Monday, June 30, 2008

SoreThroats Day

Oh God dammit,today after awaken.I felt very uncomfort on my own throat,it truly debilitate my whole day activities.Even today,talking with friends and shouting are also a probelms.And when i disgorge out the sore,the yellowish liquid cautioned me that im a kind of serious condition now.

So after finish school,I immediatly went to the Pharmacy to buy the Strephsils.Oh Fuck it!Not cheap u know?A flu will costs you a bang of rm2.70x2 wallet gets thirsty again and again..Fortunately,condition are getting better now,less pain significantly.I guess will have a sweet dream tonight.
Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bad Days

Haizzz..God Damnit!This week things are not as smooth as i want,btw i manage to make a DVD article for studio only and received my .net domain from N4me.Perhaps these are only the things which can consider as a consolation for me.Otherwise,all bad things was coming to me these days.

My Result Sheet Calculation
[As posted on my blog before]This favour brought AKA big trouble to me as i need to go here & go there to find back the physical examination letter and even have to find the Study of Dean for signature also.Damn Troublesome,which takes about 3days to complete this Fucking Favour which involving those Death Rules.But finally,they promised to return the marks for the 2nd semester exam marks redemption.

Anti-Body Injection
This week was our class' turns for the injection.So in monday went for the injection,the effects was a BIG significant, Really.My Left hand had a massive pain due to the injection deepness and was abit fever theseday.Fortunately,I drank a can of Angelia Shandy which give me a fresh splash and managed to cool down the body's heat effectively.Thanks to Beers!

My Creative Zen's Death
In thesedays are so hetic,when night I decided to have a pleasure rest on my bed with my music player that time.Who knows why the God is so Fair,my Creative Zen Hangs and remains unresponsive after a reset also.Damn,that time i have to blame who?Just Speechless...everything let me down also.Now just intend to send it back to RMA for further solution.=_=

[Sorry no picture for this cuz too lazy to snapshots again,but its nothing interesting with its death bodies]

Maths Exam
This week did not managed to perform well in my maths exam,the most guilty things is i used to see wrong the question although i know how to solve it.And dunno will get how much % becuz of my mistakes.Haizz...Fuck it!

Breath in some fresh air,Utters!:"This world is So Great"Obviously,This world is really unfair for certain ones.Zzzz..
Sunday, June 22, 2008

HDD's Funeral

Today morning after taken my coffee,

Dachuan:Meng How,my comp got probelm come my house can?
I answer:Okay!


When I reached dc house,the first time power on his pc,the HDD lights remains clam and loading are slow tough.Since the probelm are quite complex,so i ask dachuan to bring his pc to my lab.The screen appeared:"Windows has missing or corupt,system32\config\bla bla\.So after that,i perform a setup using my windows XP Pro cd as for executing the repair console.Who knows?When the command "MD TMP" was entered,then the message jump out said"Access Denied".I suspect the HDD which comes with write protection in the repair console.So i try another manual method which are more troublesome,i took out the hdd and plug into my Raid system then boot it up,unfortunately the HDD remains unresponsive when entering the boot screen.So what i suspect is the Bad Sector isue.

Phoned Dc to tell him the truth and ask him to be a more optimistic for my "early Prediction",but unfortunately i still cant managed to format the HDD also even tried about up to 4 times.Diagnostics tell me that the HDD ended with BAD SECTOR probelm.

Below are some snapshots captured just now,

This is the scene when the system was been troubleshooting.[In my Lab]

This is the pic when the dead Seagate Baracuda was been checked for further probelms with my IDE converter through the desktop.

The Conclusion

I've tried this action up to 4 times and the error message still remain the same.

So as well for my advice,

"Get a new one instead of replacing a small ones"Quoted by SkyChin
For pc those who more than 4yrs,if any probelm with your pc which require any part replacement.I advicing that not to change it instead of getting a new pc system.Here my friend's case,his father had spent much money in replacing new PSU,mobo for his P4 system.Now regarding the HDD death,he encountered a headache dilema whether choosing to replace or just get a new one.
Saturday, June 21, 2008

Taken my academy result sheet

Jazz Musics...
Mild Mood on the morning...Its great to have such a fun days for my saturday.=D

Oh fuck! Today its a good day actually,but my damn A$ form teacher spoiled the whole day.Becuz of we're form3 students,so we dont require to ask our parent to come.But certain students who get an"Exceptional"ones will force to come.

Minewhile,today we're still continued to attend but 9.40 will be the time of finishing school.So now alrdy 9.30,then im too excited,so keep take the phone out to see the clock actually,but the darn teacher said at class cannot take out Handphone,Oh What the fuck is that?"Is that your dog head is just obeying those fucking school laws only"?Then she took away my handphone,and said will return to us by monday.That time not only me kena "cari susah",many of students will also make a call when near to the time of finish school.So what can i do?I just remain spechless to such of people who deserves such a brainless.

Cause of that,i have to wait my mum beside the basketball court becuz dont have a phone to communicate also.Darn her,she didn't think before the fact when she do a certain things,this kind of teacher is not worth for a Respect and Obey also.

My Result

64.2% actually is count wrong due to the "blur blur"teacher who key in the academy marks,this is cause by my Jasmani class didnt count in,so is written zero in the paper.But she should not count in also.Now i have lost about 2% due to his apparently blur blur error and her working attitude.So for my form teacher,u have thrown your great impression for me and now is too late alrdy.Zzz
Monday, June 16, 2008

Protecting your precious teeth

Most of people have said,a life length of a human can be determine by:
Special Signs
Most of long-life citizens would have their teeth conserved great even at up to 90yrs old.
Ears: A long life citizens would actually have a longer ears compared to normal peoples especially those who 90yrs old above.
Eye Sight:A long life citizens would actually have a clear eye sight even when the time they're old but they still can see properly.

The 3 parts of organs on our body the most easiest in decaying/been damaged is our teeth.So,today we're going to discuss about how to protect your teeth against decaying.

This is the structure of a tooth which found in wikipedia's databases.

For human and most animals,Enamels is the most rock-hard part of our body part.

"Enamel is the hardest and most highly mineralized substance of the body and is one of the four major tissues which make up the tooth, along with dentin, cementum, and dental pulp.[7] It is normally visible and must be supported by underlying dentin."

Obviously,the germ and bacteria actually likes to accumulate on our Enamel which would decays our tooth by a short period of time only.

So why?We brush teeth everyday and why should we scare of it?Obviously, we do not know that 70% of bacteria actually will accumulated in most unreachable spots mostly in Enamel to Dentine areas.

So,the solution is to use an antiseptic mouthwash liquid!

According to dentist,antiseptic mouthwash can actually kills germs and bacterias in those unreachable spots effectively up to 97%.But we know that these kind of things not cheap right?So using it for a smaller dosage would be affordable for those who intend to use but had a tight budget.

  1. Using it everyday once is consider enough,but if your intent to use it twice that would be better.
  2. A half cap of liquid is considered enough compared to the instruction which called us to use a full cap.
  3. Please take note that using it with your tooth brushed would be the best results.

The last,keep your mouth washed after taken your meal.Preventing using tooth sticks to dig out the accumulated foods which at some hidden spot on our tooth,digging things using a tooth sticks will actually damage the gap between your tooth to tooth to become more bigger and making those foods easily accumulated at there.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Teacher's Day Exclusive

Morning:7.15am,arrived school then when the time i step into the class.Then Derrick jump and utters"I got the Cxxxdxxx! Dude!"That time i was big shocked with him,i said"You sure?"Then Derrick bring me to toilet and showed me that small box of cxxxdxxx,"Oh fuck!Its real,the history is going to change man!Form 3 students going to make a special gift for their science teacher LoL!"

While that,we decided to take one from the 3 for experiments,the left ones will be given to the teacher.Hehe,first time seen this kind of thing,wonders inside will be what?So Derrick was the first one who open the package.

Cool!The size of a condom is similar as an Ipod Nano.And we realized that inside containing some oily lubricant that function as the killer of sperm cells.And the condom is yellow-white coloured.

Morning:9.XX am+,we went to the canteen for high tea with my friend Tzhong Yan,at there we discuss about camera,softwares,and some Bugatti Veyron stuffs LoL.At there i also enjoying practicing my macro mode training.Here some shots:

After that,we went for a free walk at the basketball court where the teachers are playing in the fun event.At there,i managed to captured some shots for the audio system they using,but unfortunately i never heard the brand before,but i guest quite expensive also.

10.xx am+,at that time we went back to Tzhongyan class for free walking.Fortunately,i saw his friend holding the Nikon D50+Kit Lens(Aka Tank),so i step in front asking him for lending me for a more 5 mins,so he agreed it.Playing with that "Tank" i think exceeded 5mins,shooting snapshot with highspeed shuttle speed on everywhere,even disclipne master also cant escape from my extreme high speed shutter shots while the image quality still remains crisp and steady,Superb!
I finally understand the differences of DSLR with a conventional camera like my A590IS,No fight!Really.

After that,we went to the teacher office to send our special gift(condoms) for her plus my Ubuntu CD also.The time she received the present,she was extremely shocked and sniped by us.Haha!I think will post the video here but not in youtube due to our safety also.LoL.

This is the video when we playing with the left condom after gave to the teacher.Hehe!

After that we went bowling after end school at Mutiara Bowl Center.Meanwhile,i realize that our studio's soulchild is a little noob in bowling.Haha,and dunno why today Chin Yen become noob also,maybe he didn't concentrate enough.After that we took some pictures before go back.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Smartphone Evolution & History

What is smartphone?For my first impression when heard this word,my mind will coming out"How smart are you dude?"Well,according to wikipedia definition for a smart phone is
"A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities beyond a typical mobile phone, often with PC-like functionality. There is no industry standard definition of a smartphone.[1][2] For some, a smartphone is a phone that runs complete operating system software providing a standardized interface and platform for application developers.[3][4] For others, a smartphone is simply a phone with advanced features."Well for me?I think,often with pc-like function?Izzit true?Not much smartphone can hook on an external display like projector,HDTV;Can a smartphone do autocading or programming works?;Can a smartphone delivers high definitons gaming graphics?So i dont think so.Its only a packed chick in a chunk of plastic or metal body with OS only.

So what's the first smartphone in the world?

The first smartphone was called Simon designed by IBM in 1992 and shown as a concept product that year at COMDEX, the computer industry trade show held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was released to the public in 1993 and sold by BellSouth. Besides being a mobile phone, it also contained a calendar, address book, world clock, calculator, note pad, e-mail, send and receive fax, and games. It had no physical buttons to dial with. Instead customers used a touch-screen to select phone with a finger or create facsimiles and memos with an optional stylus. Text was entered with a unique on-screen "predictive" keyboard. By today's standards, the Simon would be a fairly low-end smartphone.

The Nokia Communicator line was the first of Nokia's smartphones starting with the Nokia 9000(Known as Pencil Box), released in 1996. This distinctive palmtop computer style smartphone was the result of a collaborative effort of an early successful and expensive PDA model by Hewlett Packard combined with Nokia's bestselling phone around that time and early prototype models had the two devices fixed via a hinge; (The color displays revolution begins)the Nokia 9210 as the first color screen Communicator model which was the first true smartphone with an open operating system; the 9500 Communicator that was also Nokia's first cameraphone Communicator and Nokia's first WiFi phone; the 9300 Communicator was the third dimensional shift into a smaller form factor; and the latest E90 Communicator includes GPS. The Nokia Communicator model is remarkable also having been the most expensive phone model sold by a major brand for almost the full lifespan of the model series, easily 20% and sometimes 40% more expensive than the next most expensive smartphone by any major manufacturer.

The Ericsson R380 was sold as a 'smartphone' but could not run native third-party applications.[8] Although the Nokia 9210 was arguably the first true smartphone with an open operating system, Nokia continued to refer to it as a Communicator.

In 2001 RIM released the first BlackBerry which was the first smartphone optimized for wireless email use and has achieved a total customer base of 8 million subscribers by June 2007, of which three fourths are in North America.

Although the Nokia 7650, announced in 2001, was referred to as a 'smart phone' in the media, and is now called a 'smartphone' on the Nokia support site, the press release referred to it as an 'imaging phone'.[9][10][11] Handspring delivered the first widely popular smartphone devices in the US market by marrying its Palm OS based Visor PDA together with a piggybacked GSM phone module. By 2002, Handspring was marketing an integrated package called the Treo; the company was subsequently bought by Palm primarily because the PDA market was dying but the Treo smartphone was quickly becoming popular as a phone with extended PDA organizer features. That same year, Microsoft announced its Windows CE Pocket PC OS would be offered as "Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone 2002".[12] Microsoft originally defined its Windows Smartphone products as lacking a touchscreen and offering a lower screen resolution compared to its sibling Pocket PC devices. Palm has since largely abandoned its own Palm OS in favor of licensing Microsoft's WinCE-based operating system now referred to as Windows Mobile, although WinCE and Palm OS together now amount to 10% of the smartphone market.

In 2005 Nokia launched its N-Series of 3G smartphones which Nokia started to market not as mobile phones but as multimedia computers.

Out of 1 billion camera phones to be shipped in 2008, smartphones, the higher end of the market with full email support, will represent about 10% of the market or about 100 million units.[citation needed]

The Smartphone Summit semi-annual conference details smartphone industry market data, trends, and updates among smartphone related hardware, software, and accessories.

Untill now,many of modern smartphones are shipped with Windows Mobile and Symbian OS like
Motorola Q,O2 XDA,HTC Touch Cruise and others.But some of manufacturer like Palm,Treo,Apple will still using their own "Sauces" like Palm os,Mac oxs and etc.

Conclusion,so what's the sign of now?Smartphones will be replacing conventional firmware phones?Or smartphones will be replaced by EEE PC due to lower price?But till now the answer is not!Smartphones will be still leading up now.My dream smartphones is Iphone,althought im not an apple fans,but i have to admit that the awesomeness of iphone which delivering perfection in terms of beauty and the versatility.As i heard iphone will able to run VMware and able to support parallel OSes like symbian?Huh?Who knows?=D And Iphone now officialy shiping with 3G support.While the cons is some of user complaint for the disappointing battery life,izzit true?We dont know.Haha..

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Watched Kungfu Panda Today!

Today went to Kepong Jusco Metro Prima to watch Kungfu Panda with my mum.After taken our lunch,we went to kepong jusco alrdy.When reach the TGV cinema,i saw many of people are queue-ing there,but obviously the process are just fast than i expect.After not more than 10 mins,we queue from the end reached the front part and will be serve after one more people.

Overall my ratings for this TGV cinema was not very good,the cinema smells uncomfortable,and the cinema's screen contrast are so dull and like ancient display ones,but we still manage to watch the stunning effects scene.So conclusion,if watching movies?Dont go TGV,go GSC.Better Choice.

4.40pm after bought the tickets,as time is still early,we went for a snack break at the creepo store which selling their creepo's at rm5.90 each.Oh fuck it,freaking expensive i wonder how they make it?Just some flour adding some vegetables and hotdogs.Luckily is paid by mum,but the taste is really Gorgeous,i think the money is really worth for since it tastes great.

Stories Summaries
Kungfu Panda Story is talking about a fat panda which working as a mee hookers with his dad's recipe stands a chance to go to the Kungfu's Hill to learn kungfu.And fortunately,he was chosen by the Turtle(Which is the master of the kungfu's school) and claimed panda is the Dragon warior to fight with the Tai Long(The ex student of shifu which was a bad).The end is the kungfu panda acted as zero to hero and defeated Tai Long as from his efforts.
Friday, June 6, 2008

Hybrid Cars Explanations

Nowadays,fuel prices are rising insanely.So conventional fuel car would not actually give u a perfect balance to the fuel bills.So today's latest technologies unveils the hybrid engines for vehicles.

Hybrid Vehicles divided by,
1.gasoline-electric hybrid car
2.Dielsel-electric hybrid car
3.Fuel-eletric hybrid car

All of above vehicle uses the parallel method power transmission to operate.Every hybrid vehicle will use a electric motor and the gasoline engine to operate.The electric engine motor will act as a mechanism to return back the lost power back to the battery pack,while the additional acceleration will form by the Gasoline engine.So,the gasoline engine will act as the main power source while the electric motor uses the battery pack to work.

  • Gasoline engine - The hybrid car has a gasoline engine much like the one you will find on most cars. However, the engine on a hybrid is smaller and uses advanced technologies to reduce emissions and increase efficiency.

  • Fuel tank - The fuel tank in a hybrid is the energy storage device for the gasoline engine. Gasoline has a much higher energy density than batteries do. For example, it takes about 1,000 pounds of batteries to store as much energy as 1 gallon (7 pounds) of gasoline.

  • Electric motor - The electric motor on a hybrid car is very sophisticated. Advanced electronics allow it to act as a motor as well as a generator. For example, when it needs to, it can draw energy from the batteries to accelerate the car. But acting as a generator, it can slow the car down and return energy to the batteries.

  • Generator - The generator is similar to an electric motor, but it acts only to produce electrical power. It is used mostly on series hybrids (see below).

  • Batteries - The batteries in a hybrid car are the energy storage device for the electric motor. Unlike the gasoline in the fuel tank, which can only power the gasoline engine, the electric motor on a hybrid car can put energy into the batteries as well as draw energy from them.

  • Transmission - The transmission on a hybrid car performs the same basic function as the transmission on a conventional car. Some hybrids, like the Honda Insight, have conventional transmissions. Others, like the Toyota Prius, have radically different ones, which we'll talk about later.
More info:
Monday, June 2, 2008

Mc Donald Visit Trip =D

Today Junior Devision Region Seri Gombak and Setapak went to Jln Pahang Mc Donald for a visit.
So,as stated in the picture the time is 11pm roughly.We reached the Jln Pahang Mc Donald and all kids and PTC queued outside for name and some documentation checkpoints.When sees the door showed the Mc Donald logo,the kids are exicited and cant wait for a more 1 sec also!

As showed in the picture,the kids are too excited and some who lost their patient also! PTC were got a hardtime in managing them to be more"calm".=D

After that,we entered the MC Donald and divided to 3group due to the lack of space in the Mc Donald kitchen to mount our peoples in.So im the last group PTC who bring them in.Althought,they dont let any camera to take in.But i still managed to take a shot in the huh?

This is the scene when we first entered their kitchen and before they realizing me from taking picture.Haha..=D.Overall,the kitchen is awesome in terms of preparing tools,clean and their packaging too.Just one favour was their shame,that's their frying oil are freaking dark even now is just morning.They said will change the oil once everyday.So try to imagine the color of frying oil at night?=.=

So,before we back.We took some cool shots at there.Nice pose huh?=D

More shots will be available in our future Junior Devision Blog soon.Busy nowadays cuz im rushing mine studio's V2 will be handing up my second workunit for Junior Division ASAP.

Anyway we received some limited edition Kungfu Panda Toys!They can actually talk and move!More information will be available at youtube soon!As promised!=D

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