Sunday, June 28, 2009

Got my academic result.


Astoundingly I have gained improved opposed to last year's,this time 67.224% is damn unexpectedly great.Cause actually I was hopping to stay around 60-65% as I'd failed my chinese,and you know followed by maths will literally distinguishes you from any other people.Perhaps,thanks to my book keeping as well as commerce subjects which are the god damn saviors.

This week is less hectic but I'm working on for the IT Quiz Contest,you know I wish to buy an DSLR with that given prize.And here I would like to plead to all of you do not ever subscribe Hotlink anymore as I am doing now.You now what had happened?I couldn't make any call out and it's learnt I have no credits left,but actually I have RM57+ in my account?Why is this happened?Totally unfair for customer,SLUGGISH SERVICE.More,I called up their service hotline,it's not a tollfree line,charged at local rates and they keep transfer me to various departments,and more they even cut off my line upon their fiasco to deal with my issue.I called up again and..They told me I have never called up any recent BEFORE(minutes ago =.=),and I was damn furious.

Frankly,I had a bad experience with maxis,and to believe that I"ll literally change off my operator after I have used up the credits.I swear!!!


Yesterday was recording the Michael Jackson's old concert,I guess you would knew it's on 8tv if you were watching it.Burnt me 6.9GB of spaces for capturing that,but I guess this is why am getting a TV-capture card...didn't that.
Monday, June 22, 2009

Extreme II Craze

Yeah,I have completed my mission for the first quarter in 2009.Gasping for fresh air and replenishing my soul now.In the past couple of days,I was really drained off and living in hell.Seriously,besides been critiqued by teacher,argued with my families(a little bit),and also several of friends whom left me alone in such crucial moment.

Frankly,working on an exhibition is damn hectic and not easy at all.We worked hard dealing with visitors,solving technical problems.I'm not sure it's lucky or not,that day I met a lecturer.She asked for help in building up her blog,but today I called her and she's like obssesive for the work.For that,I have also consulted my friends and they said I'm ought to contemplate my study as well as studio also.In regards of the offer,I'm not sure what's she's going to offer as the reward.Paced into Dilemma also...

You know,when you're in pressure and upset,what would you do then?For me,I"ll smash things up,surprisingly Joel,Kelvin,Kok Xin and I went to crash up a DVD-Drive.Asking for why it's spoiled,I would like to plead for not guilt because we were accidentally dropped the drive into mineral oil.The "we" was actually not including me,but a junior.But I'm the person who ought to bear the consequence,this is aint fair right?That's why we made a video upon the expression.Ya..we're desructive!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life Update.

Yupe,I'm fine enough here.CHKL has been completed but not as brilliant as I'd shown to you in the previous post,perhaps this could be their problem not mine,cause they contrary underscoring what's I'd thought is ugly.Nevermind,let the public judges it.

CHKL has been completed,fine this week will be 2 favors coming to me.One is the preparation of Extreme PC FAIR II,have to come back to train up my kakis regarding how to fry an egg using a stupid Pentium 4 Prescott Processor.Secondly,this saturday will going to be a group cordinator for Student Society's Meeting which organised by SGM Region3&4.What makes to be prepared is to read up 2 articles for Vanessa Show and a japanese, Xin Jin.

Fortunately,I have done reading the articles just recent,tomorrow will be going back to school,2 days consecutively.Asking why I did not placed any of pictures in this post,as reader might noticed that putting pictures in every post is my 'pen" ritual,but honestly in this post I would say I'm lazy to do so.Hopefully,next time will appease you guys with some fancy photos.

Short update,
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home alone..not even

one besides myself in this house.

Dad gone work;Mum went to Kelantan;Bro back to Kampar ady.Loneliness drives me to mad,but sometimes tranquility also, inspired me some ideas particularly in doing work,Chong Hwa KL Site is almost done here,waiting for approval only.

Other than that,I could be myself in home.No need to eat at a certain time,I rule the meal..Eat what.Drink What..You know,even instant noodles are better than my mum's cookings,Haha...damn ironic right?Music can be played loud enough because my neighbours all gone to work also,Seri Gombak is mine,do whatever I'd wanted before.

Better,if I have and know how to drive.Can go find friends and stalk girls also,let's see next year Q4 after my SPM.I"ll literally drive out in such situation,XD

Want to see the preview of Chong Hwa KL site?I can appease you here,dont tell them I'd revealed here.=P

[Click to Enlarge]

Basically,I would doubt 98%(The red background,banner,menu buttons,etc),so called ALL of the things are done by me.Others are done by my teammate,you know I really can't perform decently in an office,conversely in home will be damn productive you know.I spent 2 hours to figure out and sketch the facelifts,everything had done before 12am,yesterday.=)

I"ll stop here,going to take lunch ady.Bye.

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