Thursday, December 31, 2009

The 31st ,What a Mirror!

Just came back from CHKL Leadership 2009 camp,it was a misery for me as you extreme the situation was to testify our endurance.Try to picture if you were living in a soldier barrack,that would have exactly signify my idea.

Especially in the sack of year end,the feeling of achievements I had are pretty strong,I learnt much as time goes by the end of year.I am pretty sure that 2009 is my year,an epic turnover of my lifetime,but it's just the very beginning of my life.

Here I am summarizing the events and logs happened over the entire year,and of course there would be odds and excitements as how human undergo their life.I would say,it has the biggest fluctuation of emotions which I had never experienced before,high times gone to blue in just a glimpse difference.

To those who intend to read all the details,for people who dont,kindly scroll to the last paragraph and at least read my thoughts.For your information,I will make a post during the 31st of each year,in order to mirror myself to the better.


A massive impact to my life,January was one of the most blues in 2009.My uncle had pass away due to lymphatic cancer,SKYCHINSTUDIO had go down as I accidentally erase all of the datas in the web dir.But on contrary,it driven us to a new facelift of the site,which brought me some great opportunities in the upcoming months.


While Derrick left me to Germany in the month of February,we then continued to get in touch as good as how we known each other in the school.More,I changed my handphone to a LG Cookie when I lost mine at the grave field during my uncle's dark parade.

Besides,I made my first attempt to fund money for the 90th CHKL celebration fund.I made myself into a notorious CD dealer in the school.In the meantime,the trademark of SKYCHINSTUDIO was getting its fame as how I worked to sell the CD made in courtesy of my name.


I enrolled into the NUT of CHKL,a new community founded in aim to help manage the school homepage.It was a new breath for me,and I believed everyone within this team would have made a great move serving the school,no matter in action or spirit either.


This was the month of my birthday,I made a vow to get myself an SLR,innovate my studio and they are believed to drive me to a peak future.I attempted to snap photos in the Pikom PC Fair,which then inspired me to the path of confidence and photography.


Life was getting busier than usual,I was so close and friendly to my ex english teacher-Ms Tania.I even held a drama in the form of literature and pleased everyone,but unfortunately our relation did not last any longer either and turned worst.We finally had some controversy with Ms Tania and she then eventually chosen to leave the school wtf.


The peak of year,Extreme II was held on the month.I spent all my blood and sweats to undergo the preparations and finally gave my life a big turnover,I will elaborate this by later on.Also,sadly my grandma passed away at the day of Extreme II,what a big slap!!

Meanwhile,the new facelift of CHKL homepage was up because of the hard work we devoted in NUT.It also brought a new impression to the public as well.


We acquired a victory in an IT contest held in UCSI,I received a scholarship letter from them.It then continued to dazzle the name of mine in the school as well as in the sight of teachers.Joel and I became even closer and friendlier as we worked so hard in the competition.

Plus,my first time to challenge a 10days abstinence vow wtf! XD


The H1N1 wave was starting to get contagious in this month,the emergence of H1n1 had get the school to close for a week time.At the same time,I received the opportunity to review fancy hardwares by the help of a hardware distributor,this had give a new path to SKYCHINSTUDIO.


I made an attempt to speak in the forum in the school,which to compliment the education fair held during that time.While the first bath of products had arrive,and I get some praises from some respective people.Good going!

Besides,SKYCHINSTUDIO had another facelift as the confusion of IE compatibility issue.


Nothing was epic,I enjoyed myself in photography and went through all the places to take photos and learnt PHP.


We had a tug war game in the school,and it testified the unity of the class and we had fun in the event.Besides,I was so pissed to the school as they confiscated 40% of the money I won from the IT contest.

The desperation for a new SLR was even stronger as I am so eager to play in the world of digital photography.


I had finally completed the vow of my birthday,I bought a Canon EOS 450D and eventually retired my PnS camera as a secondary camera.The grand/prime dinner of CHKL 90th was successfully held in the school,and I made my first attempt to toast it even it was the 3rd day since I bought it wtf.

I had such enormous improvements in my pennings as well as my career,these would not contemplatively big in some of you,but they were so important to me.2009 is full of excitements and tears as many of things did not turn good.

By any means,I learnt to be stronger and determine towards my future.Next year would be the Now or Never for me.The moment I am leveraging all the things I learnt to pursue my dream,YES!Taeba!(Success in Korean!)
Thursday, December 24, 2009

I am not a Pirated Dealer!!!

Above is a text I received,let's take it as an example.Dont get it wrongly huh,even we're close but dont treat me like I am working for these ok?This might seemed to be very acerbic,but I had to say.

Yes,should be uttering this phrase so vehemently as everyone is having an idea that I would do everything to cater them with their desired videos,musics,games or any high definitions content.

As all the friends might know,I used to share warez contents on behalf as your were my friends,classmates,uncle,cousin or name it.

It however has a limit,as I live with freedom,dont expect me to do anything like you are dealing with a pirated hawker like what a pasar malam fellas do.And in layman term,I dont even work for you,so why should I abide your instructions huh?

Again again..I had to reiterate I am not a pirated dealer,or a hawker.And I dont need your few little bucks to raise my life ok?Since then,I wont be helping people to do things like that anymore...never ever!!.

I wanna make myself clear that,

I am a tech freak,not a pirated king!!!!
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chong Hwa Kuala Lumpur Independent High School 90th Prime Dinner

Yesterday,the 90th prime dinner was held on the school.Well,the foods were not really great though,but I enjoyed burst shooting like a paparazi.Many people were crowding at the school compound,the traffic was indeed controlled as they have RELA team to control the traffic.

I had spot tonnes of L lenses and fancy flashguns,"Macam macam pun ada!"Consensus of the paparazi were using 1D Mark III,somemore wearing the EOS jacket.Made me felt like I was just a small fly as their gears were more bulkier and rock-solid.But didn't I said that I was immunized by these kind of poisons.

Admission was ironically considered free as they didn't check your tickets,and we had so many free seats left on the table.It was kinda waste as the foods were been pour into the rubbish bag,as they dont expect you to finish them.

Some political 'celebrities' were present as below,
Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat

Datuk Seri Koh Soo Kun

Datuk Seri Najib

And others like Datuk Seri Leo Tiong Lai,Wee Keat Seong.There are enough for 3 photos,dont wanna flood their pics in my post.

Chee Cheng and Me

Tarian Singa was also took place.

Well,now it's Gear moment.
I want that jacket,they put lenses in the pocket's compartment.Dont even need a bag,cool!

Effing uncle using D300 and a Sb800/900,he was damn mean to people.He just waved his hands to ask people 'siam' from his sight,in order to take his shot.

This tells me that the man couldn't live without his camera or he has no other entertainment other than snapping,he even stacked a fancy cartoon sticker there LOL.Geared with Nissin Di622!

4 SLRs,2 of them are L lenses.Ahhhh!

Fancy bounce card!First time seen that thing,ever.Anyway,he was using a 5DmarkII.

1 Malaysia!

The school looked so brilliant with all the new year atmosphere.

Surreal Chonghwa

I then went home and literally went on bed just after I bathed,damn tired lor.I have been sleepless for 2 days already,woke up at 11.30am this morning.Keke
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now, I will officially retire my trusty camera.

Had been my very loyal and helpful friend,the Canon A590 IS is now been plucked from its primary post,it will no longer serve me as a primary camera anymore.Since I had have marry another wife here,you would pronounce her as Canon EOS 450D or a Rebel XSi!

Been aspiring for a SLR for almost an entire year,I've been trying my best to save every penny in order to raise this hobby-Photography!Well,today I have made it and I felt like having a nightmare,since I wouldn't have gone to 450D without my dad's sponsorship,perhaps the 1000D aka afrika chick will present as my wife for now.

I have bought it today from AverAwards @ 2.3k for the whole package,let's not elucidate more for her.Since in future,we would be having tonnes of opportunities to meet her.

Its endeavor effort to keep my task right!
Despite it might not be the best camera,but it endured every hardships with me.Since I have embarked into the tech blog industry,it served me well without any breakdowns.Product shootings,video recording,macro shots,scenery,you name it,it does all of them.

I remembered my first time picturing a pc girl was on this camera,despite they were not great shots.But I learnt to be more confident and upfront with myself,I did not feel embarrassed of my humble gear,by all means.

It prepared me to the SLR world
To be very fortunate that it has M,AV,TV that like no any nominal point and shoot camera does.It taught me the principle of shutter,aperture and light speed,it inspired me the meaning of photography,the lust to pursue perfection!

But sometimes,I hate you more than I could!
With sluggish ISO performance,making any low light scenery to vain as I couldn't picture any scene with any ISO higher than 200.The noises you spill on every pictures were unbearably made me wanna puke,faint,or even intend to suicide!

You made every shots without any deep depth of field aka bokeh,makes me hardly compose a picture which correspond to my mind.Ehh..fuck you!More,you had a 28mm coverage of view,it just doesn't make sense to telephoto shots.

But I love you!
You taught me the virtues of being not materialistic,not being lured by fancy cameras.I learnt to be more determined and immunized to any sacrastic insults for having a sluggish camera.You taught me the importance of using tripod,as having jerky low light performance is your coincidence trait,which made more understanding in using a tripod.

Nevertheless,I had to retire you,I dont want to see any misery from you anymore.And I will honour every bit of efforts devoted by you,Good Bye camera!
Monday, December 7, 2009

Pikom PC Fair III 2009 [KLCC Convention Centre]

Well,this time the Pikom PC FAIR emerged without much sounds,not like before I had only hear some advertisement about that fair in the radio.Also held in the month of December,the PC Fair shall share the crowd of school holidays citizens.

As mentioned in the previous post,I went to the fair with my Sifu and Raychee as well.That was a friday,therefore the crowd is slightly less than Sat and Sun,but not the traffic.We were stucked in the jam from 12pm until 1pm after we managed to enter the car park.Factors might be muslims who go to mosque at the same time as we are making our way to there + unfortunate?Sigh


Marketing was less aggressive than before
This was very noticeable as the only big brother-Intel was only giving a notepad+keychain as their chirstmas mystery gift.While Acer provides a flashy blinking card which then ran out of supply in just a glimpse,others booth shall provide gifts in condition to purchase their products.

Gift of recycle bags were no longer seen in this PC Fair,perhaps they might wanna cut some costs in marketing.While the consensus of promoters are lack of understanding to their products and just distributing flyers there.

Crowd remained big,but minority of them whom buy!
Regardless of how big the crowd is,no one who intend to spend a penny at all.Like me,I didn't buy anythings there.Most of people were coming for photos or to look for great deals,they hardly spend for redundant stuffs.This could also caused by the hike of flash memory which lately took place.

Girls have improved Much!
The PC Fair girls were seen to be more pleasant than before I think,since the debut of second pc fair,things have started to improve.Avira is indeed the big player in girls,they took the same strategy in boosting their market.While some prevalent players like Samsung,Acer,Kingsoft did not exempted from playing the same strategy.We saw a new player like Papago[GPS Booth] also presented there with a girl seating on a Porsche GT3.

Besides that,there is also new idea like Hibikii playing with glitter man instead of girls,but of course they had also place some chics on the booth.For me it seemed to be very cool!I wondered how much they pay for a glitter man standing for an entire day.=P

Picture Gallery
Reminder:Do not redistribute or claim as your own work as these would violate my courtesy.Please respect the respective photographer,frankly I devoted every bit of sweats and flesh to get the photos!Please respect me,or I will not respect you.

Kaspersky Girl.

The PC Gurus,actually there were many of them.I had only manage to take these.

The ATI Ruby,the also dubbed as Most Exposed chics in the fair.

Avira girls,I particularly like this.Sorry for some overexpose as I was too nervous to pick a shorter shutter.

MMORPG Mascots.

The Acer girls,seem not bad for me.=)They were more photogenic than others,just my opinion.

Sookyee and her partner.Cute!

Lenovo's representative

Even Alienware was there too!

Alienware is always known for their prestigious chasis built.

Papago Girl,one of the premium.hehe

This girl was an Acer representative,I remembered each time I came,I would have gotten the chance to snap her.Haha

My favourite one,she is an ex Avira girl for the previous fair.But who cares what he works for,she is always adorable.

I guess,he would be the most paid person in the fair,you know.Skinning on glitter and standing there for a whole day is not joke,dont you think so?

Apparently this time,my photography skill has improved a LOT,while the respond of the public is indeed there.But with diminished intention to purchase,this could be the plight for every business especially in these economy turn down.Nevertheless,we are looking forward to the next pc fair to be held on!
Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Make way make way!

They dont look much,as some of the books are reserved to use in form5.Notes and papers I definitely wouldn't going to keep them.

Clearing off my books and papers to make way for form 5 textbooks,these spent me half an hour to clear and tidy up the shelf.Oh right,'you guys' are ready to GTFO of my house!

Since we are the last batch student of the old version texbooks,so there are no way to sell off for second turn.Thereby,the only way is to recycle them as what old newspapers do.

This friday is going to Pikom PC Fair with my Sifu and RayChee,I am pretty anticipate for the day to come,we've been time never hangout together since the first PC Fair.

P/S Reminder for all the friends,the deadline of online book purchases will due on the 6th of December,so hurry up and dont get fined for another rm30.

Click here to get into the subscriber page
Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nikon Girl music video, The Photo Club

Just some temporary painpills for my long-awaited SLR purchase,this video is so awesome.I couldn't figure out on how they inspired to make such video.And the rap part is nicely composed,especially the lyrics.

They picture the story about a Canon 1DsMarkIII with a Nikon D200,as what we thought like a Romeo and Juliet story.Enjoy guys,this is a nice MTV.

P/S Good news readers,I will be likely getting my SLR in few weeks time.Stay tuned!=)
Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jogoya Feast


Yesterday I were supposed to feel very sick due to a serious flu,luckily I went to see the doctor in the last minutes.In that moment,I was given an idea that I should not have missed out the date,as it's Joel farewell feast.

Me,Joel,Soulchild,Yiling,Chong Wei,Huan Ling aka SkyLooker,Kelvin Lee,Qi Yong were present on the feast.

Skylooker was caught in teasing under eighteens to drink alcohol,OPPS...did I mentioned that I did drink along with them?xD

We only managed to spend about an hour plus to dine in Jogoya,the dinner session was actually started at 5pm while we stepped in the buffet hall at 7pm+.

The durian ice creams were great,we only manage to snap some delicacies as we didn't have sufficient time to dine.

Joel is learnt to have prom last night,and he was having sore throat also.Joel was hilariously having sissy voice and me too,but Joel had the worst one..Hahaha

Afterwards,OMG I was freaking full.

We were playing outside the restaurant to get some relief.

And Joel was certainly doing with his D90,shutter sounds were so sweet!


'Imma Bokehmon,witness the paweeeer of 18105!!!'

While me,holding my trusty A590IS! Canon...Delighting you always...
Hey,did you see the lights bokeh behind of me?That was a snapshot from D90 also!

Our unite shot,I think Jogoya staff should have practiced more in using camera to snap properly.This picture is slightly blurrish caused by handshakes,but it was still acceptable.And they dont know about picture compo..WTF

The night performance,taken @ ISO 1600.D90 of course!

Of course,we did enjoyed the delicacies there and if we were to reach there much earlier,we would have more time to dine then.Besides that,I had stand a chance to molest Joel's D90 and it was an awesome experience.You know what?The 18-105 basoka was so sexy,simply turn the zoom ring to the max,rich bokeh will just appeared in your sight,we were coincidentally lucky to snap some night performances to toast up the D90's performance.

Frankly speaking,I certainly felt the difference of PnS camera in low light condition, argument you can make to claim a PnS camera is great at high ISO(I mean just above 400,we dont elucidate on over 1600)

Actually,I still kept many of the shots in my pc,since they were too much and I had only uploaded portion from them.For people requesting for more photos,please do let me know,I"ll update into this post.


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