Saturday, May 30, 2009



Today bought a new DVD-RW drive to replace my dead DVD-ROM,which is from my smilodon.Thing was happened when I was unnoticeably bang on the power cord, (power pins were not connected properly) when I was cleaning my casing,thereby incurred short circuit within the DVD-ROM,thank god my mobo doesnt gone through the accident.

Short Circuit can be extremely horror

Does it really environmental friendly?

Ironically,it's not.See what they included in the packaging?Environmental offence or friendliness?XD

The new drive has placed on my torrent pc,while the existing one had shifted into my smilodon since I just need direct disc duplicating.
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Distinguishing fake boobs!

Found this interesting article,kindly take as a reference.But actually faking boobs are prevalent in theseday,but people are still skeptical in this aspect.

Step 1
Look closely for unnaturally shaped breasts. Natural breasts are never perfectly round and they move with the body. If a woman's breasts do not flatten, fall or stretch as she moves her arms or bends over, you are probably looking at fake breasts. Breast implants tend to remain stationary and hold their shape, even when a woman lies flat on her back.

Step 2
Check for perfect half-circles around the top of the breasts. Natural breasts, even when placed in a push-up bra, will form a smooth natural curve at the top of the breast. Fake breasts, however, defy gravity and will reveal their perfect firm roundness at the top edges of the breast, bra or not. Keep in mind that there are some very natural looking pear-shaped breast implants these days, which are more difficult to spot by top circles alone.

Step 3
Spot fake breasts by checking for jiggliness. Natural breasts are formed by fat, which is soft and pliable and tends to shake a bit with the body. If a pair of breasts look firm like toned muscle or the skin looks tight like a balloon, you are surely looking at a pair of falsies.

Step 4
Determine whether the woman is wearing a bra, then check out where the breasts are hanging. The top curve of natural breasts begin at about the armpit, however many breast implants will be placed a bit higher. If the breasts are perfectly shaped and perky in the absence of a bra, they are definitely not the real thing.

Step 5
Watch for other abnormalities common with fake breasts. For instance, if you notice that the nipples are pointing in different directions, the breasts are spaced too far apart or they are seriously disproportional to the woman's body, chances are she's had work done.

Source from Lowyat.NET,
Thanks to hanieyf
Thursday, May 21, 2009

fx-180P,I'm the Life Savior!

[Being attentive for soft and tactile keypads is the main reason why Sky is still using me]

Beneath this post,let's forget about skychin,Introduction lies here,My name is Casio fx-180P,the self-proclaimed most gifted calculator in the planet.You may pronounce me as the Savior of Mr.Sky.XD

Apparently,judge my age with your bare eyes,thus I am way bigger than my co-owner-Mr.Sky,lives a thrilling and funky life.Sturdy,antique,ancient are the words when came to brief descriptions.I ditched on Mr.Sky's knees when his dad possesed 'me' to him,which was roughly when he's 15.

My loyalty,I used to drive him like a mad,but sometimes he"ll not success because of me[Instance,he"ll not achieved 96.5% in his book keeping test].I even made the teacher gone crazy when came to calculations,you know I'm not young though,so it's inevitable to counters "plenty"(Which is ironically too much!!!!Pleads SkyChin) mathematical errors.But I thought it should be acceptable for this?Being old is not a sin you know did you.

Imagine even the teacher had lost patient.

Single line display is adequate for displaying the Error message at pace.

On the other hand,sometimes errors are not caused by me,but him.Because he's a retard whom does not know how SIN must not more than 1.But when comes to popularity,I am way popular than the nominal calculators among the class,which paving me to stands out within the crowd.

Handling tangible tasks are none of an issues for me,but do ask me to calculates your trigonometrical ratio,I"ll drive you hell!Try me if you're not believing in me.
Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life Update.

HECTIC! BUSY! FLUMMOXED! VEXED! .. the words you may learn from what I am doing right second directed movie-The Death at the opposite house had been completed!"Mr Kan was very pleased with the movie,imagine like your' try to stop a person from liking ones..likea love lascivious.."said Ms.Tania while nagging us to act again for the 20-21 of the upcoming June exhibitions.

Though,we were pretty exalted to hear that,but now's the dilemma.They were urging us to act on 20-21,which is that day exactly when Extreme II PC FAIR is.I couldn't afford to make it man,more over I had participated to the runaway right on that day also.Heck..I'm not naga siren nor phantom lancets,doing 2 roles in the same day simultaneously were really like what a GOD can do.So how?You want me to triple task??Instead of duo.....==

OMG...Please!..actually I have been desperate for these since january,but ironically "they"come spontaneously and heck you know "they" take place in the same date also.Next week will be the mid-year exam,so this post would be the intervals between the time I resume to write for the next post.

The Death at the opposite house,enjoy!=)

Discerned readers,

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SkyChin-The Author.
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