Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Vibe

Not long after I had decided to pursue Journalism,things went well for me like no one had expected.Regardless of the long working hours in the office which I will be working for the next 2 months until I start schooling,I mingled well with the people and exposed to plenty of the happenings from the friends whom I got revelation in life.

The arrival of the XPS 15 was like a supportive gift to me,regardless of my current Inspiron 6400 has been serving me well but may not be capable in the next few years.

So I used to think about getting a new one,but it was kinda hard for me to ask for a new lappy especially the bro had just got himself a new one.It was not really palatable to demand for a new one but I just wished,I mean really I just really WISHED to have a new lappie in my future college life.

What I'd assert is,this gift is more than a gift but a motivational jab to me.I felt like as if I were granted a vibe that my dream may not be really irrelevant.That having said that I was enough lucky to win a lappie,then it wouldn't be hard for me to earn myself a scholarship or you'd call it a turn point would it.

My family was really happy to hear about this and the friends were dumbfounded enough to be convinced that I was capable of being that lucky.For that,I am more certain to the path I'm taking.I wish to inspire more people into believing that we who practice abnormality are blessed at times you know.

I have not really played with it,but did snap plenty of the pictures just now.Here are some of the pictures that I would first post before rushing to the bed.Will get to upload more by tomorrow morning.

The anodized cover is resemling the MacBook Pro's cover.

One thing that I like the most is the underneath subwoofer that gives bass tumbling sound.It gives you the full experience of what a pair of shelf stereo speakers deliver.

I'm going bed sorry.




3# I was surprised to have along the RM150 too.



Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hope is the key

Many have questioned my dream about going to Korea/study journalism or things like that.Yeah,I clearly comprehend the fact that a dream would be just a dream.A dream is something that people would dream for its absurdity.That's why they are skeptical to this,even so if you do really support me wholeheartedly,more or less the tiny part of you would tend to doubt.Ultimately,this is normal and acceptable to me.But giving up to possess hope is another thing.

Like what nigahiga said" if there's no weird people,then the world would be like a plain vanilla ice cream,you don't get to see different stuff.YES weird is Good! Because this symbolizes you!You're unique"

At some point of me,we are not born to live a storyline. We're born to live dream and inspire people in the entire lifetime.Thus,we're given the opportunity to live on our own.We make own decisions in life.

If life were a destined storyline,you would have no choice to live dream.You"ll just follow the wave,about what the mass think what is dream,and they often think that following the wave would not get you lost and jeopardize things.Then your life would be mediocre in any aspects,for your career would be a mediocre one,your passion to life would be a subtle one,you don't expect much from this life and you don't even wanna change most of the time.

It's all because we human afraid to fail,we afraid to suffer from despair.So we don't take that path,we play SAFE.

For me,I don't wanna blame myself in the next 10 years for not trying and sulking in regret.I don't wanna live a life that people see it's an ideal one,I wanna live life that makes myself worthwhile to the society.That's what my menthol taught me,I wanna do things that will bring betterment to others.And so,Journalism is the way to achieving that.

As the prove of mandate,my plan would be studying for A level in Tarcollege for the next 1 and a half year.Hence I would then try my best to seek opportunity and make myself to a realised dream.

In conclusion,this post is written to assure all the concerned party of me not to be doubtful of me anymore.I had definitely went through a series of contemplation before deciding this,give me a chance to achieving it and one for you to start believing.

For people who're having the similar plight as me,please don't stop believing.Hope is the key to realising your dream and I'm still living with that spirit.Don't stop believing because I have not failed to proving you yet!
Friday, February 11, 2011

What do I think

Bro just went back to his campus few days past and now my life is hooked to another thing.Didn't know that I'd wanted to work for the free time after doing SPM,but then that hunch stroke me and telling me about earning some $.

Chinese New Year is kinda bored,but the days anticipating were rather exciting.Okay,like you got the first day of Chinese New Year receiving red packets and craved all the snacks there and you stood lucky to not fall sick from overeating.Then,the second day will be terribly bored,like my case I would be going to hometown every year when Chinese New Year fell.Everyone would be worn out and decidedly taking nap in the afternoon,then perhaps if you're awake,it would be nothing to do.

Then Then Then it's night,Astro is offering crap programmes that make you feel like it's not even new year,only for programme that you believe in fore-predictions from the swindlers explaining in the TV about how would you do and get in the year will do.Heck I don't take them serious,only if they have pleasant predictions that will make me upbeat.

Second,the news has nothing more to report about other than the accident statistics and some new year featured report.That's what you can only manage to occupy for an evening or more like a day.

Some make fuss of sorrow for the accidents and it's so fake.It's fake because you're such a hypocrite.Hadn't we seen an accident before,or didn't we acknowledge the tendency of road may involve accidents.

The 3rd day and the rest will be time we visit the relatives house or holding some new year hangout in the city.Literally,those times felt like paced up faster than we usually live life.Then it"ll be a Saturday and Sunday,you'd have been thinking about Monday's work and so on before your fun is over.

In my opinion,I'd like the way we anticipate new year over those times.But life has to go on,we are heading back to usual life afterwards.Like me,I'd chosen to work as a 2-Month IT assistant in my school for some pocket money.

Returning to CHKL for these 2 months will be a wonder for the school as they hadn't hired people who were that young as me.Not to say they don't endorse SPM people and Art students.Allow me to be skeptical,this is some kind of prejudice to us,why we art students are being looked down,you don't judge a book by its cover or brand do you.

With my little assertion,the headmaster broke the norm and hired me for 2 months,well we had an interesting interview yesterday for how I inspired her with my dream and enthusiasm.More or less,she might not be entirely convinced,but she must have somehow astounded by my credential,that would be more than perfect.

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