Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008's Exams were Dominated! XD

*Woot!*UEC has ended yesterday,cuz yesterday too tired ady, so today only update my blog lor.Btw,really cant used to suit the days after exam.Really fucking unwinded!Right after the final paper-Mathematics[Aka Insane Paper for people who sux in math expecially me],we went to Neway Karaoke Box again.Despite alrdy went before in the past PMR celebration,but we've still chosen this place as time and transport are permitted.

I and Mermaid

Singing Titanic is really a hard time for guys who didn't have high vocal.Especially mermaid lol..cant stand him..keep shout and spoil my singing..=.-

Me and Mermaid,we're not gay one.But only he looks like...XD


Soulchild & !@#$%[Srry dunno his name,haha]

That day,we also met some of chonghwa students in the karaoke centre,Wei Hong also one,really FFK king since he promised us to come together.But he betrayed us and sing with the girls.Then finally we went home at 5.30PM,really tired that day cuz was been singing for whole day ady.So today,likely I'm cleaning and planning of what is going to do in my precious holiday!=D
Friday, October 17, 2008

PMR Finally and Finally Finished!Cheers!

Today is the last day of PMR-Geography Paper on stage!Starts from 8.15 to 9.30am respectively.It toke 40mins to finish includes double checking as well as last time guessing.*Woot*..and then went out earlier then play badminton in the hall.There,we enjoyed badminton gameplays within half an hour before the actual PMR ends.Yoo..uhh.."When darkness turns alive,it ends tonight"..Quoted Chemical Romance.

As time is permitting,everyone was still commiting their final revision which acommodating much many of geographies thingy.But some of them appeared relax and proved their reluctances which playing and talking about their mighty plan after the exam.While for me,I'm snapping photos there!XD

Went out from the exam hall played badminton to spend off my half an hour in waiting the actual exam to end.

9.30AM Sharp!
We went to time square and met my old classmate at the bus there.Wan Ling really looks different opposed to last time.Btw,we managed to get there at 10.10AM I guess.As waiting from the Neways rooms to be open,we went to the funpark there.


We managed to enter the karaoke box room despite of the queue was very freaking long through.We sang for approximately 3hours+ and taken our lunch there.

This is our pic taken in the karaoke room.[Yupe,the Awkward face is me-SkyChin]Looks ugly huh?Buh Buh Buh!



After some photoshops editing,The RESULT IS!

My face are smooth huh?Hehe..XD..Thanks for the invention of Photoshop lol.I found back my moviestars-celebrity face.XD[I know it's hubristic but you should really not to be more offended for my acerbic wits.]

Vaness Wu

70% Similarity


Well,these are my compensation for the past entire exam which overlooked my blog and the readers.More posts would be in Future!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

PMR eVe @.@

*Woot*,tomorrow PMR ady.But my notion are just very relax darn,and somemore is BM.My mood is just like bittorrent like that,slow fast slow fast.DAMN WEIRD is..I feel scare but sometimes feel confident also.@.@

My final words,

To all the PMR candidates,

Selamat Menjawab!Bak Kata"Bumi mana yang tidak ditimpa hujan"So every moments we must cope together!

Gambateh! XD XD

Suddenly,I turned to some kind of Malay Cultural lol.=D And if you're stuck on the fucking novels,kindly feel free to go here[Tips are leaked here lol]
Thursday, October 9, 2008

My little Omnia Experience! =)

Still remember my rich friend Edwin?This Omnia also belonged to him,actually I'd alrdy planned to write something about this phone ady.Fortunately,today I could stand a chance to play with his phone until the battery went out!The phone is just Awesome!

What thus fascinating me is the Windows Mobile 6.1 Interface+The landscape+Horizontal switching.Besides that,I've tried to get online with its IM.But things were really cramped away when using the onscreen touchpad chating with someone.Really put me off is the absent of stylus really makes things hard especially inputting an url as well as text characters.While the gem-chunk body gives a sophisticated feels while comes with a high gloss scratch-proof chasis.

Nevertheless,the camera are just medicore for me.It spots an ISO200 settings for the highest doubt while comes with only an LED flash instead of a Xenon flash.Taking adorables shots are hardly but it still able to let you snap neighbours performing yoga LOL.The speaker is loud enough while maitaining crystal clear sounds thus considered better opposing to a conventional smartphones.So what Omnia speaks for"Everything" is a mere true but not for decerning photography as well as IM addicts.

Monday, October 6, 2008

*Gosh*My friend got a new HDD!

No hide and seek,this one dork also know what is this!XD..-1Terabytes Storage Dynamo!Aka Storage Bank!

This one is from my rich friend-Edwin,He's a fetfish LOL.Everthings he also tend to have includes phones,pc,mobiles phones as well as gaming consoles.You know what?He said 1TB is still only barely sufficient for him only.I tempted to what he said and Only one reaction is"Pok "my head only.

Stop all the stupid things liao,Let's see the HDD first!

At first glance,the HDD gives a comprehensive and Solid feels thus with a black plastics chasis packed with.Everything is just awesome,however it's very bulky and heavy when u hold it on your palm.

But for his[Edwin] collections sake,he wont give a damn to form factor as well as size because what he concern is the massive storage only.While the price is very great,He bought it @Rm440 only!Hey,it's a cheap price ady!If have chance I also wish to get one lol!More and more comes with 3YR waranties.Cheers!

But for my case here,I rather get a plain HDD instead of the case,because it's really annoying.You know what?Carrying that giant dianamo is not easy and somemore requires a power cord.*Sigh* 2.5inch external HDD serves me well also what?
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hari Raya Hangout Today..~.~

Today is Muslim's New year aka Hari Raya,as malays went back to their hometown,therefore we decided to go to Mid Valley.

Other than that,we also receive some adorable raya foods from our nice neighbours.

Colourful cakes+Tradition Ketupat+Some Curry Chickens

Mid Valley

We enjoyed some chinese cuisines at there like LapChiongRice,Gongbou rice as well as Grill Duck.Overall foods are fabulous and I like the enviroment.I also met my science teacher there with his husband shopping there lol.Once I saw her,I tempted a while and greet with them..XD

Nevertheless,we had tired walking all the round in this Huge Mid Valley.Finally we back to home at 5Pm respectively.Basically,this Raya Holiday is meaningful and awesome!

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