Thursday, January 26, 2012

Road Rage

We all know road is the place we share and being on the road has somewhat occupied a big amount of time everyday.

Road rage often takes place in my place,rude honking,tailgating,abused lamp flashing,kill-steal parking,uninformed lane switching and so much more you could only come to name it yourself by hands-on experience.

There's this emotional struggle when someone had broke the rule and nearly caused an accident while what they did was to point you the middle finger just exactly like the uncivilized ones.The battle between your true conscience and the obligation to stay calm is a big crisis.Wouldn't you have responded to some vengeful resorts like speeding up more to tailgate,honk,flashing back that arse?The other part that holds you back is to remain calm because the actions you are to commit are indifferent with what the arse did to you.

Just came across to one on the way back from Dad's hometown,there was this driver who drove his car and changed his lane without looking at the side mirror,or he might be intentionally doing it.We got the shock of our life and honked him for a second or two.Later,what he did was to stomp his brake hard to provoke us,what we did was to respond to that brake and lit up the high beam to warn him.

That fight continued for 5 minutes,later that driver fled away using the emergency lane.We were left real furious for that moment,and took some time to calm down ceasing the tendency to not mock him in the heart.There's this incident I can quote describing the norm of drivers in Malaysia.We all wanna go home joyfully without any hatred but I just can't grasp what those uncivilized fellas are thinking.They just don't like driving peacefully on the road.
Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chinese New Year is around


The last week in college was a long one,thankfully we only had one replacement class squeezed into the timetable.Yesterday rendered me no motivation to study at all,we completed our GP presentation,overall it was a success.We later went to KLCC for a lunch and I swear I won't ever want to go there anymore for its congestion.Nothing beats KLCC for its crowd and it's good for nothing,you queue when you eat,go toilet and even using the escalator,crowd is no where around.

We managed to have a toast session with the tutors Ms.Veronica and Ms.Jeswynna on Thursday.Despite it was a very rushed session that took 5 minutes to toast and drink,we sure had fun.The only thing I wanna rant is we should team up together not only in toast but the aftermath.Fortunately,some friends lent a hand in cleaning up the mess later which I really appreciate.While some just pat their butt and fled away :(

I'm still working so hard taking down the acne in my face but it really is a tough course.Hopefully I could have a fairer face during CNY,the skin has worsen quite a bit these days.

Wish everyone an early Happy Chinese New Year!
Sunday, January 15, 2012

Life Update

It spent me that long to make up time for the first post in 2012,I've been losing a lot of sleep lately with so many events tied in hand.

Thankfully yesterday's CNY sketch was a success,we had practiced so hard in the past 3 days.Despite hard work paying off,my life would have figuratively reduced for 10 years if life paces at this rate in the future.

My resolution for this year is only to nail the A-level examination,hopefully I might be able to get what I wanted.Things are getting tougher,we are taught to write critical essays in the upcoming test.

GP teacher assigned us an assignment about historical person,with this conjunction I've of course chosen Steve Jobs as the theme.We have worked out a terrific presentation in tribute to Steve Jobs.To me,an admirer of him,I'm so pleased with this opportunity that I can convey his story as an academic content.Well,the presentation is on the coming Wednesday,let's see.

Such a shame to write about,lately I have only discovered that my speedlite features optical trigger on its own.Never aware about it before until it's now 2 years old since I bought it.With optical trigger,producing sharp and mind blowing photos on a compact camera is now possible.Cutting all the hassle of bringing DSLR out for a meet just to have great pictures really makes life easier!


The magic thing is you don't necessarily need a pro body to trigger up a flash but any low profile compact that has a flash.You have significantly low noise and better detail with speedlite.Sadly,mobile phones with LED flash cannot trigger up the photo sensor.

Bought this as a read for my assignment.I'm constantly inspired as I read from page to page,it surely is an amazing read.

Another good news is,Mum allowed me to drive out meeting my best friend-Joel for a single day.Waiting for Lit Yang's exam break and we will come out for a meet soon,I'm looking forward for it.Have not met him for almost 2 years till present.Thankfully Mum allowed this! *phew*

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