Friday, October 7, 2011

Parliament Tour

Life is rather packed,but good things did happen.We just paid a visit to the Malaysia Parliament in the Monday.

Nevertheless,the parliament is currently undergoing renovation,so we were only allowed to visit the temporary chamber.It was my very first time being an audience in the house of people,things didn't really get discussed professionally,they kept on knocking the table and scoffing to each under the mic when someone is up to table a discussion.I was really out of word to picture the whole situation,'Ugly' was what I could barely conjure up for it.

Having the first time appearing with formal attire,it was really cool enough.I really like the match of slim cut tie and the black cardigan.It turned to be really neat to me as if I were filming Gossip Girl.Okay,kidding.

 Xaviar,Jordan and Me in the picture.

Jiwan and us! Thanks to her,she's the one who organised the whole thing.


Us with Suzanne.

 Camwhore style.

More to come,I will be going to the Clinique Shine and some other workshops organised by the school next week.Can't wait to see what's about,for now we need to start revising as time to final is getting nearer.
Thursday, October 6, 2011

The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.

Apple fanboys have been shaken badly in the past 2 days,from the unveil of iPhone 4s to the news of Jobs's death.The world saddens over his death,the grief is indistinctly significant,it propels you to think of him when his inventions have already been the beings in our life.

"If Jobs were not so talented, if he were not so visionary, if he were not so canny in determining where others had failed in producing great products and what was necessary to succeed, his pushiness and imperiousness would have made him a figure of mockery.

But Steve Jobs was that talented, visionary and determined. He combined an innate understanding of technology with an almost supernatural sense of what customers would respond to. His conviction that design should be central to his products not only produced successes in the marketplace but elevated design in general, not just in consumer electronics but everything that aspires to the high end." Steven Levy.

I spent the afternoon reading about his chronicles,I wanted to know more about him more than just his name and the things he invented.It had taken this long for me to realize how his life really was,remembering I was once vindictive for Creative Zen better over the iPod,disregarding whatever things that came from Apple,insinuating that their things are poorly built without justification until I came to fall in love in the iPad 2.

He was the only one who came to describe computer to the word 'Beautiful'.To jobs, Apple is a blend of engineering and liberal arts.“If you view computer designers as artists, they’re really into more of an art form that can be mass-produced, like records, or like prints, than they are into fine arts,” said Jobs in 1983.

Jobs had once led a tragic life before he became a hit.He was an adopted child when he was little,being adopted by a poor family,Jobs even quit his study in college at the reason of study being too expensive for his parents.They spent their life-earned money just to get him to college.The key reason was because Jobs thought studying in the college was a waste because he hadn't liked studying for things he hadn't liked,instead he quit college and led the path no one would feel promising about.

He and his partner found Apple in a car garage,Jobs aim was to create a 10 billion company without losing its integrity.Gradually Jobs and his partner had their vision diverged and he was then kicked out from the company.At the brink of his personal crisis,Jobs held tight to his faith and then founded NeXT and Pixar.

Years later,when Apple acquired NexT as their renaissance of innovation,Jobs then got himself back into the Apple family.

Till the year 2004,Jobs found himself diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.The doctor even asked Jobs to settle his life affairs before things got too late.But fortunately,Jobs made a narrow escape from death and came alive again from undergoing an operation.

He then came to comprehend life in a rather in-depth way,to the extent of scary in a speech he gave for the Standford commencement address in 2005.“No one wants to die, even people who want to go to Heaven don’t want to die to get there,” he told the Stanford graduates. “And yet, death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It’s life’s change agent; it clears out the old to make way for the new … Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Jobs death is immeasurably sad to the world,the trace Jobs had left behind to the world would take a distant future to be placed into oblivion.I'm here to dedicate my sincerest condolence to him and his family,will take good care of my iPad 2 at any cost :) May Jobs rest in peace.
Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Groove,I've wanted

Finally the once groove of fulfillment is back,I've finally danced out from the deterrent of stick shift.Albeit I'd passed my driving test in almost more than a year ago,but I hardly drive because stick shift is a dreadful and an intricate science to me.

What even discouraged me was the fact that I flunked my driving test back then in the slope parking section.A never spoken confession of me even after so long the incident had happened.Since then,I really hated stick shift,to a phobic rate.

Every time when I happened to drive on a slope,I'd  have prayed hard for the traffic light to turn green so I'd not need to stop because I really hated to hang at the middle of slope,that's a heart wrenching situation where your heart would race out of nervousness because I was really dreadful of rolling back as though it's going to make a string of car behind you wrecked because your car would indistinctly roll back.

Only till recently I came to know that I'd be becoming more timid as I put away myself from driving.I've even resorted to substituting real driving experience to some driving and parking game on my iPad,I basically learnt all the steps and moves from that virtual game,it finally made sense to me when comes to maneuvering a wheel but none of any games are teaching you after about stick shift!American often claim that stick-shift is the best anti-theft system in the world,you don't even need an alarm,because thieves don't appeal to stick-shift either!
The cars in my house are basically all stick shift,only one of them is an automatic transmission.The thing is they wouldn't let me handle it before I mastered all the basic driving stuffs.Driving a stick shift car is tough for me,not even to say that there's only one old trashed car in the house which is left unattended for me,the rest are preoccupied.It could not be ignited once the engine hiccups,because it has a stone-like heavy wheel that you would break your arm at the expense of turning it.So basically,the situation wasn't conducive for me.

You may not have the option to evade when things are pushing you forward.Without a car,you can't go anywhere,not even going to school.Burdening others would not work for a long run,because I do not want to trouble anyone merely to give me a ride either.Lowering my pride to ask others to give me a ride would not work either,because it's just so lowly,I'd rather die there and take bus instead.When things in my hand are getting heavier and heavier,I find that I ought to drive already,it may not be imminent but at least it should happen in the near future.

That's the toughest struggle between your fright and needs,both are equally permeating you every now and then.Knowing I needed to come out with a comeback plan in order to fix things right,at last I decided to drive,again.

Mustered all my courage and before throwing myself back to the stick-shift machine,I'd found myself some guide to the trick at manipulating the stick shift system.Fortunately thanks to this I'd picked up the way to play the stick better..Initiated my adventurous attempt while mum and bro were having a quick nap during an afternoon,I drove out  to the vicinity of my stay.Thank,I did not crash the car but gradually picking up the knack of taming it.

Human problems ought to be solved by human themselves,there's no other option to fixing it better.That night,I decided to voice out my petition to the parents asking them to allow me driving,again.The outcome was rather complicated,but fruitfully mum and bro gave their consent to let me have their rides to drive occasionally.For the better,I'd still need to work better on it.

For the time being,hopefully I will just need to dance to this promising groove and find myself back to the fulfilled outcome.That's what we call life.

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