Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pangkor Trip Part 1

Yeah,I'm fucking back to home now.Feel really tired after 3days 2night at Pangkor Island.Btw,I'd learn and witnessed many of weird and funny stuff.

Here,I'm going to split the trip into 3 parts as it's too long to compose in a single post also.The only regret is the absent of our science teacher,btw LMF's families replaced her place on that day.

1st day!
  • Paint Gun aka War Gamez
  • Go to Pangkor and stay overnight
For the first day,we only managed to go to the Temple Park.Despite it's just only one activities for the day,but it's enough to bog down everyone.Initially,we reached Temple Park at 8.45am respectively,we then travelled into the greeny forest park by a little Vanette group by group.Some of us lost our patient in waiting as the intervals between one trip is damn freaking long.We started to play the paint gun at 11am,everyone were insisted to wear their safety mask to prevent injuries incur by the high impact gun.Firstly,I was curious that why peoples are damn scare of the enemies and hid beneath the little loudsy fotress which able to let some pallets to pierces through.In fact it's damn pain to play paint gun,until now my arms are still pain because of this thingy.That day,almost everyone slept in the bus approximately 5hours during the journey.

After that,we reached Lumut Port[I went before one =)] in order to carry along Pangkor Island.The little ferry trip took us 1 hr to reach there.We then went to the Resort by riding a pink van right after reached Pangkor.However,we lived at the apartment instead of hotel as our budget is permitted for this only.The apartment is considerably huge and spacious for 11 peoples to live in,more and more I brought my rig's woofer to there as well.At night,we blown the whole unit with some favourite english as well as some chinese hitz also[Friend request sake].

First day's activities was barely simple and less compared to the 2nd and 3rd day.Nevertheless,that day we'd stayed at the apartment for the whole night.

Temple Park

Yeah,we were finally reached there!*Sigh*Nonono...this one is not the actual place.The driver stopped here to ask for the positing of temple park.Really X me is they did not even know where's temple park is.=.=

The early bird scene of temple park

In order to proceed to forest,we'll need to ride the van.

Mr Chen is playing with the binocular while others is busy on their own thing.

Wei Yang,Meng,Me,Tai Kiat[From left]


We're waiting for them to reach here as the intervals of the van traveling around is fucking long.

These are what the paint gun were based on.The gas tanks are stored in the little small house.

We're insisted to wear the safety mask and safety jacket before entering the game.

We're team B waiting here as they're about to begin.

The game had begun,everyone is busy on shooting their opponent.First round everybody was being naive as they did not notice how pain is the pallet.

2nd round,they were begin to hide on the fortress instead of attacking people.XD That time,I was busy laughing on them but did not know how pain is the pallet.

My friend was head-shot by enemy,seems like he's very tired ady.

The liberated liquid on his hand and the gun are the yellow-pallet which looks disgusting!

This one is the yellow-pallet which used inside the paint gun.It"ll begin to melt if u're holding it for long time.

Meanwhile,the teachers except Mr Chen were hiding beneath the small house.I assume that they did not have the gutz to play the game?

We managed to shoot Mr Chen's changing clothes but unfortunately not the whole body.==

After taken our lunch,we're heading to Pangkor Island now.The journey took us 5hours to reach there.


We did not took much of photos after reach Pangkor,we headed to the Resort for accommodation.

Master of Gamble:Zhen Yuan
Kakiz:Guan Sheng,Jian Lian,Xian Tong and etc.

The party is imperfect without a subwoofer there,so I was grateful that Jun Sheng assisted me to bring that heavy thingy.

At night,we cook cup noodles and playing cards until the middle of night.Some of us slept on 3am,but rest of them were playing until morning.

Inside the apartment,we have an ancient 21inch TV there.Damn miss my home man, to used it theseday when watching this little tv.

A glass of coffee is the best thing to keep things going in the night.Beside one was my friend's one..I helped him to prepare with mine.

Nevertheless,you guys can visit here for more pictures regards of the first night on pangkor.By the way,stay tuned for the part2 of Pangkor Trip.I"ll finish it ASAP,becuz you know...great things always comes with anticipations right?=)[Album passwords=skychin]

Guys,leave your comment here plz!XD
Monday, November 24, 2008

My little Perak trip

Last week was too hectic in traveling,apparently whole day siting in car traveling around Perak in meantime we've also visited our nanny's house and accommodated at there for one night.

Below are the places we went to within these days.
  • Lumut(For fun)
  • Batu Gajah(Nanny's House)
  • Kampar(Bro's Hostel)
  • Ipoh(Untie's House)
  • Pusing[Lot's of cakes and unique foods there]
So there's also some task for me before go to Perak
  • Take back the WD 80GB HDD because they did not even used half of the space also,so I thought that it's better to bring it back instead. To save my new rig which using a little humble 40GB HDD which left 2GBs after installed Vista and Farcry2.Really cramped with the insufficient space.
  • Replace the old school 9550 with the ultra low end Geforce MX440 inside the Dell PC which located at Nanny's House.(As my compensation for replaced away the HDD)
  • Take Pics and reviews some stuffs along the journey
  • Add in my unused DDR400 512MB which given by my rich friend-Edwin into the little ancient DELL PC[As mentioned above].Despite I'm not using,but should not waste resources also.

Basicaly,Lumut is a little port which allow tourist to travel to Pulau Pangkor or abound the sea.Thus,the time we reach there was about to rain,so I only managed to took some shots regards to the port's scenery.


The Orange-Blue place is a floating stuff which lets people's to depart or arrive from the ship or boats to/out of the port.Looks exuberant huh?=)


However,No fishing here!They did not mention the fine of getting caught by fishing there lol.I assume they also cant do much things with you if u're caught fishing there.XD


The cloudy weather scene with some ambient light are noticeable in here.Usually,Lumut always got raining because it's nearby of the sea.


But beautiful scene will always get ruined by some imperfect thingy.Nono..It's a represent of Malaysie destination.Opps..I spelled wrong,Did I?=)


Perak Government had spent lots of money in enhancing the facilities,appearance and others of this place.But we've to pay for the parking fees also,it's not free in fact.=/

Batu Gajah

This is the place where we had accommodated for a night.


Seems like The Sharp Aquos R3 series is very hot selling.Not only us are using this,even nanny's house are also using this too.Anyway,this one is a great LCD TV for mid class family like us.


On Trip but Works on the Go.Despite there's no broadband there,but I still manage to write articles and gaming at there.



With my superior work skill,not reach 5mins I've successfully changed off the CD Drive into a black DVD Combo drive.Again,dont waste resources,there was a DVD-Combo drive spotted inside the storage shelf.Then I change it on lorh.=)

Other than that,my uncle is working for BMW.So he has a collection of die cast cars which stored inside the glass shelf.



BMW 740i,although its metal body looks old.But it still looks like real ones right?



The interior view is freaking real and nice.Doesn't it?


This one is also a BMW.But I'm not sure the model.


Meanwhile,I contributed some new title[Games] to my bro.Like Bully Scholarship Edition and RA3.But seems his lappie is not comfortable in gaming.Btw,this time I realized the specialty on my old Inspiron 6400 which featured X1400 GPU which able to game with the latest title at lowest settings.That night I was playing the Bully with my lappie while taking some rest inside the room.So it wasn't a dumb in spending 4.2k for my Inspiron 6400 last time which worth for some future proof purposes.

End of the Post


This scenery not bad right?I think can add some photoshop effects on it and making it to be my future blog theme?Actually this is the pic taken when I was composing this post while eating infront of the pc.Thanks to my little A590IS!It never failed me down,it"ll looks like DSLR production after some photoshop tweaking.=)

And lastly,I've also forgotten to put signatures into my pics this time.But hopefully,readers should also respect the author for their exclusivelity also.Dont steal Please!

I know it sounds acerbic,but there's some identity stealer among the web also.For the best sake, please be careful for these jerks and train up yourself in putting signatures on every pics you posted in the blog.
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who said I'm not doing House Cleaning?

Actually today was very lazy,but a sudden revelation hit my head when I was about to enter the bathroom this afternoon.


Saw the kitchen exhaust fan was full of black dusty oil thingy which really looks nerds.Then I cant resist to clean it up.Unnoticeable,cleaning up the little dork fan took me almost 2 hours.But finally I also managed to finish the work.

As you guys can see the dusts are really stubborn.

After that,The result is!!!

Clean and non-oily exhaust fan,can I say a new Fan?=)

Not only that,today very happy cuz had successfully downloaded my long-anticipated game=BULLY.This game actually I had bought one copy from the pirate seller,but unfortunately the disc did not work.So I swear wont buy pirates discs anymore,as they're poor-quality stuffs.Sometimes,I rather go download myself instead.But this game took me 1day++ to finish my dl,somemore even need to open my pc overnight to save time.


This title was really adorable,just played it and not bad.I think this one is far better than GTA SA.

And then,


Installed a pair of speaker and a woofer instead of using the LCD TV's stock speaker.This one is more BLAST!=)

Anyway,today had done many of things especially cleaned up the fan.Somewhat tomorrow I"ll continue get back to work in studio.
Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Change Climate!You can![Must read!]

Been long time never post this kind of stuffs,but I have to post it as it's fucking necessary.You know?Our earth is suffering from Global Warming,indirectly it incur of floods,hurricane,draugh as well as food crysis.

Do you know that your air conditioners are the most contributors of the warming in obliviously?Yes,you know.

When if it increases by 1 Celsius?

What if 2 Celsius?

What if 3 Celsius?

What if 6 Celsius?

What to do?
The answer is
Enzymes garbage!

What is
Enzymes garbage??


How to make it?

[Enlarge them if needed]

I wonder why they post these as image method,perhaps it's easier to spread out?Hopefully,you guys able to see the words which are kinda blur when zoomed in.No need to hesitate,right now Get Action!Im doing one too!'s my mum.XD
Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm Graduated! Cheers!

Time goes fast,unnoticeable I'm form3 this yr and HAD successfully graduated right today.You know,coping off in these years in Chong Hwa is simply not easy at all.Since form1,suffering with exams,disciplines and etc is every sorrow stories of a Chong Hwa student.

Basically,the result is still able to fullfill my own requirement as well as parent's.Looks like I've finally gained improvement in the last semester of form3.Since form2,my results were dropping mere in mere until this yr I'd finally decided to study hard.But unfortunately,results are getting lower in fact as maths is bottlenecking me.Darn..Chong Hwa Maths really killing my brain,perhaps I'm not a Math Devil indeed.

Time had passed through so fast,my form1's form teacher had left the school this yr.Old friends and teachers are increasingly when said to leave.Nevertheless,I still have 2 yrs remaining in my entire journey in Chong Hwa.Frankly,living in Chong Hwa is not that enjoying yet it's pretty meaningful when it comes to memories.Still remembered that time was form1,I was just a monk and like computers in bare mind.Until,I was starting to change to become more opposition to teachers.XD..that time was really rockz,we argued with teachers also.But time was passing fast,now I ardy form3.At begining,stepping in form3 life was far hetic than ever before.More over,this year is the first PC Fair of our society.I was busy working on PC Fair stuff until overlooked my studies,but fortunately things are just fine.Untill the Q2 of the semester,I begun to work and study fucking hard.Hard times had passed through,then right now I'm Graduated! =)

The DAY of Graduation!

Today of morning,the basketball court was situated in a sense of silent.Almost no ones at there excepts us only,the sunlights are ambiently gradient.Everybodies know that it's Morning!

Right at the Amoeba Pond,everyone was busying taking pics as today is likely the last day before holiday.So I and Derrick were also busying finding friends for shots as he's leaving MY soon while I was a little photograph freak.As below are all distribute copies of our pics,so pics all about mine were filtered by photoshop.You wont able to notice any pimples on my face,Not even one!=)

Me and Derrick[Probally our last uniform pic in the school]

Me and Liaw

You would probally got a rare chances in seeing my little naive cute face.Today was unnoticeably presented it when taking pic with Eng Peng.

Me with the flagship of our class-William.

Still remember my little writer friend?-Ian Loo

The would be my best Foul-Smiled Pic which had taken before.

This fella is a rich guy-Kai Yi.His whole body are equipped with all Nike's wearing.Darn him,but wonder why he's not changing his little humble player-Samsung YP10.

This little drum noob,Ying Jie?[Perhaps I spelled his name correctly]

Our class"Lenglui"in opposition.=)

This little hulk is Jia Hao,the one who cheats in exams in form1.

This one is the famous Bone Flecther aka Blackchaos.Living in Seri Gombak but not in future..Haiz..

Soulchild[Studio's little lazy staff],ME!,Wei Hong[FFK King lol]

What's the matter here?Perhaps the girl-Ming ying is too excited in taking pic with such Cool guy like me.[I know I'm being arrogant but you have to take it]

Me and Xian Tong.He's a horny ass in our class,his face ady written"I'm a horny guy".XD

When it came to the Ceremony!

The 47th graduation ceremony for higher and junior students.And the discipline master is giving instruction lol.Slogan is"Action!Achieve the dreams!"

What are you looking at?[Designed dialog]

Students were giving out flowers to their beloved teachers.

Situation of the day which was crowded by tons of students.

For more pictures,kindly access to my photobucket album.[Pass=skychin]

Thanks for reading,
I know it's long,
At least I'm not getting late to post it.

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