Saturday, June 26, 2010

Acknowledgement is good for the soul,at times.

Having a little sore-coughing-throat now,I had been working round the clock and spent my reserve of energy rushing the NIE mini-magazine for the week.Well,what I could conclude is,publishing is not an easy job at all, a single bit of word,measurement,idea are the essences of a magazine.

Working round the clock over night was my working mode.We abruptly changed the topic to another one as we didn't realise that the topic was ought to be same with the video we made.Just because the video was too good to be redone,we opted to redo the mini-magazine that turned out a nightmare to me.

This idea was earned by many of my painstaking experiences in getting it done,like how I rushed to the photoshop one or twice to print the posters,cut and paste tiny patches to get rid of a single or two flaws and or too many.

Apparently I'm writing this because our mid year academic result has came out today,everyone was talking about result while I'm not excepted either.Ms.Ong got me a ferari model car as a present of my english subject for being the highest mark.I myself is so lucky to have this teacher teaching me for my final year,things were going great regardless of how busy and tensioned life is.Consider this,I should vow to work harder in the second semester.

This little ferari meant a lot to me,somehow it's a trust earned by my hardwork and passion for studying english.And I dumbfounded that it's got engine sound powered by 3 tiny batteries inside,it's going like vrooooom like a real ferari!

But really,I dont mean to indulge in self compliment,but I literally felt different now when I had this little small present.Fatigue has stopped coursing my body,and the bubbly energy comes in no time!Really,I feel really good for the soul.xD

For the life,sports day is coming on next week and I had a lot of moral paper works having queued on list.Now I need to watch my YMD,meet me in the next post.
Saturday, June 19, 2010

SkyChin is locked in toilet

I've been keeping myself so packed for the entire week.Time really passes by so fast,that I felt like I'm still having plenty of free time.Tomorrow is the last day to Monday,there are still tonnes of homework that are piling up here.

Besides going to driving school,I spent most of the time in NIE project during the holiday.Since last week when I came back to KL,we have been getting our hand working round the clock from writing to filming a video.Somehow,I feel it's worth for the effort when the video turned out pretty good as I myself and the friends say it's damn hilarious.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that this video will clinch for some prizes in the contest.Though life is not easy,but I get to enjoy a lot particularly having worked under pressure in this holiday.The only free time that I had would be staying for 3days in Perak while visiting my bro and nanny last week.

Truthfully,I don't like living in pressured life but somehow we don't have any choices since life has to go on.The coming months would be more challenging as I will be having my JPJ test and preparation to my pre exam.
Friday, June 11, 2010

How I have been lately

Instead of putting the title 'Life Update' as always,I changed the title but the things are actually the same.

Ever since I finished the 3-day NUS Computing Camp,I had been away from blogging lately.Well,within this period of time,I went through a lot of things mostly in the 3-day camp.Teachers were having us worked(Mostly are handling heavy boxes) in that camp than having enjoyed for the first day,and due to that we have eventually gone through grudges and finally lost our patience as we quarreled with the teacher.

But sometime,we ought to be be protective in first place than having people exploiting us.Not to say that we do not want to work with great manner,but we have to voice for our basic right when they are going too far over it.

The story was something like this,we were actually some voluntary helpers working in that camp,but in that case the teacher didn't officially put our name into the participants list until we got to notice it while people are divided into groups as we do not have the name to go into group.By then,we voiced our discontent towards the teacher and questioned that whether we were having the participant certificate.But seemly,things turned well after some conflicts.

I guess I would not put the entire blame on all the teachers,but I'm sure it was someone's incompetence that lead to this incident.This teacher which I wouldn't stress her name here,has been a nuisance to me as how I suffered being the black sheep of her.Don't worry,I will further explain the hidden story behind this soon after I find the right time.Anyhow,the conflicts were solved and we were given opportunity to join into group activities and having certificate for our attendance.

In this incident I learn to voice out my discontent as a matter of self-protecting and definitely I must have knew that what I'm doing instead of blindly overacting it.Grudges?I would say,YES as there were too many unspoken sorrows regardless of how keen I'm saying that I would voice out my thought,but sometime things wouldn't go on my way.

Off for the crap about that camp,I finally went to driving classes this week.They made me to drive on the highway on the second class,which was freaking my pant off.I always believe get-going is the best way to not indulge into sulky incidents."The past can’t see you, but the future is listening. "from Ellie.

Ellie,I always read her blog as how she cheers herself and the readers in person,rather than going through this by myself,I'd like to read people's blog.Life isn't just plain-flat is it not?

Other than having busy things lately,I'm watching YMD in this holiday.But figured out that it's a 170+ episodes series,I would have had to finish it in month time.Yesterday,I invited Lit Yang to my house and we were talking about things we each other were doing lately besides spreading KPOP videos to him.For Lit Yang,let's hope that he'll get offered from renowned universities,I really wish him for luck either.

Here is a song to share for all,I keep downloading her performances lately and really great to the fact that it's Davichi!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Teacher's Day

Tug war is a tradition of teacher's day which will hold on every year.

Ini lagak juara lol.

Since this is my last year staying in this school,so every single event that happened in this school would be my last,very last.This time,I'm too fortunate to play dodge ball with teachers and it happened to be my first time to play with teacher.

Our school cheerleader team,they will be having a cheerleader competition tomorrow.

This morning was a narrow lucky as the station games were initially canceled due to gloomy weather,but yet to be too bad as the event resumed as the weather restored to a bright and sunny morning later at 9am.Which I guess that it was actually a perfect disguise to call off the frill part of teacher's day-Public Assembly,HM then delivered his speech through the announcement system regardless how everyone was not listening to it,but ironically as soon as he finished the speech the sky transformed back to normal,and I was so delighted to know that the game continued while I was mumbling about how sad the call-off was turning everyone down.

From left,Tan Wei Siew(Form Teacher),Tan Ka Xin(Eco Teacher)

I and Jason poised for picture upon the victory.


Meet my math teacher,Lee Zhong Yan.

We were very fortunate to have invited Math Teacher and Eco Teacher into the game thus consequently won the game without any hardships due to our advantage of having 2 teachers in that game.



3D Glasses in GSC,I stole shot before the movie begins

Later on,we then went TS for lunch and movie session-Shriek II(3D).Jason and Lipin were with me having fun at TS,we also went bowling after having lunch.

Shit,when I remember that tomorrow I'd to wake up at 6am in order to attend that NUS Computing Seminar while people are sleeping for holiday really freak me out,WHY WHY WHY..

Because the Sky is so high,
And you marry a Sakai,
In the month of July,
And born a baby butterfly.

Haih..who do I rant to?*sigh

P/S Pictures are delayed to this post due to Facebook uploading glitch,I will get to place 'em here later dont worry.

UPDATE 10:56pm,Pictures are added.More please pay a visit to my facebook album as I couldn't get to post 'em all here.

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