Sunday, July 24, 2011

This is about Me

I've come across to the friends' profile page,they all have a brief index about themselves in person.So I'd decided to come out with one,with this one,I'm going to make it rather sensational than usual.

Well,I started blogging since the March of 2008,previously I had involved in managing sites and forums till I found my niche in writing a blog.

Since I was little,I was already into writing stuff.Rather,I'd say I write faster than I think at times.Doing essay is always my favorite,other than that, I don't do journals or diary like some do.

I'd previously involved in commercial write ups in skychinstudio.It was founded by me and some other secondary school friends when we were once passionate about technology.Don't get me wrong,even now I'm still do.As we grow maturer and busier,the site is then abandoned to a junk yard.That was also the first commercial domain I've ever owned in my life and followed by this blog.

Blogging appeals interesting to me because I feel expressed here,no one's gonna care about what I write here.But some time later,it grew to be a rather public place as the family and friends started to wander around here and truthfully my privacy is somehow compromised.But I'd still have a better reason to blog regardless of that.

Talking about myself,despite having a subtle dose of narcissism,I do not camwhore like some other fags do.I'm confident when comes to confronting,that's because I'm fundamentally enriched by the very subtle dose of narcissism.

There was one friend whom I came across asked me whether I'd always like winning all the time.I was then out of words and couldn't refute her out of sudden,because it was true to the fact that I used to be that at times.Perhaps it might be the trait of all who born as Aries?We don't have the option to lose all the time. So Yes,I like to win.

Those who know me in person,I have a great strength of imagination.That's why I dream big like no one does,up to everything that I'm up to.Many'd thought my dream is futile,but I'm still holding it back and working to proving it right.

The other part of me for being well versed in story-telling and crapping is always the key to define me.I can be a good liar and tell you craps and stories as if I'd really been into.I can be hilarious at times,you can't make me laugh big,because I'm the only one who makes people laugh big,or sometimes I laugh to my own thing.

I don't know whether it's a good thing,I tend to fade from smile at times especially when comes to face expression.I hardly fake a smile because I can't really smile without a clue,I know some can really smile big even there's nothing to laugh about.When I'm in that mood,my face doesn't lie,even if I want to conceal it deep inside.

Last but not least,I'm a sensitive man who aware of the surrounding regardless of how insignificant it is.Your hidden implies won't go away from my sight,even it's a small hint or underlying euphemism,as long as your words are toward me,that won't make any cover up.That isn't because I have super power but a great sense of vibe to the surrounding.

I'm suck in math,there's nothing to be hid for.That's why I didn't opt to pursue in computing,that's also the saddest part of me.Being an avid gadget geek,I'm an art student as my niche.

When comes to Food,I don't demand much,I"ll just eat for what's on the plate.I like Campbell soup a lot and especially when it's the creamy one.I like noodles over rice,I hate mixed rice and eating in a hot environment.Because most of the mixed rice kiosks are stuffy and hot,so that explained why.

I like money,like everyone does.Anything that is profitable will really hook me up,but I don't do things unethically.My extrinsic dream is to drive a Lexus and step on the paddle very hard to overtake those cocky fellas on the road who had patronized me beforehand.To me,money itself is not evil,but the one who owns it make it evil.I'm confident to make money worthwhile to everyone to see me being rich,I will not abuse money for intimidation.

Well,I think there's still a lot to write,but I"ll stop here already.Ask me more in the comment box if you want to know more :)
Sunday, July 17, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

It's finally a week I could head out for movie,at last.Previously had either been tied by the tests or physically preoccupied already after the long-tiring schooling existence.

Being able to hang out with Chin Yen and caught up some time with Boon Yang in Old Town was really a good-day out.No pictures taken as we dudes are not in the fond of camwhoring,so sorry out there.

In my opinion,the Transformers Dark of the Moon was up to my expectation.Nothing was more heart-wrenching than the fighting scenes and the nice machines(Cars).The movie was a 2 and a half hour one,spent my butt sitting in the cinema from 11.40am to 2.30pm,all to all from what I could conjecture,the ticket had already paid off as it was worthwhile for the length.

I'd still prefer Megan Fox over Rosie Huntington Whiteley because she didn't astound me with her play although she wasn't bad either.Mainly it's because Megan Fox has better charisma for the role I guess.

Generally,the movie was great afterall.I would say it's 8/10 to my preference.It's still a must-watch even though you have not gotten yourself to the cinema yet,don't worry it's still showing now.I was late for this somehow but still managed to get myself to the cinema during the Sunday.Had a good weekend thanks to that too.

At last,I could come out with this after spending out sometime revising business study,never thought of having the excess time beforehand.I'd like to wish my dad Happy Birthday here,it's 4 mins to his birthday precisely based on my clock.Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Good Night.
Sunday, July 10, 2011

The wait is over

After a long anticipation,the iPad 2 JB has come out.I would breathe a deep sigh of relief after months of enduring lite and free apps on the device,at last.Life is rather relieved when Test 1 is over for the past week as well.


Among the few apps I have been longing for like Pages,Numbers and Keynote were finally loaded into the device.Now,I could really have the liberty to work on my translation articles with the versatility that iPad natively appealed to.But frugality in its use must not be overlooked as 16GB will really get drained up in no time.

Previously,I felt 16GB was more than enough cause we had nothing more to play other than lite and free apps.But now the story is different,you get a lot of cool apps that will occupy massive space.Not to say about loading up your video collection anymore.

Nonetheless,I had no regret for getting the 16GB as the price deviation is still apart from the 32GB variant.It would serve me well if I don't treat it like a computer,on the contrary the 64GB wouldn't seem enough if you were really to make it storing your files.

The test 1 is over,well the resolution of me is to work harder.I could have done better in some of the papers like Econs and GP.Somehow,I've indeed fulfilled my own part.

My sifu is currently doing well in his Microsoft Imagine Cup undergoing in the NYC,

I'd like to wish him luck and tell him that I'm always supporting him in the motherland.Please come home with victory,I'm proud of you! :D

He's currently surpassed to be the top 18 and will be presenting infront of 6 judges instead of 4.

Hope you'all can cheer for him and pray for his victory!
Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book teaches you to be rascal?


My Princess[KSeries]or to blog with the excess time after I have finished my revision for tomorrow's Business Study test?Definitely the answer is lucid enough here.To the decree of blogger,I had no choice but to keep my blog updated constantly.

While I'm preparing for the test,I came across to a pretty ironic context in the book.Well,we all know that Business Study is all about business.It teaches you how to commence,manage a business,company laws,production insights and so on but doesn't assure the path to being wealthy afterall,you would never be filthy rich even you scored distinction in that.

You're still a dumb wimp who studied well in business study.Because Business Study doesn't hinge on the real scenario of the real economy,things would not be rigid and smooth sailing merely by throwing heaps of money into commencing a business.

But I was wrong.

We read the newspaper everyday,graft and money laundering among the society are pretty common already.This plague is undoubtedly aggravating because human have a shortcoming for being greedy,but do we really know that education and upbringing owe better importance to this instead?

If only the textbooks are written prudently with the right morality,the world could be better.

See what I've come across while reading the book.

My assertion could be wrong,that Business Study doesn't pave you the path to be filthy rich.Instead,there is one or many,but taking into account that you must be a rascal in real life.

Even when it's against the law and unethical they could still blatantly publish them to the appetite of all lads who are bond to be the future successors.Clearly,rather than whistling about Business Study,it's more appropriate to breed future scums.When the text book isn't imparting the right thing,we should not put it past that the society could do the right thing.

So you judge the book,don't let them take reign about your mind.Your objective wasn't to put them into application but to tackle the questions on your exam sheets.Mind you,don't be misled.

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