Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Above photo may not ever been reveal before,even Derrick himself might not notice the presence of this shot.Taken when we were in the railway station,upon our last hangout in Malaysia.

This is the second person I would have been thinking to write,Derrick is my best friend.Regardless we're not been known for the longest,but our relation may be comparable with a hundreds years of of friendship.This is what we call"Eternal friendship".

A little confession here

"Sorry for been late to post about you,actually I was assuming to write about you right on your birthday.But for this unfortunate,I hope that you wont mind I have had only get to write about you today.Let's hope that it wont be too late,at least you'd embraced your birthday with my lovely birthday song huh?"

When comes to personality,

A straight-forward,retard kind of human being,I and Derrick knew at least.We used to do stupid things like giving xxxxxx to teachers and buying foundation powders and more.HAHA

Derrick used to owns a quite-vicious temper,he easily gets angry and will initiates fight.But perhaps,he had changed much in Deutschlands.Aren't we hope too?Derrick kind of amicable and friendly person,he has no problem in getting among peoples.This would be compliment for him and a role model for everyone.I'm learning underneath his shoulder occasionally.

Happy Birthday,
Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Busy right now..


This week is being very hectic,besides suffering for Insomnia(sleeps for only 5hours daily) these day,did errors in my account test,feel like want to hit myself,sum wrongly in the Trading Account(Less I did with Add=.=).So finally ended up with zero la. I think..haizz

While been very busy for NUT meeting as well as the society's affairs.Felt sulk for my past,I should have learned php earlier..should I?Now have to fritter off the time for PHP tutorials,have to learn hard in theseday.By the way,fortunately Kelvin may assist us in this team,feel sorry for my unprofessioness.

Thankfully,I had finished my science resit test yesterday.Moment,geography and add math tests are the remains.Sorry for not updating my studio and the blog as well,I"ll appease you guys for sure after I have had deal with these favors.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pikom 2009 PC FAIR I!

The long-anticipated PC FAIR has came again,this time is much fun and better because I went with my sifu.Describing that his identity has to be kept secret,so I couldn't bare out his name here,but for someone which close to him, they"ll surely know which one I'm actually talking about.

What's fun is not refering to the PC FAIR's booth,as we actualize that it's lack of the speaker's booth,while the booths are unorganized,they did not classify the products' genre and everything is complexified.

Visitors' buying power is conform with the recent economy situation,thus people are thrifty and budget-minded in every little purchase.Promoters and salespersons were having a hard time in convincing and persuading them.My experience,I was harassed by a Chinna-ITIK brand PSU salesman,he was being very forcible and behaved unpleasantly in forcing me to buy his PSU,while a P1 Wimax salesperson confronted us for his package,we literally refuse them by telling we're living in Sarawak!HAHAHA..There is no P1 coverage..didn't he know that?

Besides,we're busy stalking and engrossing photos for the readers there,"sifu" advocated his prowess PR skill to convince the girls.HAHA..while I'm following his epic demonstration later.Being forgetful to underscore that,RayChee was following within too,he acted as our assistant in carrying brochures.


Multi displays in panoramic view,I guess we'd witnessed in the previous PC GURU?But then,why they being using the recycle ideas.

Stupid Intel Quiz was damn easy you know?They're only asking for compliment questions.

K-One GPS hung on the glass.

Absolute crowd,conjesting and flooded!

In before proceed to the babes part,I would like write more in regards of how we attain the shots.Frankly,it's not easy and was a serious business.Thanks to "sifu" here,he urged me to be more confident and gutty to confront babes,we managed to engross the PC FAIR's flagships and some promoters.For some discerned readers who had seen the previous PC FAIR post,you guys must have know who had being motivated me throughout the cloud.



Toshiba's Promoter

Lenovo's Babes,these are models!I like the right one!Appeared on CHIP magazine before *woot*=)

The also Lenovo's Babes,they employed many girls this time.
Samsung's babes are perceived as the nominal standards of PC FAIR babes.Which is the REQUIREMENT to retain the quality.

Panasonic Lumix's babes,H3,H2,and H1!XD

Supplement shot for the lady.=)

This is what I call cuttie!=) From Asus..

Babes from Kingsoft,not disappointing huh?Obviously,the center one is the flagship!=)

Spokeperson,from ruSony booth.

Maxis Iphone Promoter.

Umobile's representative

PC Gurus =)

RuSony Spokesperson.

From the others
Credit to darkcursed

Credit to juniorkirk

Credit to ament

Credit to Ewin

Credit to surfloft

Credit to aron1


Despite the absent of both tracy and eva,the pc fair would still remain attentive.By the way,the management of the organizer were not in welcomed by me personally,for instance the lack of speaker's booth and some manufacturer like Altec Langsing,Edifier and more..Honestly,crowd were much less opposed to the previous one.I think Pikom would seek for a room to improve.
Monday, April 6, 2009

Not far to turn 18!

Obviously today is my birthday,April of 6th!!!As usual this year,not much presents received,my bro,dad give me cash as present.But for myself,it's much for my birthday wishes,alot of anticipations underneath my dream.Not going to write about what had happened throughout the entire day,It's not a diary entry!You know...this is a birthday post!*Wited out in fervid*XD


The age of 16 would be eligible in taking part time job!*Hyped*

Wish List
1.Canon EOS 1000D,funding!
2.I wish to be a corpulent,wish to be muscular,hunk..that's why training with chrome.Obese me!!!
3.Aiming for distinctive english,despite I had been improved alot from the couple of years,but I wish to post the next level of excellence.Improve for speak out and authoring!
4.Less or better NO acnes and pores,spent alot of $ in facial products,I wish I were got none of pimples.Could anyone grant me a chance?
5.Further my studio's route with new ideas and supports
6.Get to know fancy chics or females!Yeah,that's what I'm desperate for the utmost.
7.To be heathly and regulated blood sugars.

I wish to turn adult,wish to be a journalist,I wish to drive,have an love affair,monetizing money.........and much more.I guess it's useless to dictate them here since it's not in fullfilled.

Most of all,thanks to the wishes and regards from everyone,I'm having a delightful birthday!

Your lovely,
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Foul!

Are you fouled?I mean.....*staring with conspiracies* by me?XD

Actually in this morning,I was prepare to embrace the April Foul with no idea,but coincidentally I was idealized by the gotcha team,thus they are hosting a prank call program every morning.

Later,I came out with an idea of pranking the computer class teacher.Yeah!The right person,perceived by everyone!She oftenly pin points and finding faults within me.So today is the best opportunity to REVENGE!I will be going to "gotcha" her right after the second recess.

So right on the second recess,I was pretending to face a problem with the computer."I have a problem here with the pc,Teacher could you just come to have a glimpse?"Wited me.I know and everyone knew,she's a very arrogant and granted taker.She always finds fault of me,when I did something wrong,she will catapults it to everyone.You know,this is what we call kids minded teacher,they easily get amused with some"sweet" gimmick.=D


Here is the same way,she was incline and delighted with my words.She then quickly came to my place in the meantime of teaching.Then I lied to her that the pc was locked and quite troublesome,what exactly expected,she moved the mouse over the login box and enter the passwords.

That time,I silently went to her back,and tickled her,uttering"GOTCHA!!!!!"She was shocked and embarrassed,she did not knew that what's happening!In the state of being emberassed,the whole class clapped hand for my grandeur actions!She was emberassed to death,in the other hand we're cheering and exalted!This time,I'm the hero once again!XD

Prank your friends with this way,Not bad huh?I would not mind of copycats!As long it's fun!

Insist the background image and an input box with the page.Remember to overlap the login box with the real login tab.That's all!


Kindly leave your comments here,I"ll fervidly reply your view.XD

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