Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here what I did today..

Hi folks,completed my artworks owed since the month of June in just 2hours+.I dont have specific art sense,but a little bit of efficiencies.Done 4 drawings in just one morning,not bad huh?

Had been quite a time never touch my poster color until today,but basically I deliberately dont want to use much poster color,only one of them is done with poster color.

Sorry Yuri! Dont mean to 'uglify' you,I am just not great in drawing human face.At least,I had chosen to draw Yuri right?Hehe..much love SNSD!

1 week and a few days to go from Final Exam,as usual I dont give a damn for the first week.Just installed NFS Shift into my pc and I had rattling disappointment over that effing game.Nothing better than great graphics but underdeveloped game engine,frequently crashes and effing FPS in that game.Not feeling to continue that game anymore,GRID is still my best option.

Looks great but works SUCK,framerates are really low on my 4850.

Folks,I learnt this word from other blogger.Sounds nice huh?At least I have a single word to greet you readers coming to my posts.Have a great weekend!=) And did I remind you that the artworks have to be handed in before the 30th of September?Hehe
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life Update.

Tomorrow is going back to school like weekdays again,I spent the entire day learning database+php(Somekind of rocket language) at school.None the less,never regret for spending off my day there,learnt many of things despite I was initially stucked there.

Huan Ling was briefing the concept of normalization and the usage of 'keys'.While I was chosen the wrong place to sit beside Kelvin as he was being too overwhelmed to learn and was doing with his own method.OMG I was then finally chosen to change my place to the middle lane.

See,he was then started typing even though Huan Ling and Qian Feng were not yet finished their introduction.In this case,making me gone mad,when looking on his rocket languages and literally gone mad.HAHA

And me,I had practiced once again with the exercises at home.Now I have only barely digested the materials taught by them.

Tomorrow going back to school,I hate waking up early every morning.*Sigh*#$%^&*
Friday, September 18, 2009

Dream for the determined.


Back to penning,in no time everyone is busy on their own thing.For me,I am juggling between my study and studio.Frankly,you guys might noticed that doing things that you specifically liked is an epic indulgence.

Some of you would know or not,one indeed has a dream in their mind.But most of the time,people are just being too skeptical to pursue their dream.And pleading for impracticability or others stupid reason like my friend said this field is usually dominated by crowd or like this or that YOU NAME it.,one should not be tied by others perception instead of your true intention.

For me being a dedicated blogger for almost 2 yr,I am totally remorseless towards what I had achieved from the past.You know,my milestone to transcend in the industry of IT will have not being faded out that easily.

In theseday,you guys would know that I'd been so lucky to have a sponsor for my studio.As I am practically being an official hardware reviewer.Though,it's still piles of things needed to learn in this instance,I shall need to improve my writings from time to time as well as my penning ethnics.

For you it might sounds insane,but for me it's definitely a marvelous indulgence.Imagine you are having three mice on a single desk,hands could get wrong when choosing to navigate or scroll.Though,I am happy to get wrong for having too much of mice.XD


My life is brilliant,perhaps for this existent.Just only with blogging,I had fallen love with photography.You know triggering a camera is not only about point and shoot,your picture ought to delivers the reason or meaning like it comes off.This is what photography really means,I have been enlighten from my friend lately.

Blogging can be very interesting or either bland,it's all depends on the person itself.No matter how you engrave into your post,we must have the obligation to write the truth.There are numbers of my friend are blogging without a truth soul,they were just writing for what they intended to let the readers to perceive them,but not their own rants.

None of the less,no one is perfect.I use to fall into this mistake occasionally.Some of the time,I might just like to deceives the readers on what I am actually do.But not my true traits,but at least I have had been revelated now.

Everyone is learning in no time,neither me here.I have been learning for what I am writing now,you know sometimes you might just tend to reminiscence your previous post.As for me,when one tends to read back his/her archieved posts,one would got the feeling of deterring or felt like Hey..OMG did you dare to write on this way..feels kind a silly.

So thats why we are improving from this way,in somehow justifying on your past to turn out for the better.Strangely,until the presence I would still gone to some search to seek for grammatical tenses.Perhaps you guys would noticed,my writings are prone to grammatical errors,so it's not awkward for me to do so.

P/S Dont be ashame with your own,I bet one would not remember all the tenses which one was learning when he/she is on primary school.The true embarrassment would be the moment you did the same mistakes infront of others.
Monday, September 14, 2009

Do not EVER buy RECON toner!

Did you seen the black-grinded caviar powders at the picture above?Well,I have got a jackpot here,still remembered in the previous post I had mentioned that I bought a remanufactured toner?

Well,the effing toner has a terrible leakage after a few usages only.I was nearly gone mad that time,the black powders had spilled on the floor and the whole printer is stucked now!!Somebody call laser printer is working faulty now,cannot pull papers from the tray ady.I guess something had blocked.

Dont have choice,the entire printer couldn't be used ady,have to look for a new printer.Next time,I will have to buy a genuine toner instead.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life Shots..

Just got enlightenment from the forumers,A picture everyday,keeps away the dust and moles.As a dedicated trigger-happy,I must obligate myself to snap a picture everyday,in order to boost my shutter clock.Hehe

You know,my A590IS would probably has 10k+ shutter counts,which is obviously less for its age.And anyone tells me the tool used to check my canon's shutter count?I know exif is for Nikon's one,but does not works for Canon.

ISO200|1/13|6mm|F3.4|Canon A590IS
Instant Noodle+half boil egg>Mamak's Foods,took on today when I was came back from school and felt effing hungry.

Taken by LGKP500 aka Cookie,F2.8 that's all I know for the information
This photo is taken when my bro and I driven to the Sate Kajang when we were hunting for foods at the middle of night.But unfortunately,muslims close their restuarant earlier in the month of Ramadan,so we ended up with nothing there.*!@#$%^
Saturday, September 5, 2009


Life has been very hectic for me,regardless it's Q3 of the year ady.Like no other months,my life is piled with tonnes of opportunities and obligations.I am pretty sure that I would had not be having such a great chance all over again,so I treasure every offers given.

This year is really my year,I have achieved many of things like never before.

Just received some compliments from my first batch commercial review,woot!

Thanks Ms.Su for giving me the chance to be the iconic star for CHKL Forum.=D

Life is good for me,despite it's intense.But a little compliment will worked out for a tremendous momentum for me.I will try better to juggle between my studies and my 'namely' lifetime career.

As part of the good work,they offered free transportation till my home door for sending/receiving marketing samples.This would have really saves up my dad's burden driven me to their office each time.

Immunized to failure
Today I had a book-keep test and did the balance sheet wrongly.I would say my concentration really woes particular in theseday,but surprisingly I didn't feel sulk for that...not even have the intention to upset..As previously,I could have been whining for the entire day because of this similar mistake.

[P/S] I misplaced the provision of depreciation,forgotten to bring down the figure from the first year.But weirdly,I have did the posting in ledger,but HECK not in balance sheet.Normally people would do this kind of mistake in ledger, would not be doing right in the posting of ledger.Or should say,when one did right in there,will literally not got wrong to anywhere again.Ironically,I did mistake in the easiest part.What to do?..*Gasping..and sigh*

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