Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today is our school 90th anniversary charity jogathon,I woke up at 5.30am.Yesterday was Earth Day Hour,so I sleep earlier than usual,despite that I was still unable to get into sleep.Perhaps,was being anticipated for the "race".

Morning 5.30am,after took my breakfast and the equipments',I then went to Padang Merbok.I guess among of my friends,I was the earliest to reached there.You know,as Jason,Zhi Chen have not reach yet.


Initially we were asked to queue into classes and report ourselves on,everything was conjested and damn crowded.The school was unable to control the "riot" peoples,I was harassed by a stupid man which blame me of pouring dirt on him.I reiterated I did not!But he was damn rude you know,he scolded me.."SOHAI" aka asshole.=.=*Feel like hitting him*But I'm wisdom enough to take it,he was scolding himselves,dont he.

Yucccks..the dirt are splashing on their feet,we got dirty before the race starts.*Pap head*

Scenery of KL Tower as at 7am! Captured by my precious Cookie,3.0Megapixels CMOS lens,not bad huh?


Today which actually I have no need to participate the race,despite that, I wish to let everyone knows that I'm able to jog well too.I'm no longer the weakest,I'm a diabetes,but I could managed to finish the race and remain in conscious state.

Besides,coincidentally I met Kok Ming at there.He said he was "cari makan" at there,with his bunch of friends like haur,long and the few girls.We did not talk much as I leave at 9.30am after the entire race.

A little confession here,I had confronted over 3times of hypo(*Low blood sugar level,also known as hypoglesemia) today,I guess perhaps could be the hectic exercise.In this regards,I was really like faint down just right finish the race,and I slowly walk down to the complex and get a sit for cooldown.
Sunday, March 22, 2009

Holiday is VITAL for everyone.

Holiday may be interpret as a remedy to replenish your soul and mind within the busy life particularly for a student.

A short period of break will definitely arise you from a crop to a hunk!Whichever,in mentally or physically,within these holiday I had attained much many of things like everyone would does.(*Unless you're not motivated enough,but dont worry you will be motivated from now,after you "finish" my post.XD)+

My Holiday Agenda.

Train with Chrome and Pumping
Physical appearance is particular important to me,I wish to train for a more firm,hunk,muscular body.Most of all,my arm would be the first thing to bear in,practicing chrome for 50X per hand and managed to pump for 10 times simultaneously(Compared to previously 5 times can take me down alrdy).

Besides practicing with bicycle machine to enhance to metabolism and the feet as well.Actually,in usual I've used to practicing while coincidentally in holiday were more vigorous.

Venture on Joomla

Joomla known as the most prevalent and profound CMS system,working on with this system.Friday we guys had a small meeting regards Chong Hwa Site's facelift.In conjunction with that,I would required to learn Joomla.

Little confession here,that day many of the members were absent(Badly known as FFK),god damned Chin Yen,Kai Wen broke their promise right on that day,

"Chin Yen:I was in Johor,so how could I come back?"
Comon la,since you know tomorrow is the presentation,so why the hell you still going to Johor indeed?And more here,so you would used to prepare something in the last minutes la?I bet the presentation would be a 15mins work la.

"Kai Wen:Huh?Meeting?You did not told me?Did you?"Called him in the next day
I was like WTF?Being infuriated harshly!Blablala..

Perhaps in future my studio will be using Joomla?Asking me,Dunno.Haha

Attended a seminar regards of "Debt of Gratidue and the Goods and Evils" organised by SGM Region 3.

Been enlighten today,despite I had been embraced this religion for over 15years+ and counting.But when comes to the true understandings,I was inferior than a person whom embraced the religion less than 5 yrs.So quite ashamed here,I solemnly vow that I would take a depth to study regards of the 3 Great Laws of this NMHRGY.

Most of these,I had granted a chance to interact with the senior members as well as the junior members.We were having a great conversation within the seminar which I deemed it was a favourable seminar.I was enlighten and will immerse to the study of "Shokobuku" as well as the others.=)

"Religion may takes place in the obstacles"
When someone or whosoever were in a desperate or a need of it,thereby it may only comes in time!

Resting on an escapade that no ones will harass or interrupt you,catch up with TVB dramas and HD rips.The best way to pamper yourself throughout the tulip day.=)
Saturday, March 21, 2009

Please drive safely.

*ROFL*The car may even fly toward the victims,double gating kiss!And background music is kind of sentimental.Perhaps this is the visual gimmick to urge everyone's attention.XD

Despite it was a touching video,but pretty exaggerated,to pledges all the importance of driving safely.=)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5 things you should learn from Edwin!


First time to review regards an individual here,thereby Edwin will be the first candidate to be brought to the judgmental.For nutshell,Edwin is friend of both myself and my brother.Thus,he's a freak!A form similar to an Ipod Nano 3rd generation,Edwin will definitely stands out for both physical and his peculiarities.

1.Game with Devotions!
Undoubtedly game is the true remedy to joy and please you up within the atmosphere,conversely if you dont game and what sort of things will thrill your ass on?But the way Edwin play is definitely different,he game on everywhere,anytime,any mood!=)

Edwin is a full-time gamer,a title will takes less than 2 weeks within to finish.For him,gaming is kind of vital to life.But he prefers in simultaneous condition,he "chews" up more than 3 titles throughout the rainy day.Edwin may even plays FPS game at the middle of night without dizziness,I really cant stand of him!XD

[Playing FightNight on the road without making an accident is definitely a TALENT!Coi!Coi!XD ]

2.Eat More!
"A man must bear with a tremendous appetite and dream"quoted Edwin.Edwin being reiterating Eat and Drink always!He would travel far apart even the place is alternately west and east in order to dine for the best.In this regards,my brother had been influenced by him as well.Therefore,when my brother is back,the delicacies seduction will makes me abide with their "path".Haha

3.Play with "Touch"
The road warior-Omnia,The Everything in Latin

"Touch Screens"is undisputed the incarnation of the future technology,so whosoever bear in future you need not lose your fingers! Edwin is a maniac in "touch" gizmos,or should I call an enthusiast.Edwin would spend much in touchscreens phones,tablet as well as desktop perhaps.Yupe,a touchscreens gadget will remarkably makes you stand out within the crowd!

4.Shop without hesitation!

"Why I were being thinking so long huh?..*Nagging on his own*"Plead Edwin when he bought something fancy.This tell us that shop with lust but not the price,I solemnly learn from him.Nevertheless,Edwin which also a greedy one,will dominate the thing if took his sight off.XD

Opposed to mine,Edwin being contemplated as a success one.Not to say Edwin,everyone is lured by the temptation of women.But Edwin's surroundings is definitely what I were dreaming for,I wish to be as him.Tons and Piles of chic are in his study!You desperate for it,dont you.

Most of all,these are the "ingredients" for Edwin,by the way Congratulation you have meet the Star the day!XD

For the discerning reader,
Monday, March 16, 2009

Why is Single?


There are more ways than ever to find the right person for you. Until then, here are just a few reasons to celebrate your single status.

1) Flirting is encouraged

You don't have to feel guilty about staring at that cutie from the coffee place, or oogling a particular hotie on the street.

2) Your money is your own
If you want to blow a week’s salary in Vegas, it's entirely up to you. There's no one to nag you to put it in the bank for a rainy day.

3) All the covers are yours

No waking up cold. No pulling blankets off of someone else just so you can get a few hours sleep. (And no one snoring all night to interrupt your peaceful shut-eye.)

4) Let your spirits fly!

Having a great day? Your partner can’t come home and dampen your mood. Conversely, you don’t need to cheer up anyone else.

5) You can leave your socks anywhere you want
No one will nag you to pick them up. You also won’t have to pick up socks or underwear that isn’t yours!

6) You get to meet new people
Dating is a fun activity. You get to know new people and learn what makes them tick. You can have conversations about anything and everything - not just about your significant other's day or what your kids did in school. Best of all, in going out on different dates you'll be stretching your comfort zone and discovering new activities you might not have otherwise tried.

7) You don’t answer to anyone

If Sunday is your day to watch the game, hang out at the bookstore, or swing by every rummage sale in town, no one can tell you otherwise. If you want to go to the gym or eat popcorn for dinner? Go ahead!

8) You can devote more time to your career
Singles are sometimes envious when their married coworkers duck out at five to pick up the kids, but being on your own can have distinct advantages at work. You’re more flexible; you can bail out your boss by devoting more time to an important new project and even jump on a last-minute flight to sooth an angry client. This type of availability can make your boss take notice, and hopefully, reward you.

9) Meet your friends whenever you’d like
Married and otherwise attached folks are sometimes not as flexible as their single counterparts when it comes to keeping up with friendships. So when the guys decide to grab a beer and wings at the last minute or the girls plan an after-work get together you can easily join them without worrying about someone else’s schedule.

10) You only have one set of relatives to deal with

While it can be great to have a large family get together with both sides of an extended family, it can also be a headache at times. If you’re someone that prefers a more quiet holiday by just dealing with one goofy family (your own), being single can afford you a calmer celebration.

You wish you're single now?Dont you?
Saturday, March 14, 2009

CHKL 90th Anniversary Ceremony?Does everyone embracing within?

Yesterday was the school's anniversary,but does anyone embracing along?No!The school had neglected us,they've only invited the form6 students to the ceremony.Yesterday,the entire 3 periods we all were in classroom.

How could they do that?I used up my tears and sweats to raise funds for them,yet now we got ended with such threat.WTF!

Due to their abandonment,we did our stuffs in the class.
The presence of PSP is apparently welcomed in such situation.

Corsairs Performance Ram?Dont be fouled with the box,there's something expensive than that.Guess what?

These are the legendary of Konami's cards.Will cost you a thousands if each of them are selling@RM2.XD..but you know it's not priced like this huh?

My class has a community which they usually play this kind of cards.I dont know why they're being such mad on these cards.Imagine you're recycling the cards [$$$$$$$] into paper sheets!

Some of them are doing paintings.Thus,can be pondering as the only legitimate activities throughout the class !lulz

This is my form teacher-William Ng.Aka Fatty,he's like a shark fins soup hawker.He was bull-shitting in front the students while frittering off the time.

Most of all,I deemed that yesterday was a waste of time.I should have not go to school if I knew this earlier.Btw,it's holiday now!I went for a hair cut,now enjoying my TVB dramas-珠光宝气.Did you guys watched before?[I bet I'm the one who being the last to watch it!]


Before and After,so which one is better?I like the previous one.=p
Thursday, March 12, 2009

Caprice-Fantasy Girl MTV! Hot MTV!

Cant find any idea of posting lately,so I found this!
Been searching for this song since the time I heard on what?Caprice is a Malaysian,you may hardly find a malaysian with such work.Besides,the girls were HOT!Haha..I feel Groove!!


For people whom interested in this song,I've contributed the link here.
Click Here to Download[4MB respectively]

No need to thank me,I being just promoting fancy hitz!
Monday, March 9, 2009

Loot of yesterday..

Not to underscore that women are fascinated in shopping,I would say everyone would not able to resist the lust indeed.Yesterday went to 1Utama and bought some clothes instead of hardwares..*hehe*This time will saves much $ as I'm not buying hardware instead of these clothes.

Yesterday was a great bargain,got 2 shirts for RM30,Black Coat for Rm59.Lazy to put siggy as no one would interested in stealing huh.Nono's my procrastination perhaps,you know it's really a hassle for me to put siggy on every picture.Did you?Today curi tulang lor,=D




The economic downturn really makes the consumer much felicitate with it.What surprisingly is,I spent less in thesedays.No hardware,clothes will replace the spending lusts!
Saturday, March 7, 2009

Superb experience with BLURAY RIP titles.

This time going to write about movie review,which my first torrented HD RIP movie within the cloud.Virgin Territory,it was actually a movie of 2007.I think this release would be the second one as the DVD rip one.Virgin Teritory was like an old opera movie, classic novel such as “The Decameron" by Giovanni Boccaccio.Thus,added with a little bit more fancy "comedy" elements.

Dont get fouled by the front printings,it's actually a comedy or you may call an opera.Haha..despite it's pretty lame but it's like literature's somewhat jokes.XD You could laugh at the subtitles,the wits were very distinctive and flawless,in the meantime it wont abandon the importance to serves as comedy for the audience.I'd learnt many of words there,HAHA

Obviously,the pictures are crisp and vibrant in color reproduction.I bet you wont get amused by any DVD rips anymore after seen any of HD rips.Hehe

It's a nightmare SLUT! "I Dont love you!Get the XXXX off!"XD

Lorenzo was pissed off..

Final words,no regret and sulk for this movie for definitely[Took me 4 weeks for dl due to slow network speed].HD titles really soothing your eyes,Virgin Territory is a great choice for people who wish to learn some fancy witz and phrases from literature.Watch this instead of reading those books! I give 4 out of 5!Awesome!
Thursday, March 5, 2009

Short Updates in my life

Have been very busy simultaneously since the small exam days,despite Derrick had made his ass to Deutschland,until now the exam is fucking over.Everything is over,society's favors come again and again..the most headache part.We're running out of ideas regards of sponsorship and fancy stuffs.Suffering from Insomnia theseday,cant and not sufficient of sleeps!!!


Basically in small test,my book-keep and econ both subjects almost get full mark,OMFG 0.5 marks of differences.One is 39.5 and 29.5,oh fuck that!My fault,forgotten to do "huraian"in the paper,== get deducted.While for book-keep,I forgotten to write the date and ringgit tag for second and third page,but for first page, I did written that.Feel like hitting myself..*Sigh* Chinese as usual I got failed.XD

And here is several updates for the fund,I've managed to make RM199 currently.Hopefully will get to complete the vow in sonnest possible.We left 2 weeks for funds,while people who managed to raise up to 1k,I'm wondering how they do that literally.How??Macammana???怎样??BUY MY CD PLZ!


Regards of Derrick,he had gone to Germany now.Yesterday I have just received his new number there,begin with 4XXXXXXXXX..very long one..I guess it's not relevant to bare out here.Hahaha..Good luck for him really,he has a new life there!So how about me?Continue to work it out lorh!=)

Studio and Society stuffs really slowed me down lately,have to resume in FULL MODE.I dare not say my life is that miserable,but it's a new rival approaching me.No doubt,I will definitely complete the Rm300 vow and my society's problem.Yupe..Yupe.=)

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