Friday, April 30, 2010

I need a deep breath


I've made plenty of mistakes to the extent that I would not tolerate on myself today.Dont know,my mind is filled with confusion and problems that I wouldn't know what I am doing.Consequently,I hurled Kel harshy today and I was kinda terrified,it happened to me spontaneously and I was struggling to keep things right and disputing for my initial thought of what was right,but ended up with revelation that I did wrongly in the very first place.

I felt guilty and things cannot be reverted right?Please forgive me.
Thursday, April 29, 2010

Total Disguise

Hello world,the subject you see below is not the Sky whom you knew in person.But a SPM candidate whose obligation to snap such kind of photos.Well,I didn't intend to do these but just for the sake of my SPM assignment wtf.

Like it or not,you had to do without a sense of decisive.

What would make me and you puke by when you get to view these shots
Folding blanket?Who the earth used to fold their blanket?You do know that you would have used it again at night,don't you?

Heck,this is not my car but my brother's,so he should wash on his effort.

The picture is snapped when the knife barely touched the tomato.You would find that freaking tomato in my fridge without a flaw.

Mummy's book shelf,and I dont read chinese books.

If you guys were observant,you would notice that I didn't even show a smile in these photo.Here I convey the reason,it's a very simple fact that I don't like to act hypocrite.That's it.

The 'me' should be like this,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tension is lethal

*Sigh* Sky is no longer soaked with sweats anymore.. just went back home from LRT station.Had karaoke session with Jason today.

The people around me happened to be very emotional nowadays,they tend to feed into temper and some might resort to hurting themselves.Really worried me..I am entangled into dilemma of telling it to someone or not,but if I were to remain in gag,what do I do to help him?Well,my form 5 classhood seen to be very important to me,and I shall not afford to lose a friend that you know.. if he would commit that thing,it will be a painful experience to us and himself. I really hope that I could help him,merely a little bit would be enough.

Life is full of tensions lately,I have a heavy agenda undergoing my school chores and society affairs thus isolated me from blogging all over.While I was very lucky to stand a consolation place in BM essay competition,my first achievement in this year either.

Yesterday I just went to hospital again for my periodical diabetes meet,well my health didn't turn to be very favorable lately.And I had no choice to bring down my blood sugar,else I would have lived a dull future,very cruel.
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Birthday Post

[My birthday hadn't being known by so many people ever,possibly my best birthday I kid you not]

It might sound cheesy to some of you,but I had to write this to record my highest gratitude to all the friends,siblings and my family who paid conscious to this epic celebration of my life.

Yes,I am glad for being borned into this world.Despite the predicaments that I am destined to deal with,the never-ending blames I had wanted to subject to whoever who can explain..Why I am being like this?Why I am borned to a diabetes?Why I could not have a chocolate cake...why I am ....!@#$%^&*

But this mind frame had being expelled from my mind as I truthfully comprehend the meaning of living.And I suggest my meaning of life is very simple and lucid.That would be the goal of archiving my dream,my aspiration,my evolution from within.That I am making my way to tackle problems which baring me towards my dream and so that I could grow for the better.

This post should be made clear enough to myself for what I am pursuing and dealing in my 17 manhood.That you notably find that they are the visions as a living youth.
  • A maintained Health
  • SPM
  • To drive
  • To make myself eligible for the korea 2011/12 scholarship program
  • Read more,widens my mind
  • To pass in my chinese subject,and possibly get an A in add/modern math.

Mum bought me a classic fiction,the inexpensive version of 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood'.

My birthday did not greeted with extravagant presents but things like book,wishes and dance lol.Ya,dance?What was that?I like to credit LiYan for performing the Gee dance infront of me today.Albeit it might not be special for you,but for me it's perfect enough.

While dad and bro sent me their birthday greeting orally and bro with text message.Sensibly,I knew that they are busy at work and study thereby I would be delighted enough either.

Tomorrow will be the Taylor 2010 Accounting Quiz.Good Luck to all the contestants,I would be present tomorrow as well! XD
Friday, April 2, 2010

Life Update


I have been away from blogging for few weeks since the last Sone gathering.Joel has went to Seoul,I have finished my standardized test,my trusty torrent pc went hiccup again and the list goes on.So many of things happened to me in this period of time which I could not afford to write 'em all here.

Well,Joel is apparently having great time in Korea and it could be a million or billions' aspiration to live and study there.Well,I am neither different than anyone,if I were to have this opportunity,I would have made my way to there.

Things weren't to my expectations as I did a mistake which was utterly unbearable for me.I,whose was supposed to get full marks in my book-keeping test end up used the wrong provided paper sheet and succumbed to a 2% deduction.But since quite a number of them are garnering full marks,so I appeared to be more standout among them.

While the worst part-Chinese which I was decidedly flunked all the time didn't happen to be a wonder.But again,somehow I didn't cheat in the exam like the others whom scored.

Tomorrow will be skipping class XD

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