Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hands on: 2nd Album Oh!

Initially I was damn lazy to keep my hands composing this post,but something really please came to me today,thereby it's pretty inevitable that I will not writing.If you were me,you would have blog as well. XD


Since 27th of January, I had pre-ordered the album before the official launch.

After a long wait from the official launch,
Since living in Malaysia is not going to get the album at 28th,I could not stand anymore hence went to download the album,regardless I did not feel guilty as I had bought the album in prior.But you know,nobody is going to listen the album with a CD player isn't it?Buying the album is tantamount to composing a support note to your idol.In other words,you are not going to use the CD aren't you.

After a standstill from custom detainment ,
Just before CNY,I was keeping my fingers crossed that the album will arrive at my doorstep and that I could bring back to my hometown and listen to it along the north-south journey to Batu Gajah.But sadly,Macie who was the dealer said she had some abruptness occasion that she could not manage to deliver the album before CNY.I was damn pissed off but this might not be the worst thing.

Thus,I waited for a few days and another bad news came to my ears and this time the albums were detained under custom inspection.Hence,they asked for a subtle duty fees costing RM2 only,luckily RM2 I was so blessed that time. I made my payment right on the day of announcement and hoping that it will arrive before my brother is going back to KL,as he might be fortunate to have a first glimpse of the album

Surprisingly I received a text from Joel saying he had receive the album,at the moment the only thing came out to mind was-'Please this time should not be any obstruction to me anymore,please grant me the same scenario as Joel does'.

And not out of my thrill,my mum told me that the 'stuff' has arrived on the doorstep and it was a narrow coincidence as my mum was going to fetch me when the courier came to my house.A few more minutes late will make me going to POS MALAYSIA office to redeem the album*sigh.


Let's witness the open box experience,

The smell of South Korea is so strong that I could know it's a genuine korea's offspring.And precisely it's Sonyuh scent,my nose definitely would not lie!

The poster is rolled into a paper stick,which is pretty safe to protect from any circumstances.

The package of the album itself is pretty much resemble like a book.In contrast,it's even thinner but in the same form like my undang textbook.While the album is printed in matte paper and it could be easily get folded or damaged by any cost.


The CD is clipped on the last page of the 'Book',and by removing the CD,Hyoyeon eyes will be removed from the crops also.Though,I wont mind asTaeyeon eyes are not cropped.=D Taking out and putting back the CD often will tend to make damages to the book,since it's pretty much fragile.

Look,hyoyeon eyes are cropped with the CD mount.

Due to the preorder batch,they will receive an exlcussive photocard bundled with the album.And I was kind a lucky receiving Yuri photocard regardless what I wanted was Taeyeon's photocard.But on the bright side,if you were not to overlook that I were to receive Hyoyeon and Sooyoung photocards which going to make me suicide.

An exclusive voucher by desirak,which I guess it's like for free songs redemption via online.At the backside is printed with a line of generated code numbers.

The book is printed with many pages and it's not possible to post every pages here.

The poster is big and I need to place 4 bottles to sit on the edges as the paper is rolled up for quite a period of time.Now the thing I am going to do will be attaching it to my bedroom of course!

The hassle that made me running around and rushed to buy tape in order to hang up the poster.Finding scissors,tape and seeking for a perfect place are not easy jobs really.

But finally I ended up moving to the right as the air conditioner will tend to spill some water and cause humidity on the poster.That's why I am doing it,you know I would not want it to be filled with molds.

The poster really perks up the atmosphere of the entire room!=D

Well,the only thing I am having is the WMP does not update the album info from with the right information wtf.


Rip job finish! And now I am to put back the CD into the book already!
Friday, February 19, 2010

New Year Jaunt

Occupied whole a lot of time playing theseday,especially when I first came back to KL after Tuesday.We went visiting friends house and hangout.We tend to sleep at 4-5am theseday,and ironically Chinese New Year is rather tired than usual.

The also my first time visiting friends home to garner angpows,we went over 7 houses on round-clock sequence,which occupied the entire day.At night,we did tenpayaki at Edwin's compound and it was a huge feast to me,hadn't feel so occupied before,FYI they are all meat damn.

Later on,we went to v2 for gaming session and I managed to come home at 4am.The next day,which I initially thought it was use to replenish my fatigue but ended up hanging out with them.The same scenario took place,we then went for gaming session to 3am,and went home.

Albeit felt tired,but I enjoyed playing for entire days like a psycho.Next week,I will no longer fritter off my time like this again,how I wish I could play like this again wtf.

Besides,bought my prime lens yesterday and I cant help playing with it,but on the other hand I felt abit emptied as all the $ is spent off.Hell,last time they didn't warn me that photography is such an expensive hobby.^*(!@#$%^&

I spent hours working on to author questions for the upcoming IT competition to be held in school this morning,this time I will be the person who makes questions.Feel like revenging from my past,HAHA!More,I have just tapau-ed the geography slides this morning,the only thing left is elocution preparation.*sigh

Okay finish, I have to go now.

p/s 2 days to open school,treasure your time and do something useful please.
Thursday, February 11, 2010

You be you.

Life occurred very busy to the subject below lately,he hasn't manage to buy his new year clothes and get himself prepared to embrace the Chinese New Year.

Above is the depicted subject,whose being a notably self obsessed individual.Apparently,that is his working space.

And last week,he made his lifetime initiative to take part of the English Elocution Competition,and now he is trying very hard from every bit to his mettle to get nominated in the coming preliminary session.More,if you know this subject in person,you would have known he is a comedic orientated individual,whose cannot get serious at any cost,not at ALL.Thus,elocution competition is pictured as a massive disaster for him,and more this will be his very first attempt ever.

The reason behind of this picture is used to remind the subject to be diligent and reason his psyche towards technology.The only force that is beyond any steroids or nitrous you would have seen before,proprietorially comes from the person.

Substituting the word"Tonaekoda" meaning 'You are Mine' in korean is the key to unlock all the potentials hidden behind.

Subject is keeping his fingers crossed for
  • A victory in English Elocution Competition
  • Success of his Undang Test
  • Thrive of SPM
  • Scholarship Opportunities
And these would be probably his sense of optimism to embrace the Chinese New Year.And deemed as the'Now or Never' in his milestone.

Well,here are the things the 'subject' needed to complete after the Chinese New Year holiday.

Lastly,subject would like to wish all his friends for a resplendent and auspicious Chinese New Year!Moving Forward!

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