Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SPM Result Day

It may not be everyone's day,but for me it wasn't to any surprise.Partly the (10-1) figure did not prove miracle for me,but I was bless-fully granted with 7As.Afterall,it wasn't too bad,7As can grant me a 50% off tuition fee in the GCE A lvl programme that I will be enrolling in May.

The turn down part was the fiasco of me in getting A in the GCE grading.Consequently,I ended up getting a 3B and I felt my pride was hurting :( Even so getting an A in English did not really convince myself about excellence.Regardless of that,I would not be giving up my dream by all means.Still life has to go on,I would need to look forward in my new schooling life in May later.

Some of the friends did well getting 8As or higher are now busy celebrating like no tomorrow.On the contrary I did see some crying for disappointment in the hall there,felt pity for them.Then I was more convinced that my plight wasn't too bad either.

Yeah,this shall not be the final chapter of life.SPM is the beginning to higher education and we shall not stop striving for advancement.Hereby,I'd like to thank my family,teachers and friends for the relentless support to me all the time from doing the general exam to this very day.

Life is really hectic nowadays,have not announced to you all here about the purchase of my recently bought will serve as a motivation for me in pursuing journalism in future.Look forward to a better traffic and variety of readers,Long Live! Hope you readers love the new domain :)
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life is Good!

Sacrificed my time from watching Athena,and came here to write some snippets of my life lately.Terrifically,my life has been really occupied and good lately.Started to pick up driving on the road after a standstill and I have started the second day driving my mum's ride.Have overcome things like slope and some other weak points that I had back then.

Afraid I would be missing the office when I leave in the April later,life in the office is really occupied and joyful with the colleagues there.Not to mention I had 'soshified' the entire office with SNSD decorations and perked up the office with their songs.I have also come out with the new CHKL facelift ( as my show of gratitude to the school lately.Some other things that I worked like cloning the whole ITC with the new updated software and as well as replacing the existing wallie with a new one.

Partly,I'm pretty blessed with the good people around me.Ms Ong has been really caring to me and took us some foods occasionally.Moreover,the work place is rather peaceful,we don't really have argues even at times of conflict.

This is my own laminated Taeng's picture,serves as a refreshment when workload brims

One of my colleagues in the office,I fed him with poison other than Soshi drug.For him,poisoned him more in photography.Now he's craving for a speedlite now

Truthfully,I can really have a bowl of Laksa beside of the server rack.It would be really cool to slip my hand and pour the soup there xD.

That's what I called 'Soshified'



At the moment,I'm praying hard for the coming out of the SPM result.I have been hoping that if really only I would be really lucky to have (10-1) figure in the real one.Keeping fingers crossed until next week,time flies REALLY.

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