Monday, September 29, 2008

Unified Trial Exam Failure! Fuck That!

Despite everything regarding to UEC Trial was a full-stop alrdy,but we cant escape from the result though.And Fuck that!Today I get back my chinese paper which only 48%.You know?For me,everything about chinese whatever I apparently hate for it!More and more,UEC papers are not for Human one.

And perhaps and perhaps my other subjects would whopping me back some marks as my marks are really slashing low.What can do?Better prepare my PMR first instead of abandoning from studies.
Friday, September 26, 2008

My Shopping Today!

Today went Damansara Town and went to Curve as well as 1Utama just after my histories exam.Hehe..Cheers!No more memories exam ady!Left:Maths,Musics,Moral exams only!

So guess what I bought today?

5,4,3,2,1,SHOW TIME!

1st Keyboard Silicon Skin

Before and After,just saw it when shopping around Curve's IT Hypermart.And there's was a gigantic of differences as been long time never went to there ady.Overall my typing are more quiet and more grip than before.

This is what It looks when tearing off,no glue or additional things needed!


Noise Canceling earphones bought for RM35 from Curve also.And this is from A4tech,another trustable brand among the earpiece makers.Overall things was medicore and acceptable as sounds not as great as mine creative ones.But it spots out with its noise cancellation feature at a reasonable price same extactly as Creative's.

3rd one,MOST Precious!Aka Nike Flow!=D

Cost me for RM129!But nvm..Im rich enough!=D[*Kidding*]Sigh..not bad la actually because Its from Nike Genuine store perhaps which convinced me to get it lol.1st time bought such expensive bag haha!But it's a good start la!

Jealous huh?If yes do comment here =D

Friday, September 19, 2008

What's Happening huh?

So what's new in Malaysia?916 not a reality?Then how about 923 LOL?DSAI forced PM to open an emergency parliament for the power transaction.But perhaps PM did not give a damn to him?However PM cannot escape from this disaster as parliament would not holiday forever lmao.That's why BN and Umno Crediblity are fatal-ruined.

Regarding my exam, life was and being very sux,everyday are very lazy and debilitated by exam.But perhaps thesedays will end up very fast,as next week is UEC Trial Exam ady.

"So how about me?When would you finish all those sort things?"Designed Dialog as I dont have much time in photoshop baloon box anymore.*Sigh*

More and more my bro give me a suprise today,he went back suddenly with his car.All the way,this is his first time drive to home as previously are only allowed to drive in his university's town.

Long time never meet Pola Bear[Aka Yogurt Bear,we usually give foods name to pet/toys] lol,my bro ones.

My Dad

Haha,the one who monoplied my PCs in home theseday as I dont have much time infront of pc anymore.His mind are some kind of GOLDs,shares as well as politics updates lol!
Monday, September 15, 2008

Moon Cake Festival[Aka Mid Autumn]

As this year Mooncake Festival is interrupt with my exam progress,so no chance for lantern-plays.Haiz,but for your reading pleasure sake,I've make a several reviews on my mooncakes.

Adorable huh?The yolks looks charms right?But fortunately I still able to eat mooncakes.Here are few my favorite flavours:

Above are Green Tea & Lotus Seed ones,both are the best to eat.Perhaps this is my first food galore reviews..*ahem*..Gotta stop here,Will bring more posts after this weeks..Promise!Promise!
Friday, September 12, 2008

Trial Exams Progress UPDATES!


Basically,these days are really hetic as I struggled almost every night for the exams.So despite of things didn't work as predicted.So in thesedays,I'd suffered from a weird headache and more and more is during the BM's Trial Paper 2.Oh My Goodness,that time pain untill cannot figure out the essay's writing.Luckily that time got panadols with me,so after taken the pain didn't relieve instantly obviously it relieved me after few hours as the medicine acting is not fast enough to cope with my needs.Next time might get Panadol Acti Fast LOL!


Hopefully,the upcoming exams will not facing any headache again,It's really annoying.Fuck!Overall exams was counted as medicore,no extraordinary performance this time.But gratefully things never end up with disaster as I still able to answer all the questions.

*Aherm*So my next rivals would be UEC Trial Exams coming on after 2 weeks.Things would be more harder and insane than PMR ones.So have to work super hard for this ady.
Monday, September 8, 2008

Pre Exams Revivals and countings Pre Exams Schedules

Today is the first day of PMR Trial alrdy encountered a several headache during answering sessions.Perhaps yesterday did not sleep well,still left 4days to go man!*Sigh* Hopefully these bitter days will pass drasticly.

Therefore,the hetic days will be ended after November perhaps.That time,I"ll play like a mad! XD
Saturday, September 6, 2008

I LoLed for this!

You know what's happening?This Fella used to masturbate excessively until hurt his little testes and now complain for pain LOL.In fact,his name alrdy represent himself alrdy XD..I LoLed on this.Oh Dammit?This kind of People also got?

And he said he used to juggle infront of his laptop also,HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!And now he terrified that his little mutated PENIS kena Virii?LOL!Haha

In lesson,Do not OverTOSS LMAO.XD
Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Are your Pizza Hut Delivery is Fast Enough?

See this video, how expert and professional as a Pizza Hut Deliverer do their jobs.They are trained to be skillful!LoL!

Actually this video is spotted when I was visiting the Kopitiam Forum.Not to deny,They're talented expert!Especially in 2 wheels rides!XD

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