Saturday, April 26, 2008

Week Summary April 26th

This week was(can i use was?Becuz sunday wont meaningful also) a bit more hetic.Really,this weeks although small test were over,but bunchs of projects are rising and rising.Shit..i cant take a smooth breath also.And where's my soul?It actually 50% on photography,50% on other task(i more suitable with this word) like projects,my common jobs like PTC,and also i installed the latest Linux Ubuntu version 8.04 LTS also known as Hardy Heron(The sucessor of Gutsy Gibbon) =D.

Firstly i really had a hard time in installing it,the boot manager called"Grub 1.5 failed to boot up after my 1st trial"Then it not only cant boot into ubuntu,even my current windows xp also cannot boot also.All things are corupt,well thanks to Norton Ghost 14 act as my sincere recovery partner.Then finally i made a fresh partition and arrangement.The windows and ubuntu are installed on the same drive,it act weird becuz it cant be installed in a separate drive.I guest its SCSI drive support isue.Becuz im using raid for my second drive.Then finally i've finally got these 2 Oses installed.

And this week i learnt how to take wide angle shots,overall i feel the scenery effects?Dont you? This is my work notes,i usually like to write all my current task and pre completed jobs on the piece of paper.And do u see the paper holder?Its from Pikom Pc fair.

And the last thing i did specially for this week is to be PTC at saturday.This session we made a more suprising game.The game aka brain memory quiz.Contestent will have a 20 seconds time to memorise the position of all things in the picture,and after that they are not allow to refer the pic again.Then they require to arange the stuffs according to the picture.This game is best play by team.

I busy preparing shots of pictures for the quiz.Even my laptops,camera were brought to there.Live editing,fun huh?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No mood ...For Studies.

Haizz..dunnow why nowadays felt very lazy and sleepy.And mid year exam is going to come soon.But dunno mood.

And today i bought my Max-IT magazine which my favourite eye candies food monthly.This month topic is Ram Overclocking..shit..damn attract me u know?So i spent my evening for this la.(Sure!)

And this is the"Main" of the magazine.Its Ram overclocking review and guide.

Its reviewed by Zhien.If you're a fan of Max-IT u wont dont know about him.

Then after finish reading,felt sleepy when saw this teddy.So i hug it and went sleep life really not ready for exam.(Say true =D)
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Today is April 22th,everyone know is earth day.But all people will said..turn off your pc,lights,cars,and cooking to reduce earth warming.But i think i cant make it cuz after went back home,then my stomach"boo boo".Shit!...damn i cant tahan faster fly to kitchen open the favourite korean mee.But anyway..i will payback my karma via Folding@Home.Now changed to Graphical Client le.=D
Saturday, April 19, 2008

Week Report 13-20 April

Well,this week is a very hectic life.Just helped my friend them to made presentation and advertise my website in front of society.Well,perhaps people will more understand about Folding@Home concept.

And when free,i will play with my canon A590IS.Cuz its new,some or more feature i dont really know how to use.But now i juz playing with the macro mode.And the result seems nice,although sometimes the sensor cant actually focus and resulting some blurlish.But 80% of shot is 1 shot crisp..juz some 20% lost focus .Mayb is my skill bad?=D

My Bluetooth Headset[Samsung WEP200] Looks Dramatic huh?

And im a Creative Freak,at the moment i have been own more than 10 products including music players,speaker system,headphones.=D

All of pics above are captured by my DC with macro mode,at clear distance performance i think still not bad right?

Well,overall this week were tiring,haizz..exam are flooding over day to day.And always also sudden announcement for the test date.Make me studying like a "Snoopy".~.-
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mid Year Exam is Coming! "Duck"

Today when during recess period,school dean made an announcement,they wanted all the class monitor come to take the exam schedule.That time i guest i was sleeping sweetly,then after awaken.Then i saw a sheet of paper on my table,so i guest"Its a question paper? homework again";"Then when i turned the paper,Holy shit more worst its going to exam" .

Shit,got the chop also.Its truly genuine man!Have to take the truth.

So lastly,i wish all Happy Examing,Hoping all will get success.Becuz this summer exam is a hardtime for all chonghwa student.Haizz..
Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pikom Pc Fair 1

Well,today i dont have any mood for studies anymore.At class,mind keep shouting"Pc Fair!,Pc Fair!"Haha..and time was damn slow,every mins feel like 1 hour.Damn..i wish to rush to KLCC Convention ASAP.=D During recess time i realize that i didnt bring my insulin(Diabetic Medicine) pen,shit.Then at Science class i called my mum and she rushed to school delivering the pen for me.And here,i wish to thank my mum.

After the school ends,i quickly rushed to the fitting room and changed up my lowyat t-shirt.And went to IT room to click my PTC earnings.After that,my that arrived at school at 2.30pm,then we go to KLCC carkpark and park off the car,although there was almost zero parking there,yet finally we also manage to park the car.

Then we rushed to the Convention Center,damn there was a massive crowd there.I damn scare my wallet kena swallowed by robbers.At firstly,we rounded the 5 exhibition hall,and my mind comes with 2 cameras model.That is Canon Powershot A590IS,and Panosonic Lumix FX50(i think).Then after my deep consideration,we finally chosen the Canon Powershot A590IS,due to its feature like manual focus,IS(Image Stabilizer),Digic3 processor than Panasonic Leica lens dont feature it.After the price bargain,we get RM850,stock price 899.Its not too dramactic cheap,but i think they also made the best price for us.Then after that we go and redemp the free gift and quickly go home.

When first arrive at home,i tried much shots.And i was satisfied with the image sharpness,and this A590IS don't bring me down.Here's the sample shot.

The Canon 20th anniversary bag

Well,its my A590IS box

Pikom Free gift,it's a paper holder

Sample Shots!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I got my Gutsy Gibbon !

Well,i've been waiting for about 3 weeks time.I was surprised becuz it only takes 3 weeks time and earlier than what FAQ said 4-6 weeks.Secondly,i was excited becuz the packaging sent to malaysia at 6 April(My bday lol!)And logistic delivery takes one day to reach my home.Anyway,they was pretty professional,its totally free of charge.And the 0.88 euro is paid by sponsor.Overall its very awesome,Thanks to Linux!=D
Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birthday Report! is my birthday ady.Wuhuu..i think lowyat's people still the warmest community.
The most wishes of birthday is from there also.Thank you LYN..haha friends soulchild,alexaner,qingyan,jiayi,dachuan,primary school friends,my bro also remembered my birthday.Im so happy..And perhaps tomorrow dont have any exam for me..i wan to relax today.LoL! New Updated Part.1.00pm i just received my friend's present at the mailbox at house gate.Haha..when i opened the little box.I was surprised,he gave me a bunch of candies LoL.

When i opened the box,many kind of flavour there example strawberry,orange,cola,Hacks,Mentos,Mango,Mint,and much more.I smell a strong candy smell from the box.Haha..its very colourful lol.My friend dachuan,his reason for giving this is,he claim that himself had run out of idea for my present,so he decided to give me candies cuz of candies might be what i basically needs LoL.
And finally also my mum's gift,and i got my 1st cake LoL!Its sugarfree mum claim it..wuhuu its from secret recipe,the slogan is"fine cakes"Hehe..i kinda wan to eat it now also..and some snacks like crackers and candies.


Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Birthday Coming..12am

Tonight staying at home and enjoying my Nvidia 7300GT.But i have a kind of sadness birthday cant eat cakes also.Maybe this year my only present is the video card one who willing to give me present also,this also my sadness too.

But its ok for me now because had been 5 yrs nvr eat birthday cakes during the same day of tomorrow.Yet now still 1hours+ to come.But why this year i juz like flashing back my previous diabetic stories,now thinking back just like happened i would like to tell all about life and time is very precious,we"ll lost it unrealisable also.For those who wasting time everyday on online games,porn and etc...Please come back to your "right" way.Because time past u nvr able to regret again.This my little 2 cent oppinion.

Secondly regarding my 2008 wishes is to get success in PMR(ALL)&UEC(Maths).Thirdly i wish my studio will improve dramactically this year .Lastly i hope can find new girl this year.Overall this year bday like nothing suprise for me also..feel abit like too "Regular".

Yahuu..Good news.Just only i finish wrote this..agito bring a good news for me.He made me a studio banner.

Nice anot?I will use this as the exchange banner for our studio.Anyway..this is my 2nd present lol.Thank God!And finally..i would like to thank my parents for delivering me to this "wonderful" world,i can feel the meaning of life.And for all the people i known,thanks for letting me know the way of human beings.And for my ex enemy or other people i had declared with them,here i would like to apologize for my previous action or etc.And lastly i wish to have a wonderful and non regret,peaceful,harmony bday this year.=D
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Guility Day

Today is 1/4,oh fuck..a bad day for me.Today morning i was very energetic and walking at the school gate and when arrived class then saw"cockroach".My heart think"Oh fuck...must be something shit will happen"Then i saw he was writing the white board.He said that today got algebra test,"oh god damnit"

Then these 3 period i was busy doing algebra question.But unfortunately when doing the paper.Oh damn..the questions are so damn hard..shit.Then finally..i end up with a bad result i think.


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