Monday, December 31, 2012

Best memories of 2012

I nearly ditched blogging since this year but continued to come out another one which is also the last one for the 2012.

1.Best achievement definitely owes to my completion of A level which had drained up an enormous part of my time,strength and soul.

2.AN12B was the best high school period of me,that despite what I had done in secondary school.To me,it didn't look like a college to me.Thank you for the awesome birthday party thrown for me.Not to mention our Melaka and Genting trips.

3.Attempted for KGSP program,but anyhow learned a lot from the course and finally looking for other alternatives.At least I was qualified to apply which it was a wonder to me,if I hadn't done my A level,I wouldn't have had the right for this.

4.Got to see SNSD @ Petronas Alive in Malaysia this year.Thanks to Petronas although I didn't even pump your petrol even once.Despite it was not quite a good experience due to poor organizer,but my longed wish to see them fulfilled.

5.Spent a lot this year and bought my new phone after so many years.Lumia 800 isn't the best phone,but I get to use data and have my calender and photos in sync with the cloud.

6.Did a lot of community work and though they were intangible and often are big part of my life.I feel great doing these and will continue to do.
Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back to December

I have fought so hard to prove something I did 2 years back.After such a hiatus,I am back here and consequently my rants were let out through twitter all this while,nothing comes handier than micro blogging.Now I ran out of hunch to blog here.

All this while,a lot had happened,I have no idea where to begin with.Speaking of which,my korea plan was refused few months back.Had nothing to mourn over but life has to go on,I believe opportunities are ahead.Thankfully,all my energy was spent doing the final external paper last month which had somehow alleviated my hardship.Looking back,I am glad that to the least,I had tried trying for it.

Life without going to college and exam is somehow thrilling but monotonous at some point.I wouldn't fight not wanting this kind of life.It is finally a time I can stop and ponder without much things preoccupied.When asked what is ahead,I wouldn't want to bother at the moment.I just want this holiday to be as long as it could be.

Letting ambition and work aside, for now let's talk about recreation and play,period.

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