Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 | Looking back

Here I come to the year end post,an annual ritual for I'd conclude everything that happened in the whole year.Frankly speaking,2010 wasn't seem to be a year for me,it was like a 2-year course.It all started to be hectic from last year December,when I had just completed my form 4 and things started to pace up out of me.Attending camps,doing paperwork,coming back school for duty that basically ruined the life of me.There was never a week without things tied to my weekend,I could always get to sleep only at 12-1am.

I compromised all the time mostly to the concern of society and school affairs.I did everything to serve and dedicate to the society,but things happened awful when I was entangled into interpersonal issue.Things happened when arrogance took place in one's,for how they were intoxicated into bossing with their power and fade into oblivion.Truthfully,the society went to a downfall as I was busy having controversy with that douche,she likes to boss people and made things complicated when comes to solving problem.

After all,the society was all scattered with administrative contradiction,everyone had no intention to serve but to run away from responsibilities.I've lost interest into doing my part.The surrounding mates were fading away in sincerity,they treat promises like changing clothes.

Part of the resolution,I wish my successor could really bring back the once glory in the old days.I'd still confess that I'm still loving the Computer Society.Wish to see the continuation of the Extreme PC Fair :) Don't like to ruin my love to the Society just because I despise someone there,you don't really want to make enemy in real life do you.

For the better
Other than that little self-crisis,I learned to see people in a greater angle.I comprehend people fast.I know who is showing sincerity in words,wits,talking and gestures.Even among the friends,I don't find many are true friends.Friends are many,you don't make true friends by not making friends.On the contrary,citing from the movie The Social Network,you don't get to make 500 friends without making a few enemies.That's true!

I am no longer like I was,I don't entertain people whom I don't like,I just won't fake anything.If I hate you,I will openly confront you like a hateful man.*rage off

2010 was a fruitful one for me,I've achieved a lot of things despite some were not going on my way.Somehow,these have made me maturer one in future.

Am I looking like IpMan for that gesture?Well I have made out of my first attempt into elocution competition.What would really amazing was how I had finally proceeded to the Final with all the first-timer sweats and adrenaline.Thanks Ms Ong and Jason for helping me in that competition :)

In addition,my work had chosen to represent CHKL in the NIE contest.We came out with a really hilarious video in a hectic holiday somewhere June.Thanks Ms Ong for the opportunity and Jason for the help :)

Not to mention my wee part of success in BM essay competition which earned me a consolation prize.

Lastly,I continued to be the representative of school to participate in the 3C/Viewnet Digital Competition.But then,we lost to the other school at last.I was really sad and felt let-down to the mates back then.But things got faded by time as I quickly happened to deal with SPM later.

A turn point
The most devastating self-crisis happened to me in the September.That moment which I had zero tolerance to uncertainties in mind.While SPM trial was around the corner,I was really lost to embrace failures especially in something I found really hard to deal with.

The 2 weeks awaiting for the resiting for my JPJ test was a true ordeal.I suffered phobia from the inner and endured the tight-killer schedule during the pre-exam days.Moreover,my skin has worsened a lot until it has not recovered now,felt distressed with my skin problem :(

Fortunately with all the blessings,I passed the second round of test with all the joy and tears.Looking back to that snippet,it was the hardest time in the 2010. Sigh*

For that time being,I started to practice firmly in my chanting and see things in better ways.That helped me to deal with the latter challenges.

2010 was a roller-coaster ride for me,brought me ups and downs to the tightest rate.Somehow I felt this year was the best one irregardless of the problems struck me like never before.In earnest prayer,I'm looking forward to the 2011 in a good hope.Wish I could really get into a great school,wish I could really improve myself for the better,wish I could really grant an opportunity in pursuing my dreams.

With hope,
Embracing 2011

Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Soshi Calender

Just returned home from the Ipoh vacation and collected my soshi calender at the night.Thanks sifu and verz again,the calender is fawesome! I'm so in love with it.


The package came with the calender and 2 postcards.Thought they were photocards initially,but then verz told me it was due to some 'glitches' in the calender,so SM compensated postcards for the first batch calenders :(

The nine with their respective monthly theme :D

To show you this is a biased post again,

This is exactly as fawesome as my display pic in IM,today I saw the real one on my desk.*hyper


Taeng is always the first to melt my <3

Each month is sided with an extra photo.

Taeng is in the month of September- Joyful cooking!

Taeng,Seohyun and Hyoyeon in the month of December


The boxes are too nice,not gonna throw them. Jun Seong and Penguinmok please come to redeem your calenders as well. :DDDD
Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's all back to December

After a long hiatus from SPM,now it has finally ended in the 20th.Things were starting to get better after the first 2 weeks coping in the sleepless course.Things got blessed because I always believe in perseverance and didn't succumb to the namely'Soalan Bocor',I'd just proceeded my revision to all the frank and straight method,though it was a hard time to me either.

Fortunately,now I'd glad to profess that I have now overcome my math weakness through this course.Not to say,I'm getting straight A for sure,but by a greater chance..I would clinch away with A this time.

Then things got better and the pace was smoother after the first 2 weeks,I had started to play by wee amount until I finished my Book Keeping and Chinese/

In this one-long month,I received a lot of blessings and helps from the friends and family.Like to thank Alicia,Jyh Chuan,Desmond Yap,Tzhong Yan,Ryan,Jun Seong for the relentless effort in helping me in maths.THANK YOU Because of you guys,I have regained confidence in maths,and hopefully we will all walk away with flaunting result later in the next yr March :D

Spiritually,like to thank Sifu and Verz in helping me to buy my Hoot album.It was a fantastic momentum to my doings during SPM. :DD In confession,I listen to the 5 tracks every morning before I leave to the exam hall,so it had become a part of my daily ritual during the exam days.

And now it's the other stage of my life,I"ll need to further my study soon later next yr.I still need sometime having fun and relax my soul to ponder for the right path.I really mean it,seriously these 2 years had been restless for me.Nvr got to really rest during the holidays,I'd come back to the school to help in duty or whatever that may concern about the school,that is.

Partly,the self crisis that struck me in the month of September had given me better willpower in dealing with tough times.So I wouldn't be taking SPM like the end of day regardless of how hard was that time for everyone.That would conclude the fact that I am more firm due to the incidents that procured me a better personality.

Please note that this post is not my year-end confession post,it's just a brief conclusion about my life in the SPM days.So stay tuned with the year-end post,it's will be either verbally interesting or literally EPIC.


My bro just got himself a new XPS Studio 16.Here is a little sneak peak for the opening box and some snapshots of it.Had fun playing with it the whole day since I was having the authority to play with the new lappie before my bro.

The first impression was really good,the built was really neat and aesthetically exquisite.I like the leather lid and the metal bezels.

Look at the leather lid,it gives u soft and smooth touch on it.

Picture of the XPS Studio 16 and my trusty Inspiron 6400.

Built to perfection! I love the Merlot Red

For sure I wouldn't have spazzed without this,you know I'm so serious in this one.Full HD True Life WLED gives me warmth.

By seeing this,you'd know this is a biased sneak peak :D


The X-Fi onboard sound gives you real-sharapova pitch in no time.I like to spazz with this video!

The package was exquisite,with high quality pouch enclosing it.

It plays the NFS Hot Pursuit with all the fluid supplied by the Radeon 5730.I'd suppose it can run any of the latest titles without any doubt.

Like the Mac Book Pro,it's got keyboard backlit when you type in dim and dark places.

In conclusion,the XPS Studio 16 is a true road warrior.Bro is so in love with it,we"ll be traveling back to Ipoh tomorrow.Gonna have fun with this baby and the YES broadband..Wheeee
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Catch up

Holiday isn't much left now,I've been busy hanging out with the old friends from primary to secondary friends.So this is a post about my secondary school hangout took place in Times Square.To hangout with the old friends is also a spiritual means to show you have not forgotten your roots.


We all have changed a lot as we part our life with different choices.Some UEC peeps have just finished their exam and still in dilemma about their further study,for us the road-not-taken bunch are lamenting about our new environment.Hmm not really entirely lamenting,we do appreciate now than before.For me,never regretted leaving CHKL early to pursue my dream,no doubt.

To keep in touch after leaving school is never an easy effort like the words seem.Mutual effort is the key to making up a meet out which I'm particular happy that we all truly made effort to keep in touch.You might have needed 10 reasons to show up in a meet out which you truly are not interested but one to refuse.A movie session,lunch meet will do as long there is genuinely a puny little intent.This is real story.

I truly believe that mutual influencing can be really helpful to shape our upbringing that will influence our future.Hand in hand spirit may deepen the faith in a friendship and you don't really need to make a big leap but just maintaining that very common interest in getting to know each other's happening once in a while,that will really do.

Today was a tiring one,watched Petaling Street warrior and spent some time playing arcade games in Times Square.We sure had fun I guess! :D

So dozy now,hitting the sack soon.
Saturday, November 13, 2010



Nick Tee was really observant in FB when he stumbled upon to this photo,he clearly knew that we aint happy for the result.Frankly speaking,I'm not that upset as I'd predicted,it was kinda weird and funny,I mean hilarious.We did well in dominating the Q&A session,but only things screwed up in the final round.I'm so blessed with these mates who didn't blame me on that,they're pretty much considerate.Never regretted being their captain,we somehow had fun in the course,as such it was not utterly a defeat.

Met Yoohan from Ban Leong there,feel that the world is kinda small and particularly in this industry.The people are pretty much the same,but merely in different places.Been sometime away from reviewing work,so by chance I might be considering doing reviews after SPM.It's not certain,but I'd eager to do things on my way when I finished doing SPM.

It was a tremendous relief,at least for me.Now I could really put up all the time in SPM.

Want to thank the friends and family here and there been giving support to me for the time I was competing.Don't know how to repay my gratitude,they really meant a lot and helped me spiritually during this competition.Thanks!
Monday, November 8, 2010

Hoot 'Scrumptious' Album Opening


The groove started when I got a confirmation from my sifu who finally had our album on hand.I was literally perked up and felt like soooo gonna have the school dismisses.

Cut short,of course things went well as we planned.Mum came to fetch me and we went to Sifu's house.

Sifu and I were sneakingly chuckling to each other as we previously had fore-cursed each other to get Hyoyeon/Sooyoung photocard.Moreover,some from Twitter cursed me better to get my taengoo card replaced by Hyoyeon in a vow of eating vege for the entire month.Wouldn't say he was Kelvin Mok....and in the end of the day he didn't make it as I managed to curb the curse.They were VAINNN! :DD

After finished undergoing my basic ritual for the album opening,that epic moment kicked in!I didn't get Taengoo,but Seohyun.It was not bad either as Seohbaby is my secondary favourite.Spent plenty of time shooting photos and hung up the poster in my room,even got myself hypo again due to overspazzing lol.

Here are some pic spam.

I like the layout,it'd be the best album layout ever! Oh! was not that impressive,like the circles and the B/W colors.Basically,it's still the same book design as the Oh! but design has improved.

This is the best picture throughout the album!Taengooooooooooooooo,I'm bias bias bias :DDDD

Closed up..

Bond girl cover!

Hung up the poster in mins time,previous experience really helped alot.

Pillow angle.








Floor view

I'm damn worn out now,still have plenty of things in the list.Lastly,wanna thank verz and sifu for helping me on the album.Bought the cheapest imported album ever,RM36!!How could you buy an imported album with that money?!Dirt Cheap!!

Learned some slick strobing skill today,there are plenty of things to learn in light.The first time officially using my newlywed speedlite,it was not easy and the LCD could be sometimes deceiving.But lightroom saved the day by helping in batch tuning.

Need to get back to SPM Business,see in the next post.
Thursday, November 4, 2010


Life has paced up a lot more faster as time goes,I'm basically occupied by pressure.Just completed the 2011 Preliminary of IT Digital Competition,and I was chosen into the top 5 after a ruthless competition among the candidates.

It might sound convincing,but I was generally Not happy.My successor was left out as the 6th nominee,couldn't blame him much for that.I held a lot of expectation on him back then,just cheered and motivated him in IM,let's hope he may able to carry on for the future competition while I'm no longer staying in CHKL.But luck sometimes is rendered as the factor,too.

During the preparation until today,I came to feel that competition transforms one to be inhumane.By just having the passion to gadgetry is not relevant for that,you'd to compete against each other and even compromise your integrity in the course to procure something that everyone always deems as admiration.The organizer is keen in promoting their products,magazines and the stuff,while contestants are striving every bit of effort to win and winner will end up standing on the stage holding their banner and the big cheque board.What about the school?They are as if punters betting in horse race,and exploit the $ upon winning.

But I do have some sweet memory back then,miss that time contesting with Joel and Kian Chung,the most excitement I had in those days. :|

Flashback: Joel was snapping his contestant sticker back then,our very first time participating in IT Quiz.I remembered that we even went through a lot of places to find the venue,UCSI which had both North and South Wings.Lucikly we managed to find that place and being jeopardized into many of the circumstances during the competition,it was like riding roller-coaster.Ever since that time,I proven the formula of abstinence that contributed as a factor of our victory.LOL It was like yesterday,the memory is still coursing in my blood.Don't know the both of them are still having that memory? :D

Preparation for SPM is undergoing,but I shall now plan things more carefully,Shouldn't be only doing math only,I had Science and some other subjects flunked in the trial as well.This year is definitely the year that I struggled and suffered the most-I would tangibly fore-conclude without having to wait until the end of year.'Things may be hard,but it renders you to be a better person.'This key idea constantly coursing in my mind,or I wouldn't have striven that hard either.

Tomorrow is public holiday,wish all the SPMers luck on their revision. Fighting! Additionally,Hoot has arrived at verz home,Sifu will be taking the album for me next week. :DD Hope can get Taengoo's photocard.
Thursday, October 28, 2010


If you dont like listening to SNSD's songs,you'd definitely not going to love my writing or basically anything about me.But if you do,it's going to be a psyche to you and me,here is the place you get inspired and expressed.My life is basically Soshified,been camping for the 4 consecutive days from the release of the teaser to the Music Video which kicked in without any clue while I was wanting to take nap.Sones were restless nowadays.

Not going to show you the theme song anymore,here's another great song in the mini album.Written by Yuri(Mistake).I'd personally recommend this.

I even brought mum's netbook and borrowed friend's Maxis BB to camp in the class.But that day was really vain,no MV was coming out.Sones were frowning all over,I even questionably cursed SM production department's for their iMac got burnt,or their YT account was hacked,or got their office burnt.xD

Well,for the Hoot MV.It's basically up to my expectation,really like the arrow-shooting choreograph,it's damn hot and provocative.Guess tomorrow's comeback is going to be fantastic.Storyline was a little short,I deem.

The only thing left is to wait for the arrival of my album,hope verx can deliver it to my doorstep without any problem once it's shipped out.

Twitter was the first place to get heated by the fuss,I was really thankful to have followed allkpop twitter.Otherwise,would not have gotten to watch it in time,SM was really sneaky to invade the fans in such moment.We managed to double-trend hoot to the 2nd,and 3rd for the time being.

Try not to use public wifi


Some might have heard this,FireSheep.It's an open source http hijacking tool works to fetch information coursing over the network.You would have been the victim by just logging in your FB or Twitter account,all the passwords can be retrieved.The invaders could even stand to post using your FB account,just like sitting in front of your browser.

So guys must be aware when using public wifi anywhere.Just my caring reminder to all.

Fuuuu,now it's 12:19 already.Still haven't chanted yet,and so many things piled up now.Have a nice friday,Good luck for the SPMers. Meet in the next post.
Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hoot! Life Update


It's coming to the end of this one-week holiday,many of the things happened.First it's about my body,have been having hypo for the consecutive days and neither this wee hour.For your information,hypo is a condition where diabetes suffer low blood sugar,it may bring lethal :/

Regarding to the plan which I wrote previously,I'd say that it was generally failed and screwed up.The pressure is coming back to me as you would obviously know that SPM is coming to the shore in 30days more.Kinda worried but let's hope that I could tackle my add math for the time being.

That makes me FAKE
Lately,I tend to lose trust to some of the people whom I used to trust them to the extent that we were as if life mates.But then,I came to realise that they have really had their credibility bankrupted.I hardly get to find friends that can pick me up and listen to my rantings who eventually not turning back to me.Not to say that I have now gradually developing some kind of paranoid tendency to avoid schooling,I feel nauseous when you talk to me about schooling.Don't know.I just hate to see some nuisances there,You had to live in disguise and nod still when someone is apparently mocking or threatening you.You'd smile back when they mock you WTF.Fucking absurd. Is it not..?The most unbearable thing that I cannot contain is how they use my weakness to make fun,tease me.Like?"Hey,are you that weak(Diabetes)?Hmmm,well you don't."

Off for the sulky part of me,I'm going to promote SNSD hoot teaser here.They will be coming out the 3rd mini Album,Hoot! on the 27th of October.Fans being very busy preordering albums and camping for the live release every night.The idols are equally busy as the fans,heard that they have just finished performed in Singapore and coming back to Korea by the 1.35am flight.Pity them,well wish them healthy in this course.

Hoot Teaser! MV will be released on the 25th,that's tomorrow!

Looking back
When I come to look back in my past,I pretty much regretted for not putting more efforts in math.It really turned me down,a lot.Joel sent me the link of the 2011 KGSP,I was kinda worried now.I don't seem to have fulfilled their basic criteria,might be pondering for some other ways besides KGSP.Frankly speaking,I really damn regretted..Ugghh

Somehow,I had no point mulling over that now.Still betting my last chance on SPM,hoping for some windfall to save the day. :(
Monday, October 18, 2010


In thesedays when bro came back to KL,I played like no tomorrow.Unlike the previous post,I lamented for schooling and the stuff.But now,I'm worried about getting out the track seeing all the friends are starting to study,of course some are not and they don't really matter me.

I'm so gonna write this post to plan out all things for my exam.I don't have any detailed notes in hand,so here will be the place I mark my ending of hedonism and starting to plan out things.


Looking around my Picture collection for pictures to put on this post.Then I found this,remember the days when I was so passionate in doing review.It was kinda fun though I stopped doing it eventually.Playing with expensive and fancy hardwares was a really good hobby,but then things got screwed by time and some other factors.

Apparently,you can clearly notice that my face was really radiant and rather a different person to the recently Me.

This provokes the longing to do my SPM in soonest possible,I don't want to be tied by exams anymore.Even there is exam in future,I'd like to be something that I'm into and what I like.

Here are some key subjects that I flunked or screwed up during the Trial.
  1. Add Math (The saddest story of me,I hate getting flunked anyway)
  2. Science,Modern Math(I overlooked them as important subjects,only got to prepare them the day before exam.)
  3. Chinese(Well,there's nothing I could practically help it,How worst it could be?)
  4. Accounting(That was an accident,not due to preparation)
  5. Moral(Nothing big,but I forgot to write in continuous form in the essay section)
  6. BM(Everything turned out well just that I forgot the format of an article.)
Additionally,I'm participating in the 3C Digital Competition again.But then this time I'm going to do it without Joel and it"ll be my last time doing it in CHKL.Well,wish me luck here.
Monday, October 11, 2010

On the verge of both worlds

[Spent me almost 1 hour stitching in PS,but in the end of the day ended up using the wide-open shot,anyone can guide me on stitching panorama?In help.]

The Daum Screensaver bombarded a great fuss among the Sones,especially for freak like me.The Sone poison weighs heftier in my heart now,everywhere is my Energy.Not to mention,my bedroom,my Zen's Desktop,My Rig,My Lappie,My phone for it almost has portioned BIG in my life.

Provided with Daum Screensaver,I feel Taeng is chuckling in front of me,the dorky expression almost melted my heart deep inside.

Life has been great to me without the schooling part in me,I can do a lot than I usually do.Despite having to do Math at home, I almost enjoyed most of the time.Thesedays,slept at the wee hours cause we often watching movies till that time.As for today,woke up at 12pm to the outlaw of my habitual life.Then,went straight to 1Utama for Lunch,where I had Laksa there.But then it was cool to have everyday like this. :P

While I was having lunch with Mum and Bro at 1 Utama,saw Yi Jie shopping around with her mum.To my preference,I dont feel comfortable meeting classmates while shopping and dining out,it's kinda unease,couldn't enjoy my own.

TM had me disconnected for few times lately,looking back to the record.Our connection has been blessed with great line quality,but lately it no longer does.Can't do anything,I'd only get to hurl 'Malaysia Boleh' each time it interrupts again.Pfffffft
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wonderful but aint windfall

It might not be the best return for me as I only get to have the NIE Pizza vouchers for the contested posters and video.I was expecting for bigger payoff of the iPod and 4D3N Cambodia trip,that whopping 100,000 scholarship but sadly we didn't eventually make it though.

However,the video is indeed the best masterpiece that I would somehow reminiscent and laughing all over again.Thinking over,my time in CHKL is numbered and nothing much that I can get to do again.Never regretted doing this,and some other stuffs in the past months. :)

Perhaps,this will keep the sweet times in form of video;I could get to watch and laugh again at the hilarious face that I had in the school;Once again,to remember that I used to be there and did great stuffs wtf.

Just recently,the painstaking trial has just passed and life is still pacing up to the track.We never get to rest for exam and things are still following on;We still need to attend classes,doing all sort of modal papers,listen to teacher's whining to us.

Good that the Bro has come back from Kampar yesterday,spending his 3-week-holiday.Evening,he and mum drove me to the Mutiara Complex to bring back some loot.

It was really crazy! I bought it for RM160(RRP455).It was learned from Guo Chay that that shop is a distributor,thus the selling price is really dirt cheap.I can see the 70-200/24-70 Canon Mugs were available as well,but I didn't buy 'em home either.

Source from Shashinki,selling for RM455

Open-seal picture
Sorry for the messy desk,I haven't get to arrange stuffs after that trial exam.

The tender and organised compartments,I would have wished to be the camera to sleep deep inside lol.

Ever since that cheating incident happened in our class,our class has been verbally related for cheating or whatever negative chides.Well,I wouldn't disclose who were them,but can't they really get a life and stop being black sheep..TSK.

Apparently,I'm openly slamming them here and if you were not content with me.Think over,at least I'm the righteous one who speak with dignified tone,don't be a cowardly man.Rival me with your own effort,beat me down righteously.

Off topic,I have also started to ponder about my future lately.Since time is not much,I have soon had to pick the future path on what field that I"ll be pursuing.It's kind a hard to decide,I have never want to regret for the rash decision.Really wanted to love my future career,make my job as hobby,well anyone ever thought that?

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