Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fantasy answered.


Last Friday was a mind blowing one,it was the best Friday ever happened to me.The snippets of that night barely left me after few days of flashing back aka Soshi Redrawal Syndrome.I've finally got to see them in real person,although it wasn't close as in person,but it already sufficed me really.


Getting to see them was a lifetime opportunity,I had waited for years just for them to come Malaysia.Not able to go to last year Singapore Asia's Tour was a big regret,I swore to myself I had to at least catch a glimpse of them by whatever means this time.

Standing in the premium fanzone was a battle of life,apart from rubbing and squeezing with others,you needed 2 lungs to really breathe well.It was the will power that drove me to endure these,I could barely breathe amongst the people and was enduring a slight hypoglycemia,fortunately I managed to find some candies in the backpack and swallowed them that they momentarily saved me.I waited for 2 hours in that suffocating environment and barely got to breathe.The live performances delayed for approximately 15 minutes,and finally they appeared on stage!Audiences turned wild and I was suddenly pushed nearer for around 1 metre.

My eyesight suddenly improved to a supernatural extent,that I was able to see them clearly at that distance.Seeing them at first was surreal,delusional to me,I couldn't click my eyes because every glimpse was painstakingly earned.Yoona and Seohyun were the most obvious to me,while I managed to see Tae Yeon only for some parts during the performances.That emotional moment when that person whom you always spazzed and talked about appearing in front of you.It was mind blowing,I was caught in that moment for the past few days.Confession of a Sone.

Used all the reserve of strength to elevate my foot to earn a better glimpse and juggled between the holes and edges from the shoulders,iPads,Phones,Camcorder that blocked my sight.Curse those moronic people who raised iPads,and Phones to record,come to your sense please,you think your little phone or tablet could record better than the media people?Bitch please,it's vain.They recorded just for the sake of recording,they should have spent time enjoying the performances instead.To my suggestion,concert shouldn't have allowed tablets to be brought in,because I can't comprehend why would they use it for recording,first is the camera is a rubbish and secondly this is way too self-centered.Everyone wanted to see them,it's not just you who is eager okay.Verdict is management was poor and the only thing made us fulfilled was SNSD.

My heart stopped at that moment.

Taeyeon's best shot.Don't bother about oversizing here :P

Taeng nearly made me tear up out of happiness,I couldn't brain of seeing KIM TAE YEON in such a short notice.Till now,it was still surreal to me,still convincing myself that it really happened.

Fany's hair porn gonna make more fans switching their bias soon.

Sooyoung's best shot.

Sica couldn't stand the heat on the stage.

Later,we all had a great conversation at Asean Cafe.We barked about how rude the security was and how pleased and elated of us seeing Soshi in Malaysia for the first time.Having a jumbo glass of watermelon juice was such a bliss after being dehydrated so much in the crowd.Ian Chow,Jeremiah,Alvin Tan,Qun Shen,Wilson,Alex Cheng,Nicholas Chin,Ament were present.

Next time,I swear that I'm gonna get the best seat to see them,let's hope they would return to Malaysia soon :) Hope everyone enjoyed my post.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012


If there's one thing I could scrub the Genie for,I'd say it's Sleep.I have been missing a lot of sleep lately,because of the killer schedule I have in hand,there was neither one day in the week I could have my own sweet time for homework,not to say getting a nap or a quality sleep.The torture when you have finally had your own sweet time but something unexpected came up.Thank I finally have my articles done,and able to blog now.

Back then,I used to stay up really late just for the sake of being rebellious or wanting to be different.The irony is now I regretted a lot because I could use some of the sleep I had in excess to make up for now.

Trial is around the corner and I haven't done any far.Drove out a lot in the week and often got caught in the jam,life tortures when you need to repetitively fiddle with the stone-like clutch and paddle in the city,the misery of a stick shift driver I'd confess.Somehow the effort I put is all worthwhile because I'm doing something great that people would have pride in me,meeting great people who have the same goal with me.Despite being so worn,it's the will power that keeps me going because I believe in the pay off passage that will come later.

Translation job really inspires me for why we should get educated.We learn about the complexity of languages and put them into the simplest form so that the people do not need to.To me,getting educated isn't all about securing a better position in the society,it's about giving the best part of your talent to the society so that others would get to enjoy the talents they don't have,it applies to any specialty.It's this passion that will keep you constantly moving and find rewarding.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting me in the recent video of mine.Thanks for being supportive for this campaign and I believe that we would eventually win this fight.

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SkyChin-The Author.
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