Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tragedic CNY! I'm sick..of this

"There must be something wrong .." guys would thought of me by not blogging for almost 3 days.Ya...instincts are reliable uncle has just past away for the God Damn Sake.Theseday I went back to the hometown in order to greet and send my very last regards for him.Actually Uncle is the 4th children following by my dad[3rd bro] in the family.


Uncle was a good and kind person in his past of life,which is also a respectable headmaster in his archived school.When I was small,Uncle frequently gives exercise books for me and was a great joker too.I remember that I was studying without tuition,and only does some exercise books given by Uncle as a supplement.In result,I did achieved 7As in my UPSR thanks to his courage in supporting and guiding me.Without his little help,I would not able to achieved such result,perhaps would be 6 or 5As only.

In this regards,as a headmaster in school.Uncle was also a responsible and friendly staff/leader,he did not been lazy for a second tough in running the school.According to his partner/ex friends,Uncle usually spent his time in the school!Without granting the identity of a headmaster,Uncle does any other jobs including repairing junk yard,planting papaya trees,cleaning the toilets,etc.Uncle had dedicated his life into the education world beneath of his maximum courage.

What was a regret,Uncle was actually extending his further study in UPSI for the past years which 2009 is the final year and unexpectedly this kind of tragedy came to him.I was deeply sad and pathetic for him,while his daughter and wife were also being alienating for the past time.Until,last year 17th December 2008,Uncle had admitted to the hospital that he got lymphoma[a type of lymphatic cancer which was incureable stage4],his wife and daughter came to visit him and had spent over his final phrase with them.Thus,I was grateful that they have had came back to accompany him for the last moment sake.

January 27th 4am,Uncle's body was unable to sustain anymore.He had passed away right at the morning of 4am.Everyone was very sad and depressed,we then went back to hometown for the funeral affairs.

Aunties and Uncles were obviously very sad of this,especially for Nanny.She was crying for the whole day and dad and uncles are comforting her.During the funeral ceremony,the Christians came for praying.Which a phrase are really truly makes me admire of is,"A guy whom borned in whatsoever circumstances are not important,what important is how the guy finish his life in."Uncle was borned in poor and was been suffering and may did wrong during his past of life,yet he finally ended off his life in a state of peace and prosper as the present of his wife and daughter for the last moments indeed.Which,I think it's similar as Uncle's storyline,Uncle I really admire of you..perhaps you may stand a chance to read my blog in the heaven also.I promise I will be a kind-hearted person which will not commit any fraud and faults!As you urged me before you "go".I"ll deeply remember your wits and tears!

Life is really fragile tough,perhaps a month?a day?a second would changes a person from a strong/hunk to a corpse.My final words here would be,life is short and dont waste your life!Some may struggling hard to liveout for one or few more seconds,but yet some may not passionate in their life may keep wasting time in yelling their problems to others.So which method do you want to occupy with your life?I would say I will dedicate my dreams for the better, which was the lesson I'd learnt from this incident.
Sunday, January 25, 2009

My loot for CNY! 1Terabyte..Isn't it's huge?

Since last year the day I bought my new pc,I'd been yelling on my dad for a new HDD instead of the IDE 80GB one.You know,a new setup without a new HDD is just imperfect enough,all my favourite games and movies were unable to keep long due to the lack of space.Now,I would say I'm lazy in deleting files when provided with a new 1TB of room space.

Here's my interaction with the new and old HDDs as well.They and I expressed our VOICES through there!
[Enlarge to see]

Imagine your palm granting on a weighty steel despite you could not eat that!What should I call this?No matter how great or awesome is your pc,without an appropriate massive storage,It'll just be a little strenghthless hunk.It's a Gem of Powerhouse!Everything is Inside!When It Crashes,Your're ruined too!=)

Eco Friendly HDD:WD has reduced power consumption by up to 40 percent compared to standard desktop drives with the combination of WD's IntelliSeek™, NoTouch™, and IntelliPower™ technologies.Which was especially welcomed for such heavy user like me thus could downloading"legal" stuffs and playing games throughout the day.

RM365 as my CNY loot,isn't it's just a priceless reward?XD
Thursday, January 22, 2009

Story of a Retard!


Here "I'm" going to turn "myself" into a 3rd party role in order to tell you a Story,once upon an evening,a boy called"Retard" just went back from school.He was damn excited and happy to try out a stupid thing.The boy "retard" wish to come out an Collector CD edition for his studio,but the problem is he wish to cut down the costs of using additional paper instead of printing on the plastic CD bag.So he initiated to make out a demo CD set first,despite he knew that plastics are easily to get melt at high temperature,but he urged himself to do it indeed.

"Retard" is a secondary Chinese School student,he knew it's hot![In chinese!]Even Korean and Japanese version are also written right the yellow caution tag!So what?"Retard continued his effort to print the logo on the plastic cd sheet!He assume his printer is not that HOT either!

With his full felicitates,"Retard" placed in a sheet of plastic cd sheet and ready for the "PRINTING"(MELTING )job."Retard was pretty optimistic for the result,after clicked the print button,the logo had started to print!

You guess what?The result is THIS!The orange CD sheet had turned into a deformed and charcoal plastic sheet with some"satay" smells."Retard" was afraid,he then pulled out the jammed plastic sheet from the printer.Unfortunately,the printer was still jammed due to some left pieces of plastic were still inside the printer's roller.He knew that his father is coming back home and going to use the printer also,"Retard" was like fucked up and nervous!

"Retard" tried many times of clicking print but it came with zero avail.After that, "Retard" took out his tools and equipments in order to check it out what's blocking inside.Torchlight,forceps,long-nose player were taken out,and "Retard" diagnosed that the pieces are stuck at the roller compartment.The printer's roller was blocked by the melted plastic pieces.He then use his finger to dig it out following by using a forceps until he cutted his finger.

"Retard" had to continue to work it out as it was running out of time,his dad is coming back in literally!Not too long...not too short perhaps,"Retard" managed to take out all the pieces from the printer's roller within an hour with several efforts like injured his finger and almost sweat and nervous to death.XD

With all sorts of melted or folded papers which taken out from the printer,"Retard" swore that he would not be itchy hand again!Obviously,"Retard" had an interesting evening with several traumatized happenings.XD

By the way,"Retard" would not give up his tendency to come out his studio Collector Edition.But perhaps next time with greater consideration and wiser way before start to do anything."Retard" deeply learnt a lesson today.

Who is that?Surprisingly that person is quite familiar for me,but it's not me!I know you knew it..for my dignity sake..please tell me it's others!And..Not me.
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Man Raped Girl So He Could Learn English In Prison, Stupid !!!!!!!!


A Romanian ex-convict[meaning that previously he'd jailed before] brutally raped a young woman in Wakefield because he wanted to be sent to a British jail to learn English. Ali Majlat, 35, attacked the 21-year-old woman as she waited on a platform at Wakefield Kirkgate station.

He raped her in an underpass before robbing her of her mobile phone, purse and a bracelet at 8.30pm on Sunday October 12 last year, Leeds Crown Court heard.

The court heard after his arrest Majlat told a psychiatrist he decided to rape the woman because he wanted to go to jail where he would be fed, housed and be taught English.

Doctors ruled Majlat is not mentally ill.

Majlat raped the woman after travelling to Wakefield to visit his brother at the city's maximum security jail.

He fled to London but was arrested days later after a nationwide British Transport Police appeal.

The court heard Majlat said he entered the UK intending to visit his brother immediately after being released from a Romanian jail last June after serving time for theft and attempted robbery.

In September he was jailed for eight weeks by Horseferry Road magistrates in London for burglary.

Judge Alastair McCallum asked Majlat's defence counsel: "Is it right that he (Majlat] said 'When I was at the railway station I thought I should rape this lady in order to get a place to eat and sleep and learn the English language."

Mark McKone, for Majlat said: "He does say words similar to that." Mr McKone said his client had been sleeping rough for some time.

Judge McCallum said: "That's bizarre ... Is it going to be part of the mitigation that the reason for committing this offence was to get into an English jail so he had somewhere to sleep and learn the language?"

Mr McKone said it would not be a mitigating factor, but added: "It is the defendant's explanation."

Judge McCallum asked the Crown Prosecution Service to investigate Majlat's criminal history in Romania.

And he said he wanted to know if there was any procedures in place to alert customs officers to criminals like Majlat travelling to the UK from Romania under EEC regulations.

Majlat, of no fixed abode, had admitted rape and robbery.

He will be sentenced in April.

Judge McCallum said he was considering imposing a life sentence.

Det Supt Dave Shipperlee, of British Transport Police, said: "This was a violent and sustained attack on a young woman who must have been absolutely terrified.

"Police conducted an intensive investigation to catch the man responsible. I would like to reassure the public that incidents such as this are extremely rare on the railway network and also to thank everyone who came forward with information to help us in our investigation."

Wtf?Where's the human rights for women?And how could he do like this?Disrespect for women and such pervert would like to learn English?Speechless..What a clever and pervert idea..He's a "Prison Addicts".==
Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hopes high as Obama takes Administration!


"The first African-American to become U.S. president will take his oath against the backdrop of plunging world stock markets, prospects of a drawn-out U.S. and global downturn, a trillion dollar federal deficit and fears of more crippling bank losses."

By tomorrow in our country time,Barrack Obama is going to take on the vision of all Americans with pride.Thus,one of my idol too,Barrack Obama is an influential person who being anticipated to bring back the economy circumstances!

Not to be too acerbic,perhaps not to have any people are going to assasinate him.I damn scare,cuz you know..last time also the same thing happened to an African.But let's forget about this as it wont happen I doubt and Pray!=D

Good Day American!Good Day Obama!This year I'm probally same as you which are going to elevate myself to a new level of magnificent!=)
Sunday, January 18, 2009

My 1st time in taking part of Photography!

Yesterday was 新春描绘,our school photography society had organized an event themed "The scenery of CNY".Early was really not TOO interested in that,but that day I met Joel at the canteen right after ate and when I was heading back to my class.Joel asked me regards of the competition,

Joel:You got taken part in the Photography Competition?
Me:What's that?And what competition?
Joel:[After a bunch of description regards of that..]
Me:I"ll consider it!

Who knows?The next recess time,I rushed to the counter and registered myself into the competition.

That day,I went to snap along with Joel with his tripod.Really,without the tripod I think I would not get to take great shots either.Thanks to Joel for his tripod and motivations for me!Despite seing their own society's members are also participating this event with huge DSLRs,but I still brave up myself to take part.Hehe

Here's some shots I chosen to be best of the best that day,hence I submitted these to the counter alrdy.Readers,kindly comment about the pictures.





Final words,dont ever under estimate my A590IS.Without DSLRs,I'm able to make the same effects too.But perhaps with more courage only,with an ordinary camera yet throughputing extraordinary pictures!It's crisp and vibrant!

I love my Camera,I blog with Passions,I blog with A590IS!=)
Friday, January 16, 2009

Disaster sometimes are meant to be Awesome!


Yesterday was a pretty bad day,I accidentally deleted my whole public HTML directory.Oh fuck!How could I do this?Actually yesterday I wish to create a subdomain for my friend-Chin Yen,then that time which unexplainable I was pretty lazy to upload and use the 1-click installer to install wordpress.Who knows after that,the setup prompted me that there's some files are existed inside the new dir.

Then I use the cpanel to proceed into the directory,initially I was pretty sure that I'd selected the right files.Thus,I clicked select all then press delete.What was really fucked up me is,I 'd selected all files[Yes..I had selected all the files]..but not inside the new dir yet is the WHOLE DIRECTORY!Oh noo!!I totally pissed off man..whole night cannot sleep.

The next day,I was freaking run out of concentration in class because you know..there something SERIOUS had happened to me.How could you concentrate when faced these kind of..DISASTER?Imagine your working studio has ruined by urself with juz a single click and the"select all" option.

Right after reach home,I rushed infront of the pc and started to workout for the new site.Yupe.NewSite...Not easy huh?Imagine a bowl of soup has totalled infront of urs,and now u gonna make a new one.[Haha..I know I'm pretty imaginative!].

From uploading the authoring software to addressing the spacing bugs problem which I had asked throughout the whole LYN forum.But not returning with appropiate answer,I then google up myself.Finally,I manage to found a solution which is doing a little tweaks inside the site's CSS sheet.

Well..Welll..Well...Well[It's Pretty well!]What amazed me is,this one is far better than the previous one!!!!I satisfied with it,could be this incident had be motivation whom induce me to form a hectic revolution in such of short time?Frankly,I never tried to renovate a site in such short time.It's a breakthrough for me!XD

Here's a phylosophy I got in these 2 days is,Nightmares sometimes would makes someone steps exceeds their own limits!I sensed this way of Inducement!Or else I"ll be abound by my strong daily procrastination..Or else..You would not see the new SkyChinStudio instead of the V2.2 Beta.Haha..GoodDay my readers and sorry for the late posts!
Monday, January 12, 2009

New Era College.New Way of Punching! XD

I know it's lame to repost here again,but I think it's pretty funny.Keep laughing and replaying the punching scene.*woot*Nowadays colleges are dare to punch professor somemore,what if in the upcoming years to go?Maybe minister?President?Excuse my wits really,but by the way it's freaking funny when this came to a sudden!

When Professor Yap was giving his speech within the stage,suddenly when he's talking till the word"自强不息“,then a man wearing an apple green T-shirt headed up to the stage and punched directly to his nose with a smooth,impact,agility way which without any hesitation seriously!I was impressed with him,not for his tendency to punch professor,but his steady and confident way lol.After that,he walked down to the stage and did not even look backwards.Wow!How can?Is this a talent too?Like Taiwan Ah Bian also got kicked ass!HahAhahahahaha
Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Opening of a new journey,my school life!

You life which is known as your second life tough if you're a student.As usual,everyone would get busy in literally each time when it comes to the opening of studying fever!

Thesedays,besides settling the school,books,additional fees.We met up with our subjects teacher in our very first lessons today,I was impressed with Ms.Tania which is my english subject teacher.She's a mixed blooded chinese and british.Somewhat,her accent and english is just freaking distinctive!I think I would admire her someday perhaps.Other teachers like Computer,Chinese,Additional Maths are not too suprisingly impressed me.Apparently,our computer subject teacher is really a damn noob in hardware studies as well as HTML's[Our main course of this year] ones.So I was wondering how could she got eligible in teaching me man!Comon...This is really what we call unqualified..==

My new books which had coincided a part of the working desk.

Also a bad news to everyone in ChongHwa,our class schedule has been added with an extra 5mins more.Which is,our finishing school period will be 3.15 respectively.Oh fuck!Hong Cheng!!!How could you do that?More sadly,my old books have unable to sold off not even one due to the fucking school which conducted a new policies regards of ordering books.Thus,students have to place their books order before open school.So how can I manage to sell it before the opening of school?Right?*Sigh*

Whose fault here?School.

Every glorious victory will actually begin with some great kick-starts,here I will be starting to get through into a new environment no matter in studies as well as in society.This year,which is my turn to take over Pok's place is actually not easy.I've done some tutorials regards of the society's class and handed up to the teacher.So within that,I realized that in taking over the responsibles are really not easy at all.Besides concerning the society's existing plans,I got to work it out for the new ideas as well.

Nevertheless,I would be optimistic in taking these challenges along with my studies.Definitely,working beneath passions are always better than working beneath constrains,I'm very sure that I'm the one whom working under Passions!
Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to Work and Studies!

Christmas and New Year celebrations were fucking over,it's time to get back myself to the working/studying mode already man.

5th is going back to study soon,today I went back to Chong Hwa as the invitation of Yimin regards of a very lamefull exhibition?Actually I feel cheated of getting back to school which only acted as a guess which, in order to occupy some seats of the hall.Wtf? thought who am I?...Ok la..forget about that..I'd forgiven all already.By the way,please dont foul me out once again ok?

Basically I saw many of form1 students had their orientation classes and going back to home while I'm heading in to the school gate which is their opposite directions.The classes and school's facilities are well renovated and ready to use,thus I took a glimpse when exploring the whole school while waiting my dad to fetch me back after the lamefull exhibition.

Well for my career,I'll be started to write articles as usual since theseday being abit lazy of doing now I've been thinking for ideas and things to write then.

For the readers I think you guys would have the same story and dilemma as mine,well you know......we would have to wake early everyday afterthat and meanwhile which meaning that the time of playing will be much less than usual holidays.

In this regards,wishing you guys have a Great Courages and Be Safe in the upcoming busy days I guess.

Photo credited to Joeks
Thursday, January 1, 2009

[First Breathes of Everything,]1st January 2009!



Everything regards 2008 is considered as pass,our new life has begun today! "Last year"[Can I say last year instead of yesterday?] was really fun party at Long's house.This time I brought my best friend-Derrick to there as well.

Initially everyone was astonished with him,and I guess our clothes are darn adorable.Thanks to Giordano's 50% mega sales held on last year December.Both of us were wearing Giordano's shirt that day.As Derrick did not brought any nice clothes,therefore I lent my new one to him.XD

*I know I know*....It must be awesome if you guys would have a friend like me which will volunteering to give my own new clothes' virginity to friends.I did that yesterday!Hehe..Perhaps Derrick would looked charms with that clothes!

Perhaps that party was very great,when we confronting girls and friends there.Btw,some of them are really annoying,which harassed you when you're being very thrilling.Besides,those girls are pretty conservative as we tried to talk with them but unfortunately they did not acted too amicable I think.Only got one of them,which[Sorry girl,my fault of not knowing your name =)] we more felt welcomed by her,she took pictures with us without a refusing wits.I and Derrick apparently appreciated for it!


Right after 12am,everything has came to 2009!They spraying each others with the artificial snow and we're joining them too.Overall it was pretty fun and crazy,and here with conjunction with my post here I apologize to Long's family for messing up their home lol.

We then went home at approximately 12.30,Derrick accomodated at my home that night.We watched movie until 4am and were freaking tired that time.We then slept right after the movie and woke at 9am.So we only managed to sleep about 5hours only!

This evening,Derrick finally went back at 4pm.We sent him to the nearest Railway station and greeted leaving after that.

Lastly,I would like to thank Derrick for accompanying me throughout theseday since 30th.You're my best friend and perhaps I dont have any gift for you before you leave is not a regret.You know why?Because our relations have had just a beginning,there's still a long way for us to go.So in my opinion,you're not leaving me unless you dont have internet!

So Derrick,I would like to say that perhaps after years we"ll definitely changed drastically and when the time we once to meet again would be the time we'd achieved something great or magnificent.I will study hard!So you are Derrick!

More pictures kindly refer from my friendster page!

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