Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drive Thru Difference

Just a little video to share with,wonder if this would happen in Malaysia.I'd be very eager to try doing this if I were to have a car :S JS is always one of my favourite youtube stars,they're really lovely :)
Friday, September 23, 2011

Confession #1

This 8 years course isn't an easy one,I have done really well to manage life into it.For people like me,we don't want people to see us in a way we needed special treatment.We just wanted to be like normal people,to be treated just as no one.

But that doesn't mean you could cross the line when comes to words. You don't need to make fun of me for the fact that I jab myself for every single moment,for the fact that I'd be constantly jabbing for the rest of my life just so that you claim it's so natural normal people have no problems with your wits. For the past 8 years,I have come across to the many scoffings about my disease,I'd basically grown from those scornful judgements.There were times when these became so unbearable as my heart throbs exhaustingly sulking just for the basic equity in the society for why they just love to judge us.

Unlike you, we appreciate life better,doing things to the fullest,we treat people to our sincerest way.In fact,we are way confident than you when comes to personal establishment.Just because we know life is not briefly given,but earned by every struggle to jab ourselves everyday.You who makes fun of us just don't know the value of life better. #end of rant
Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life Update

It's been a while,I've got nothing to come up so it's just a very brief summary of the happenings lately.

Test 2 had passed thank I didn't flunk yet.It then kicked in with a 1 week raya holiday,somehow it's too short to serve me a rehab course.

Spent a lot of money lately,just bought a 2TB HDD not too long ago due to the imminent need of storage.Thanks to KPOP craze.Bought a pile of new clothing including a dirt cheap skinny jeans which I got it from PDI at 44.70MYR,and a really neat Uniqlo hoodie :) Spending was really fun,but come to think of it, money shrink up really fast.

Preoccupying events are endlessly keeping me busy,I'd say life is rather embraced in a play-now-or-never basis.Things are going on the track,opportunities come every now and then.I believe that's the norm of life,always give yourself the urge to endeavor anything and the outcome would be generous as it will definitely pay off.

Happy with the new Blogger user interface,now the text box is big enough to type in a comfortable way over than old one.Boon Yang just fled to Taiwan to begin his further study journey,wish him luck here.

Had a pool session with Serena,Prassanth,Vanessa and the friends this afternoon.Had a great time bonding together with Ivy,Elise,Kian Nam,Xaviar,Zack in Full House restaurant for lunch as well.

The haze in Malaysia is serious to the extent of suffocation,please drink a lot of water and prevent from going out for now.

Finally got myself 2 boxes of Vita 500 from the Korean Village Mart.It tastes good,just like the champ vitamin-C taste made into drink.Mum even convinced that it's tasty and cheap,great as a supplement at times :)

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