Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wonderful but aint windfall

It might not be the best return for me as I only get to have the NIE Pizza vouchers for the contested posters and video.I was expecting for bigger payoff of the iPod and 4D3N Cambodia trip,that whopping 100,000 scholarship but sadly we didn't eventually make it though.

However,the video is indeed the best masterpiece that I would somehow reminiscent and laughing all over again.Thinking over,my time in CHKL is numbered and nothing much that I can get to do again.Never regretted doing this,and some other stuffs in the past months. :)

Perhaps,this will keep the sweet times in form of video;I could get to watch and laugh again at the hilarious face that I had in the school;Once again,to remember that I used to be there and did great stuffs wtf.

Just recently,the painstaking trial has just passed and life is still pacing up to the track.We never get to rest for exam and things are still following on;We still need to attend classes,doing all sort of modal papers,listen to teacher's whining to us.

Good that the Bro has come back from Kampar yesterday,spending his 3-week-holiday.Evening,he and mum drove me to the Mutiara Complex to bring back some loot.

It was really crazy! I bought it for RM160(RRP455).It was learned from Guo Chay that that shop is a distributor,thus the selling price is really dirt cheap.I can see the 70-200/24-70 Canon Mugs were available as well,but I didn't buy 'em home either.

Source from Shashinki,selling for RM455

Open-seal picture
Sorry for the messy desk,I haven't get to arrange stuffs after that trial exam.

The tender and organised compartments,I would have wished to be the camera to sleep deep inside lol.

Ever since that cheating incident happened in our class,our class has been verbally related for cheating or whatever negative chides.Well,I wouldn't disclose who were them,but can't they really get a life and stop being black sheep..TSK.

Apparently,I'm openly slamming them here and if you were not content with me.Think over,at least I'm the righteous one who speak with dignified tone,don't be a cowardly man.Rival me with your own effort,beat me down righteously.

Off topic,I have also started to ponder about my future lately.Since time is not much,I have soon had to pick the future path on what field that I"ll be pursuing.It's kind a hard to decide,I have never want to regret for the rash decision.Really wanted to love my future career,make my job as hobby,well anyone ever thought that?
Wednesday, September 8, 2010


[Slick Panorama by my Powershot A590IS+Photo Stitch]

There's no need to emphatically write about my busy life,everyone's busy lately.But the rather turn-down part was,everything was hiccuping.

First it was my bro's lappie,it has not been functioning well ever since the past few months.I had tried any means fixing it,but resulted in vain.Then followed by my torrent pc aka Athlon,died of mobo.

In conclusion,Taiwanese products are not trust-worthy.I had 2 Gigabyte mobo died in these years,and the other one took place yesterday.

Parade of Gigabytes K8NS-Pro twin.They had rather short life albeit looked so well-built.It made me to have purchased 3 mobos in mere few yrs time to not forsake my trusty Athlon rig.

Wasted me a big portion of very moment especially SPM trial is coming to the corner.

In these 4 days going back to school,I gained nothing but just a little bit more of SPM answering tips.For Sejarah part,they only gave us model questions and had us jotting down their answer for the entire class everyday.While it even worse for BM tuition,the teacher was kinda not resourceful in providing us potential tips or guides,but just some slowpoke tips and forecasts.

On revision part,I have not completed any subjects but still working on add math.And likely I'm not going to do any revision for today,too much of things fluttering around.

Wish you all luck in revision,I'd to go now.


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