Tuesday, December 30, 2008

31th the last day of 2008!

I guess everyone likes December right?With Christmas and new year ceremony abounded tough,for me I apparently like December.Nevertheless,December and especially today is a pretty meaningful day for every individual.Thus,we can evaluate what we did in this year whenever it's sweet,sulk or ordinary ones.In my opinion then,I felt that this year was a great year tough,despite there were tons of disasters,regrets as well as economies recession.

So,let me evaluate my monthly caches,

When I was first stepped into the 3Ping's ground,my notions were really not great either.Because I met up many of dorks,jerks as well as bitches inside there.You know,like Ying Jie,Mei Hui these kind of rubbishes?[Can I call them a pile of rubbishes?]

But hopefully,I still managed to confronted some great friends like Derrick,Jason,Eng Peng,William and Xian Tong.Apparently for Derrick,I have had met him before that at form1.Basically,that time we're still not much familiar of each others I guess.I"ll elaborate further regards of him.You know what?Great Friends are meant to assist nor save you when your're in a fucking trouble.Here at every glances and details,I could either determine whose my pure friends while whose are those fucking FFK friends.[FFK=Fong Fei Kei in cantonese]

We met some great nor freak teacher tough,like Chee Chee,Lim,Loh etc.Let me defferenciate them later.First month was really not interesting as it's just beginning right?

All it's enough for school stuffs,that month my bro was transferred to its whole new world as he's taking his first year foundation right after graduated from.So we frequently traveling between KL to Kampar as well.Although he was not used to it in early,but at last he'd copped throughout the new environment.While I begun my PMR and UEC journey since that time,stress and constrains are increasing as time between exams are near and nearer.

Meantime,Datuk Chua had been explicited with sex scandal hence he resigned all his places in the political heaven.Thus,was the most astonished news which amazed peoples that a Datuk would have sex scandals.What's ridiculous was even Pasar Malams were also selling his"Movie" tough,but the DVDs were no longer available as they have had stopped it from distributing.

Chinese New Year was there,but seems this year everyone is not joyful when came to new year.As usual we went back to hometown,and everyone was like very silent perhaps.At the same month,I had been chosen as the assistant of science subject.By the way,I enjoyed to be the assistant of science throughout this year.Thanks to Chee Chee for giving me this opportunity .

Edison Chen was also been assassinated with sex scandals after no longer Datuk Chua's scandal.This time was more insane,the scandal involved more than 10 Hong Kong celebrities which making them to lose fortune and future in this entertainment industry.While Edison Chen did an apology to the public while saying that he was not a good example for the youngs and claim that he would do more charity in order to heal his souls throughout the incident.He also had retired from the entertainment business in order to take responsible regarding to this scandal.

Nevertheless,our class were keep in talking about this thing when in class.Btw,the videos are spreading throughout the school tremendously.

Malaysia had a political tsunami due to the national election held on 8th.Thus,BN has a massive defeat opposed to the PKR which granted many of states especially Penang which was being a stronghold of BN in the past time.

I started my blog and made an article about DIY popcorn as the kickstart of the page.Still remember anot?You guys can check back the March's posts from my homepage.

Which is the month of my birthday,I received a box of sweets from dc and presents from mums only.Haizz..but it's ok at least I got presents what?More,I got my new digital camera-A590IS which I'm using now for daily blogging.

Pikom PC Fair 2008 I was held on that month too,still remember the posted babes and booths pictures?Hehe

May was a busy month also,nothing much to write here.I was busying on exams and homeworks I guess.

Also I let go my little fish which took me 4yrs in feeding it,I thrown it at the Taman Tasik there.Which reduced my liability of life,Bye Bye my little fish!

I did a Windows Cracking Passwords video at that month,which guiding and teaching people to crack a passwords from the windows.Sounds evil huh?

June was an interesting and troublefull month also,I got my Zen's death and sent it into RMA.While Dachuan's HDD was dead too,he then changed a new one after my quick diagnoses on his pc.

At teacher's day,I and Derrick presented a "special gift" to our science teacher as appreciation.I still remembered our teacher was shocked by the present! you guess what's the present contains huh?Click here to find out!

Mid year results was out that time,I got 64.++%,but after some correction due to their reckless typing.I suppose to get 65% respectively.

"Today we lose in our Computer Knowledge competition.Once again,sorry to my teamate Joel,my fault actually.I shouldn't bet massively with them,if not we will not lose likely."Sadly,which is my most regretful thing in this year...haizz

And this month was actually not a great month tough,dilemmas and sabotaj are spreading widely about me.Damn..I cant cope with it!

We made our very 2nd Comp Society Video which I'm the one of the casts.Hehe..this version are much funnier than the first one.

Olympic 2008 was held on this month respectively at Beijing.That time is 8th which exactly is my bro's bday.I remembered that day is Friday right?Hehe..The cultural performances were spectacular and magnificent!Really,It's an honour of us!We're chinese too!

September was also a very busy month for students like us.Which,PMR and UEC trials are coming and I was been forced to study like hell.

I bought my new Nike Backpack and Mid autumn was on that month too.

October This month was actually the end of pain for us,PMR and UEC were been settled down in this month.My holidays are starting after these exams,which I begin to hangout with peoples to KTV,shopping as well.

More,Hari Raya are situated at this month also.Our pleasant and generous neigbours gave us some cookies and traditionals cuisines during the festivals.Thanks to them,I never met such great neighbours like them.=)

Went to the Pangkor Island with the class.I was enjoyed and rejuvenated in that trip.Thus,we played and sleep togther throughout the night..Hehe

Guan Sheng and Jian Lian became closer to me,we seems very please with each others.Not bad huh?

While,I bought my phenom this month.Which is,My first time in assembling a pc,and using HD4850 now.Hehe..I anticipated this upgrades since last year ady.Besides that,I migrated from 110mb to a fully official .com

December is a very busy month,but not in studies!Hehe..I went shopping,camps,PC Fair too.This time,I take the snaps myself.Thus,thanks to Ubeyou for motivated me of taking babe shots.Hehe..

And been severals hangout on this month with Derrick,I know he's going back to German not used to be.

Basically,2008 was a medicore year.Not too good,Not too bad.But physically and mentally,I'd improved much in many manners.Thanks to everyone for guiding & supporting me.

Here's my simple 2009 brief speechs,Welcome to 2009 with my warmest regards!
Friday, December 26, 2008

The Ultimate Burgers:Carl's Jr Burger Store!

Today I'm going to write about foods.Foods!Really?You guys would react like this?hehe..Ya!It is!I'm going to write about the most huge burger in MY perhaps?Thus,you couldn't manage to occupy your pocket with except locally MCD's Mega Mac.Did you guys ever think over others brand except MCD?

Here I could say,MCD is just a piece of small chic.I"ll show you what does "BIG" word used appropriately XD.I remembered that day we went to Sunway Piramid for lunch.My friend Edwin then brought us to there and claim that we would like it after had it.I then very curious about it,he said once ate the burger,I could not manage to finish the drink as well as the fries.Is that the truth?We then went into the Burger Store in order to witness the myth!=)

For my first notion,the store is like White Castle![Guys would knew what I said if you'd watched Harold&Kumar before].Really,the sits and table is almost like the american burger shop style,I like it.Despite Burger King is also similar with that,but I think Carl's Jr is the most similar.

We then ordered 3 combo sets with medium size,here is the photo I snapped before having.Btw,it's not cheap too!1 medium set is approximately RM23* plus tax!Wtf!No doubt,It's worth for your hungry lust!

A typical american's burger store style,with steel tissues dispenser and the pepper bottle also.

Their fries are not bad too,made with natural potatoes skins!They even said"Dont blush!We showing some skins!"And you guys believe the ketchup is enough for that?We did said it's not!

The sesames were laid out of the burger with a warm touch of grip in my hand,Are you hungry?XD

Their unique fries topped with curry sauces!Opps,shall I call it cheese-curry sauces?

Occasionally,peoples are telling the truth!If you dont believe,why not give a try?Size does matter in this case!XD

Hehe,are you amazed with these?Sorry for inducing your hunger again,btw I"m pleasure to share out this galore.
Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 Computer Society Camp [Sucessfully Ended] !

Sorry for the late post here,actually I'd been very hectic theseday includes shopping,makan and went to hospital for schedule appointment.So here,I"ll first elaborate the Comp Society Camp 2008 which is a delightful camp I went this week.The camp was a 3days 2nights,I was enjoyed with the games and activities.

The camp started at 9am and I was late to there as last night never slept well .First day we got asked to play a series game,thus participants had to run around to seek for the game stations.Following by dinner,we got served with some humble mixed rice and drinks.That was the suckest food I ever had in my life.Somewhat,the hostel was running out of water due to the plumbing service thingy[They claim==].We couldn't bath at there,we then went to the public toilet for bathing.Damn..GTFO.!@#$%^I have to sit down in order to use the fucking-short water tube to shower the body and my XXXX.That was a freaking torture!Fuck that!

These are the scenery of Chong Hwa beneath a strong sunlight.Taken when we went up to the hostel for unloading stuffs.



I was staying at the 504 during the camp.We'd given 10minutes to unpack stuffs and we then gone down to report ourselves.

Unfortunately here I did not managed to capture much shots so I skipped through several parts.

The second day morning,we did some exercises and took our breakfast at the hostel canteen.

Afterwards,we attended a seminar called"Design Interface".It's all about web designing and concept understandings,I'd learnt something interesting from the lecturer-aka teacher.We then went out for presents after a session of lectures,Pok and I went out for the elaborations.We compared Google and MSN website regards of the pros and cons.Hopefully I did not embarrassed him.XD. At night,I escaped from the camp in order to attend my mum's birthday.



This is my mum's bday cake and I heard this brand was committed by the Royal Family as well.

In fact,I received a lucky draw present despite I was absent that time.At the night,I witnessed some nice programs from Pok's lappie like PPstream,XMPP,Apache and others.Anyway,those programs are really worthwhile and interesting.

The next day and also known as the last day,as usual we also had a seminar arranged by our senior pok,icen and zhentak.They gave a speech regards of building a website from A to Z.At 4pm like that,the camp finally ended up with gifts and punishments for the win and lose both groups.4.30pm,we went home right after the camp.

There's some shots taken during the camp
Guo Xin and Joel

Guo Xin and Me

Joel holding the CHIP magazine while I'm tempted at somewhere.

This is also one of our guess Hao Ran came from Zhun kong.

At night,playing cards kakiz include teacher and us are "utilizing" time there.

Let me concludes....
We did..
  • Short HTML Course
  • Attended few seminars
  • Played Games
  • Met some others guess from various school
  • Obtained some new ideas in web design
  • Get to know for some awesome program like XMPP,PPstream[Thanks to POK]
  • And others as well!
Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pikom PC Fair III Exclusive!

Today 14th is the last day of 2008 PC FAIR festival,this time I'd breakthrough myself to take shots of babes.Thanks to Ubeyou for motivating me and giving me inspiration in getting evolve in shooting.I'm excited today,yesterday did not sleep well because of nervous.You know,this is my first time taking camera to shoot babes,and I'm just 15 yrs old what?=)

I did not bought much thing this time,only 2 GP AAA batteries for my wireless keyboard.Bought it for RM30,not cheap also.My rich-greedy[Added description!XD] friend Edwin gone retard and bought a Sonic Gear Vacuum Tube and an ancient Radio thingy.He lost his strength in carrying the heavy speaker by the way KLCC Convention Center back to Suria.Haha..I guess he really have to sacrifice something in order to own the Vacumm Tube thingy.XDMeanwhile,I took some freebies like plastic fan and recycle bag.

Unimportant wits are not necessary now,I know you guys being realistic!So the pics are here,but I wont give u RAW version!Go snap yourself if wan so!Bleh!And obviously is babes pic>hardwares!Congratz..skychin had gone Crazy!=)

This time despite Tracy did not come[NOT I been enlighten by reader that Tracy is appeared in the Dell Group.She did come that day,but not today right?],but we still have some couraging flagships like Eva and etcs.

SanDisk Booth Babes


PC Guru-Literally has a teacher look=)

After portraits babes,now landscape babes and forgive me not using all portrait because I'm first time newbie in shooting.Sry.Sry!=)

K-O Babes


Eva and her partner

Eview Salesguy!The only male in this post==

Eview Babe,ok lor..

Acer's Babe

AMD's Babe

BenQ Babes

Dell's Babes[Not bad]

Samsung Salesperson[Cant I pronounce her a babe also?Dunno...she keep shouting price and model,perhaps it's a salesperson instead of a babe]XD

Dell's Babes

Lenovo's Babe

Others Photographer..
This is one sexy..=0

Probally day one captures..

Eva's Macro shot

Previous Booth Babe Winner

She's adorable too,dont know why never notice her today.==

Pikom 2008 PC Fair Babes are merely discouraging as the absent of tracy and some better models.Nevertheless,I'd taken my 1st step to snap photos hopefully the upcoming PC Fair would have a better shots.=)

Inside the PC Guru Room!

Apple's Store



Canon's Camera Being the Bestselling!1000D left 3units!XD

Thanks for intensifying yourself into the world of Visual-Candy.XD

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nightmares does not comes with a Scent!

9th Evening 5PM

A devastating disaster had happened to us,we encountered a serious electric malfunctions due to the reckless and careless of our mighty neighbour.And plus the inefficiency of TMB which only came to address the probelm after few hours of the report..Opps,am I spelled it wrongly?....=D

This was actually happened when we was about to install our TV Antenna,meantime we then use the electric cutter to cut a little piece of wood in order to lift up the antenna.Basically,the electric cutter is somewhat of new.We never use it more than twice since that day we bought it.When we were about to activate the cutter,suddenly the whole house abounded by Pok!Pok Pok sounds aka fireworks.Initially,we were then suspected the electric cutter was malfunction.But actually was not,we disconnected the eletric cutter but it was no avail.The pok!pok! sounds keep occuring,and every bit of Pok! representing a lost of our electric appliances or devices.In order to reduce losses,we immediatly shut down the main switch and called up TMB..I spelled wrong again..=D

After a long waits for approximately of 1 hours+,the TMB van was finally reached the place.We were glad to see them reached there.After a simple diagnostic,the TMB fella said that it was related to our mighty neighbors' "mis-renovation",it was due to the faulty wiring done by them.But they said,their house was locked and the electric box was inside,they cant do anything unless the neighbour let them to go inside.But you know what?The neighbor was away,FUCK That!We guys are waiting for them to come back,but we dont have the numbers of his.

According to the neighbors,the little trouble neighbor is a journalist and had been working in Bernama.We then called up to his office and traced his number from their asistant,fortunately we got his numbers.After contacted him,he said that he was on the way back to address this problem.


But after 3 hours,he still did not appear himself on.We ran out of ideas,TMB fellas came again and told us the best way was to disconnect and bypass"its" house in order to solve the problem.

Obviously,the wiring of the trouble fella was awkward and stupid,they mixed the wiring with the fine and thick wire in a same circuit.How can they do like this?No wonder incuring instability la,nevertheless TMB had cutted their wiring and then bypass its house and connected back the supply to the rest of neighbors who were being innocent to this trouble.They said"If They like to get back the supply,they have to call us.If not,we wouldn't let them to do like that"

However,TMB was being working hard on this trouble.As you could witness their effort in getting the probelm solve.

Climbing the little stair was being illuminating especially surrounded with a bright skies in the midnight.The TMB[I knew it spelled wrongly XD] fella looks stunning cool!=)What an Artistry!

Right of that time 10pm+,the problem was temporary solved after their bypassing through the trouble neighbor's house.We were good to hear it as finally ended up with lights and lamps lighted up.


The voltage came back to normal with a rate of 238.1Volts respectively!=)

Everyone was back to their house in order to check out the damages which been incurred by this trouble.I guess we are the house which obtained the most losses in electric appliances.Let me elaborate further on these!

We lost...
  • Sharp Aquos R3 Designer Series[My 1st LCD TV for the godsake][Pending for waranty]
  • 2xPanasonic Puritee Air Conditioners[Repaired]
  • 2xPhilips Tornado Power Saving Lamps[Replaced one of them]
  • 1xPCI Ethernet Switching Hub[Dead]
  • 1xAztech 605EW's adapter[Dead]
  • Electric Alarm Clock[Dead]
  • Air Purifier [Repaired]
Conclusion is,we spent over hundreds ringgit in repairing those things,how to do?We plan to subject the claims to TMB in order to get compensations for that.Why us?We were really Innocent!==

We learnt a precious lesson from this incident.
I bought another AVR with my rich friend Edwin,this one is placed on my TV desk in order to protect my upcoming back Aquos after its RMA.

This is the air conditioners IC board which was burn to death.

I was fucking grateful that my viewsonic is alive despite of the big disaster had happened,becuz u know..I was opening my PC when the troube was happening.Shock me also..Thanks to my AVR!I love you!!!!Muacks Muacks!!!

hey!!!See..the light is on!You are alive!I love u LCD!XD

My Smilodon and rig are still alive too!=)

Conclusion is
For every home,we should have at least have an AVR in order to protect your precious things.Here,I learnt an expensive lesson,now my home is equipped with 3 AVRs now.Hehe..I'm not scare of "you" now!=)

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