation with the elders was kinda different like what I'd do,felt like I'm starting to adopt college life.Well,college life is something that you sleep around 2-3am in the wee hour coming back from tea session or watching drama series.It was cool,but not conducive for health as I did really get tired after few days doing that.

That didn't mean that I was staying in the room all the time,there was time when I lurked into bro's lecture hall.It was my first somewhat official time in a lecture hall listening to a lecture,then it was a 3 hours class.Apparently,the content was deep out of my knowledge as I barely got to understand some of the slides.But,HEY,but I feel life is good for now! :D

In the house,we came to an agreement to crack the neighbor's access point.Which was not entirely a guilt that according to bro,that neighbor stole our dustbin before hand.Then we cracked the access point and change its gateway login,it was quite evil to my confession actually HEHS.

Here is how the password looked like,thank we cracked their access point. Like people who use this rude password would not suggest me a good idea of how the real person is lol.

First my pc was here

Then moved to overlooking the bed for better viewing angle :D

Like always,I never forget my Taeng for place that I live.I carried it with paper box to protect from crumpling and folds.

Kampar's weather is super strange,it rains abruptly like no time,but feels hot still after.At times,when it doesn't rain,it feels cold like Cameron.For hot days,we used the table fan to vent out all the heat in the room as we're not having air conditioner there.

Another thing that Kampar suggests me is Christians are rather obsessed propagating there.They have a lot of churches in only one small town,the students are all desperately propagating in the school.Felt strange to me but I don't claim that I despise them.

This vacation was a fruitful one that I won a laptop by participating in a contest due to an impulsive attempt for I was bored doing nothing in bro's hostel.Didn't know that I'd really win,it might be a great present for the CNY.Felt really grateful and blessed for the gift :) Thanks,Dell for the prize and the great vibe of belief :D
Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cameron trip

The 2011 is all kicked in with a short vacation on Cameron with the family.I had never been to anywhere for the past few years,and now I'm only free to be elsewhere after doing my SPM.

In concerning to my new year post,I'd be writing it later due to some dilemma in my new new year resolutions.Still need more time to ponder on,I will be also going to The Star Education Fair tomorrow to look for some information.

We stayed in an apartment for RM180 a night,and had all the facilities there.

We were provided with the Astro Decoder and a small TV there.During that night,the floor was icy cold,I'd say.You wouldn't feel like stepping on it,we put on some mattresses in the living room.

If Cameron is not a place known for the farms,I wouldn't say it's Cameron.Apparently the flowers and plantings are all grown well there.

The farmers come out with various products from the tea to
refreshments.But don't be fooled by them,some are actually imported from China and repackaged in Cameron.

The souvenirs are all in a wide range,but mostly in strawberry theme.We didn't really interested in buying there.

I was busy camwhoring in the mirror hehs

A view from the tea farm there.

I and the Brother.

You can see a bunch of retro Land Rover Defenders there.The farmers are still using them in their daily course because it's rugged.

During night,everyone will be wearing hoodie or something thick to keep warm.The street is all silent perhaps it was a Thursday night.The road is cramped with trucks and cars parked inclined.Can hardly see P license owners there lol

Brought the projector for ear and eye-gasm.We played games and movie on the wall,that night was really awesome!

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