Sunday, March 21, 2010

LYN Sone Gathering

[There is a typo up there for the date,should be the month of March]

Yesterday we had a small gathering of exactly 9 dudes at Korean Village that it was such a coincidence that we are 9 because of the existence of 9 girls in the members including an uninvited guest(My sifu) whose perfected the 9.

Initially we stopped waiting for the others at Old town restaurant,for time being Joel took out his videos collection and impressed all of us.Joel is the one who can continue to download kpop videos regardless how slow his line gets capped,while Alex brought a massive 1.5TB ext HDD to leech the whole thing.Sadly,he had to rush to his annual dinner at 7pm,therefore he did not manage to copy the whole thing.

My first time coming to a Korean restaurant,and I kid you not that their foods are perfectly spicy we kept drinking water while having the meal.But their food is pretty healthy as there are less oils used in the cooking.

Later,we were spazzing on the road with HD kpop videos and Joel had a talent for not crashing his car when get amused with these eye candies.

As soon as I reached home,I had to rush to another guarding session held in the Cheras IPA.Happened to a sleepless night to me,and I finally went home at 8am and literally lied on the bed and sleep until 1pm.Though,it's not enough for me,the fatigues are still coursing in my blood.
Thursday, March 18, 2010

I live a rural country.


You know Malaysia,yes I did point my country out.. here has their very own definition for power failure.

Breakdown-This does not require any notices at all,they may turn off the switch whenever they wanted.Yet,they often prefer this way to interupt us!Without any consent from us,even you are on the way flashing your BIOS,phone,gadgets,they wont care.

Shutdown-This action has to be done prior to our knowledge but not for our consent.

When you are attend your complain to their operator,they would read out the same thing that sticked on their operator desk.
  1. Actually,we had numerous cases that similar to your case.Thus,you are not the one,do not make noise.
  2. We are working on it,'itu technical shutdown/breakdown'.Here's the place they substitute their very own defined-term here.
  3. We understand your problem....but please be patient.#$%^&*(
You know this would not be my first time complaining and expressing my anger at them,I even experienced an awful experience of burnt electrical applicants because of their incompetence.Mind if you are interested,kindly click into this post.

Since they often do these things to freak us out,so I wouldn't surprise that there will be a power shutdown/breakdown whatsoever you want to dispute.But it really kicked my ass when they chosen the time I was camping for RDR MTV release,and they deliberately 'cut' my steam wtf.

The abrupt blackout sent me into a very furious situation when I was on the way watching RDR that time.Heck,why did they pick 11pm?

The same way as you do to your mother when she was watching Hokkien program and you went infront to block her sight,not to say turn off that television.I bet she would freak the out of you!When you turn off the light when one was bathing inside,how would he do to you?

As attempt to detest TNB,I would like you guys to post in the comment box

I hate you 1
I hate you 2
I hate you 10
I hate you 11!

If you are on my side and had the same experience as mine,do these with me!

Lastly,dont forget to chill out with this little video after you did so.=D
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It nearly kills me..

Good day guys,the title written above is not about a narrow car accident or whatsoever that could really kill.But well,it's no different which my drugs(Insulin) had ran out yesterday night-When I was walking upstair to the little fridge inside my room to find supply of the drugs.And I was shocked that the supplies had ran out prior to my next appointment,I hadn't experience such kind of situation before.

You would know that living without the reliance of drugs is tantamount to killing me.More,it frightened me even more when my very last tube of drug depleted on the way I discovered this when I was injecting for my dinner last night.Not even enough to suffice my dinner's dose,I was wtf and pondered at the needle.

I need 6units more to cater for my carbohydrates exchange,priestly I tried to pump out the very last drops from other depleted cartridges,and barely sufficient to pump out the 6 clicks and finally it jammed out the way.I was saved,momentarily!

When things evened out,I quickly went to check out my medicine slip,which stated another return for supply.OMG,I should have taken my second supply of medicine a couple of weeks earlier.Thus what brought me to the hospital and dad's office today,else I would have died because of that..not even a meal more.

Right now,I have absolutely gotten(I wouldn't here,if not) my supply and stucked at my dad's office as he has to travel twice in order to send me home.So end up dropping me at his office,and explained why I had to make use of my time here,and luckily it's got an internet at the office.Though I had to be very grateful that I could inject and surf at the office now regardless how cruel that its management blocked the usage for downloading mp3 for the time being I was attempting to download Run Devil Run by -Black Soshi New Song.I could still spend time reading fiction and reply to the forum,lest I would have bored to death.

To the fact that,I can breathe a sigh of relief as my infamous life reliance would be the drugs and Internet!I am breathing now as the 2 are existing now,couldn't afford to be that forgetful again.In both ways,it sustains and kills me.
Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Experience.


A whole week bottled with excitement and tension,I feel like a brilliant nightmare.From that very moment I got into the final session of elocution contest,to that moment I learnt how to stand on the stage.Now,I am totally a different person with courage.And theseday,they felt like months to me,and it was so fresh to me,that moment I got into the final.

Ya,you know that it wouldn't sound good with this kind of opening words,I made mistakes in today's competition.It was pretty inconceivable that I would forget that lines,which I had not been missing out during the moment I spent practicing.But to share my experience,talking infront of the class,mirror,your pet whatsoever are different story than talking on the stage.Since it's my first attempt,so I would not surprise that odd things might happen.

But on the bright side,I managed to finish my speech as it's considered very fortunate to me when I am compared to a rather pathetic contestant whose forgot her speech almost entirely,when she tried to continue with a single line,hence she forgot the next line.That moment is so awful to her and every contestants sitting on the chair praying for bless,because we totally understand the odd of being contested on the stage.

Which made me vehemently detest to the people who clap hands depriving people when you are having circumstance to deliver your speech,they wouldn't know how painstaking is standing on the stage,fiddling with tensions and coverage to speak there.Heck they wouldn't know!

If you are so against people up there,why dont you just come up and speak better than us wth?I bet you would even just scare your pants off before you get on the stage,yet on the middle way climing the stair =P

Today,I finally made myself an idea that how do people feel when talking on the stage.He/She has to fiddle with numerous factors like tensions,preparations,confidence and courage,and I would say it's not all.So please,it's so cruel to discourage people on the stage,this is tantamount to killing that person with a sharp knife,and that wound will span a decades or more,and would not never end eternally.


But during my entire preparation for this competiton,there are 2 persons that I would like to pay my highest appreciation to them.They helped me alot,to listen to me,and rectify my mistakes.

Ms Shirley Ong and Jason are the two persons helped me during the entire preparation,which complemented everything other than the runners up.

I have learnt a lot,that we have no tolerance to pause now,many things are still rivaling us.
Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Am I in? Yes you did!

Am I in?"Yes you did!"Answered Ms Shirley Ong when I was trying to notify her that I could not find the result notice of the competition at the ELS (English Language Society,that confused me when the fella making announcement could actually try to speak in full name wtf.) board while Ms Shirley Ong had had read through the result list earlier than what I tried to.That on the contrary,I was the one who liked to give her surprise,but she surprised me in the first place.

It was pretty inconceivable that I have finally made into the final of English Elocution Competition.I like pay my gratitude here for all the'Gratz' and 'Congratz' made by all the friends,yes I will try harder this time!

Ultimately,thanks to the power of Taeyeon photocard and a lot of courage given by the friends.

Would like to thank Lee for his willingness to exchange my Yuri photo card with this.The also major source of my fighting spirit.

Another good news,my mum finally open her mouth asking for some SNSD videos to be transfered into her netbook.Saying she is so out of curiosity that why am I so hooked up with these girls,"The long-leg ladies"my mum called it.

And what dumbfound me is,the video playback is quite decent playing on the netbook.And what I infer will be serious jerkiness but it turned out great and abit of slow down when trying to open the file.It surprised as well wtf.




For your information,I am running Windows 7 Ultimate with Windows Media Player and it turned out very decent playing 1080P content!

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