Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life Update

[Finally received my scholastic books,and to my disappointment,the books are rather thin like Camera booklet lol.Just started to read the blue one as it's so convincing to my tight schedule]

Hi all,in this post I'm gonna just shortly write about my recent life.For your knowledge,I dont like writing infront of a PC albeit I have had it turning on all the time.It's just so unease to write when the family are hovering around,peeking from the back,as if you're been peeked while peeing wtf.So writing with a lappie is still the most secured way I'd preferred.PC,only at times when I'm all alone in the house.

Apparently during the month of August and soon to the September,the exam tension is boiling hot to everyone's core.I have tried to make out time to blog,socialize and play whenever there is some time.

Besides,I went for a tea meet with LY at a mamak near to the house.From what we talked about,LY will be moving out to Nothingham on the next month that it's so soon from now.In a merely 1 hour tea meet,we shared about our life progress and talked about dream,that was the best moment spent for the entire week.Catching up with friends and shared about your life story is especially essential for us.For what allows us to go further,for that to recertain your dream from time to time.

In the class,everyone is pretty packed with model papers and spot tests.The pace is getting faster and tenser.I tend to terrified by that,afraid that the exam is coming so near to me.But only when the presence of mutual help makes us to survive in this very moment,the so now or never.

In this case,I have a classmate who is utterly weak in his study,I'd tried my best to chide him for his resuscitation of how tense the exam is coming to us;Tried to guide him not to only practice spoon-feed way of learning;Of course I knew that everyone in the class would loathe to help him as he's pretty slow in the class and tether you to fret disturbances if you were to lend a hand.But then,I realize that plight of having helpless treatment in the class is especially hellish,so I'd only chose to help him with my best tolerance and hope that he"ll learn to be independent with his own.To be true,I couldn't help much without his own effort,he himself has to work hard,right?!

Well,actually I have had plenty of stories to share here,but I couldn't get to write more as the time is not permitted now.Wish everyone's well,and catch up with me in the next post.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hi all,I had never been blogging for that often lately,but I can assure that I will constantly update you'all about my life.

Today,I have finally bought my speedlite that took me sometime to fund.And I do not need to explain to you how photography can be such expensive hobby.But in my view of way, you buy for what you need for,don't be driven by lust.For that lust has no sanity,and only drives your hobby farther only by updating your gear every now and then.Consequently,you lose interest and passion when you don't buy.Well,that's a very sad thing if you have had succumbed to.

Apart from my joy of loot,my life has gotten back to the right track that I used to do.Blogging,tweeting and hangout occasionally for a happier soul;I'm gradually ditching out the miserable life that struck to me in the near lately.

Besides,I went bowling with Jason and hit 170 for my highest score ever.Things are attracted to the great side when one has the right mindset,I would conclude.Apparently due to my sexcitement(Super excitement);I could do anything well on my way.But to be frank to myself,I haven't prepared to my SPM yet.Yet to start hugging book for the all the time,but I have had the urge now as trial is coming to near.

We had also went tea break at Ireland Potato kiosk and had some chit chat there.Namely
"Gossip" lol.

Why do I wanted to buy that so badly?
Well,I have plenty of relevant reasons here..


Because having a speedlite is seriously essential for:
  • Usage of fill-in lighting to sharpen the subject. Address catchlight in the eyes, and stop motion. Emphasizing the lighting contrast.
  • Has a better light up power for group photo,for that we have to use higher F value for sharper image.
  • For no brainer reason,to make your camera looks more bulkier,heavier and makes you look more like an amateur photographer to a stupid camwhore.
  • Take part to be a strobist,learn about lighting composition.You know,we can make creative shots by simply leveraging the light.
  • Freeze fast subject in dark,for instance Tiger Wood was fleeing naked in a night near to your house.That case,you know how worthwhile for the shots you managerially took at the instant.

I shall stop at this rate,I needed to spend my precious weekend with all the eye candies.So,I"ll stop here,continue with great findings at the next post.
Thursday, August 12, 2010

Problem that coarsens

'The stronger the wind is,the more glaring you would have trained to be.'

As you all know,my life was situated at a standstill due to my driving test incident.At times when I was struck to the knee and insecurity,I happened to suffer from insomnia and in mentally;A repeated flashback of your phobia constantly intruded the mind each time you attempt to close or click the eyes.

Failure is given a quality of mirror
Well,that very moment I came to reflect about my misconducts in the past;I was such an arrogant person who always looked down and talked bad about people;Always put my preconception to people's discouragement;I tend to turn down people with negative words and so on;I couldn't concede to failure and face the fact until this came to make a turn over.If you'd ask me that, if I were given a second opportunity to manipulate the fate,I'd chosen to give in.Because I hadn't experience to fail,to fall, as I always get fortunate when comes to dealing with uncertainty,for that I was overwhelm into vain arrogance.It was the best present that I find crucial from this incident.

In these 2 weeks
At times of adversity,you wouldn't feel like concentrating in anything.The wind would have felt like sour to the chests.I tried to get back on the life track ever since that incident,but the mind wasn't convinced to do that;I felt like being hit by a bullet each time I was about to close the eyes;The banging sounds of the steel(The phobia) would constantly harass the soul albeit how well you tried to deceive the soul;Until the last saturday,things gradually improved but yet entirely when I had my complementary driving class.

The family meant as if the backbone support to me.The bro gave me confidence and emphatically explained to me about how easy was driving;Mum prayed and kept eyes on me all the night whenever I happened to wake up even in the wee hours;Dad practically appeased me not to worry about paying extra $ for resitting given if I were destined to fail again,he even bragged about how rich were us in paying the extra $ for failure wtf.While the friends were trying their best to give support and encouragement at a balance of not putting me into tension.

The biggest revelation that I got would be the opportunity to entrust the soul in Daimoku.In spite that the family and the friends tried their best to support you,but the inner soul wouldn't get calm without the help of belief.Now I can deeply rediscover the law of attraction.Where what we believe will contribute to the fate,when you think brightly,it"ll just happen on your way;On the contrary it will happen as worst as it could to your negative intention.However,this strength of attraction will only best unleashed with the practice of chanting.I have had proven this!

That day
It was the first day of Muslim's Ramadan which I can perfectly remember,the 11th of August.An epic turn over in my life.At first,the car I got was a terrible car which had a poor aligned wheel and worn-out clutch.At a very danger point,I was about to fail because the car was terribly retarded to move straightly,thus the front tyres were over the yellow line.I could clearly remember it as I was struggling to align the wheel and lost concentration to stopping the car before exceeding the line.

But do you know what had miraculously happened?The officer allowed me to proceed further to the side parking phase,for I was actually supposed to be flunked.But blame me not, for the car was terribly unfair for a test candidate to drive.Pratically,it couldn't be driven at all,the wheel was terribly out of frame.And thank that it was the first day of Ramadan,they desperately needed to make good fortune.

Later on,I then gave out a deep sigh of breath and proceed to doing the side parking test,and led to my progression to P;It made my prayer to a reality,the reality that I am now a designated driver!

Words of wisdom
I'm a no one to be anyone's menthol,but I practically agree with the law of attraction.Things will only happen to the idea you put into the mind,if you want it,you"ll get it.The very essence is at the mindset,think better,it"ll happen better.

p/s Sorry that the picture above had replaced by a burning candle which I thought best to portray in this post, UPDATED 15/8.

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