Saturday, May 29, 2010



This post may seem to be a little bit odd here,as I had not been writing sort of confession for sometime.But considering that I would like to deliver some messages in this post,to all the scums and the wannabes.

Fame is a thing that I had been overwhelmed into it as how I pursue my psyche and to really engrave a clear idea of who is SkyChin lives like.Ever since these years,I have been involved in blog writings,self developments but sometimes it leads to the destruction of my life either.

If you really know me in person,I might be a terrorist whose ambitions are more than anyone could infer by plain in-sight.Anything that I am hooked up into,I will pursue or gain it at any costs.As a matter of fact,I did improve for the better and make part of my dreams to reality.As we often learn that thing ought to have 2 different views,whether we agree with the good or the shortcoming of it.

But too now,I tentatively questioning my position of this situation.I used to indulged in self confidence and patronized myself in every aspects.But now,I am not,not feeling to any advantages of doing these.Now,fame is burying me as if I am driven by fame,but not myself who drives fame.

The true side you had to deal living in fame,I mean if you are really famed to the extent that it's intruding over your privacy.It's inevitably you will lead the spirit of jealousy,hatred,imposing from others while you are standing upon your stead.

But the reason really made me to bare out these would be something that really offended me.Which I could not spare nor contain my words anymore,I would like to urge all the stalkers as well as the wannabes,please make a stand whether you are going to be a good listener,or a stalker or a scum who should live a proper life!.Stalker,if you are exceeding the extent of being a reader/listener which intrudes to my personal life,you are doing like a stalker,fucking nuisance I called it.

My mum's number had been leaked out for no reasons,which I am still looking for a more logical cause.

That night,I was stalked by a slut in messenger,felt like I got no privacy.

The things I shared in this platform are certainly my intention of your knowledge about me,please do not seek to go beyond my privacy.For instance,stalking me on the messenger,having my mum's number without any hunches that I remember giving it to anyone.

You want examples?I give you examples,unsolicited ones calling you for computer service,demand for free warz content by treating you like a pirate king,come to your doorstep to fetch you as if you're a technician,asking silly questions like which one is the fastest?best?which worth it?like an effing salesman.Or?Deliberately praising you to mirror that he's/she's humble,make use of your name to get close with someone,leverage your name to his/her benefit,after all.
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Breeze of freedom,momentarily.

I'd sort of start this post with this delightful photo,to really convey you the atmosphere of my mind now.Yes,relief,ambitiousness are hovering over my mind,just had lunch with my family at 1Utama this afternoon,soon after I underwent my last mid term paper,History(Which I decidedly flunk for it =P).Btw,add math is considerably easier for everyone,let's hope that I could pass over it.

As for the stereotype of people,I definitely don't need to rant over the misery of that exam week,since we have had get through these now.

We then went to IKEA for leisure shopping and I got my dad a classic clock and myself a small table.Now,I can place my lappie on it instead on the bed do my bed surfing before get on the bed.That white table really saves up space for my room,and I could comfortably tweet without having to cook my lap nor the bed.

Doing free advertorial for IKEA.

Classic Clock for only RM29

Wood flakes table for RM39.90!

I've now created my very own photobook on facebook,click to visit.There are only 3 pictures for now,I will get to snap more in near future and I might not compromise over quantity don't worry.C&C are welcome by dropping by your comment here or on facebook as well.

Too bad for a perfect day since tomorrow I'd still need to go to school,=(.
Sunday, May 16, 2010

Loot of day


I have been given a mixed feeling of excitement and disappointment since my trusty CRT has died few days ago.Since then,it's inevitably Dad had to buy another one,since we need another display for the living room pc.

Initially I was hesitant to opt between Samsung B2230H and the AOC E2233VW,but I eventually made up my mind to give it a try on the more 'environmental' one.The E is actually meaning 'Environmental',as RM569 would be a great bargain for a LED panel you know LG or Samsung's variants would cost me about RM650 or more.

It's got an extra USB port at the hinge's bottom,while provided with touch keys at the right hinge whch contemplated as a gift for its class.What dumbfounded me is,this monitor does not give out much heat regardless I have been opened it for few hours,like not even heat coming out.

Now I may officially declare that my home is free of CRT displays now,less heat less energy consumed.Swapped my existing Viewsonic 2235VW to use with my living room pc,so missed its high tilt using it for my workstation,FYI the new one is considerably low in height.Momentarily,I'm not kind a used to it.

Some HD eyecandies,for your viewing pleasure wtf.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ubuntu rocks!

I had been trying on Hackintosh lately,but ended up migrating to Ubuntu after some futile trials installing iATKOS v7.Well,what inference I got would be that hacking Mac OSX is not easy at all,which I decisively surrendered doing it.

I am more into social networking world lately,and I cant help tweeting all the time with Tweetdeck,a great tool for combination of your facebook and twitter account.The reason that I started to follow tweeting service is that I want to keep in touch with SSF tweets,you know.. every couple seconds twits are flying all over my screen,really I felt that I am really connected to the world.
And part of the reasons would be Ellie Chee's brilliant daily quotes which I really like to follow her all the time,either as MayZhee's witty twits.Really,other than reading blog!

And today someone has spoiled my mood of day all over,she's a douche-bag that I known in my life,I had not seen such a person in my life,that so makes me like hitting and cursing her.Acting like everyone in earth owes her alot,and she's fucking mean to everybody,which I cant stand/tolerate/comprehend/[whatsoever..] her fucking attitude.Of course,if you knew me very well in person,you would have knew who is,that these hints are expressed better than disclosing her name,Doucheeee-BAG!!!
Sunday, May 2, 2010

Got my new gluco-meter!

It had begin with a morning that I woke up at 9.30 and had breakfast with dad,we then straightly went to Lowyat Plaza for RMA.

What seemed weird would be everything that I bought in the 19/12/2009 were all gone faulty.The purchase receipt is badly folded with lines and dissolved texts that I barely managed to find it from my file.For your information,I had returned 2 units of USB card readers to the shop in the early of February,the same receipt.

Later on,we then went for a meet of exchanging a new meter with Celine at somewhere in Ampang.She's quite helpful regardless of how packed her schedule was,while I am grateful to know her for cheaper stripes supply whose she is taking the stocks from a friend.Really,thankfully that I could save more for my dad.

At night,Dad and Mum were not at home.I was crazily spazzing over soshi videos in the living room.

The whole living room is mine,I am ruling everything!

Uhh...I am running running...

Taeng:"Call me? >_o "

I particular like the video montage in the their first asia tour.

There was a praise song specially made for the concert.'Taeyeon,Jessica,Tiffanny you are my beautiful girl..Cant help singing!' here

Well,I am quite happy with the new meter.It's got LED backlit inside the LCD that made viewing in dark easier.It looks prettier than the previous one and features better memory features and so on.(still figuring out)

Looks like a handset,is not it?

I like ambient orange!

11:35pm! Going off now,Bye!

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