Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Central Bank Visit


Finally got to visit the central bank,so far we have visited the parliament and central bank,hopefully more to come before we graduate.Generally speaking,nothing much than their fantastic architecture in the BSN Museum.They could be as lavish as spending on 3 commercial projectors just to make an interactive information wall,that they have like 16 projectors working in the gallery.Nice tempered glass and marbles there,there were sculptures and paintings on the 3rd floor which they claim could cost up to six figures.


Us and Ms.Koh and the birthday boy at the centre,Wai Leong.


The presenter did his job in the brief introduction part of what the central bank does.One thing I find irritating about the presenter was that he couldn't keep to his native tongue,trying to fake accents was odd already.The worst part was he couldn't keep to one,and switched from British to American and finally his own manglish later on.

It did us a painstaking experience walking for 600m to the BNM Museum,the irony was other colleges had their own buses sending them to the entrance but only us having to walk :( Overall the trip was a success and later we had our lunch in Steven's Corner with Jordan,Xavier and our president,Jiwan.

Tomorrow's a public holiday,that's why I get to blog now :D

p/s Pictures credited to Guo Zhang and his capable camcorder.
Friday, April 6, 2012


2012 has been quite good to me albeit being quite tied up,thank you for everything from the family,friends.I was touched by the birthday surprise and it was so beautifully planned that I totally fell for it.

Never regretted choosing A level at all,met amazing people and soulmates,teachers in the college.This year,I have plenty of things in mind.Age comes with wisdom is true according to many,you get maturer and care about people as you grow.Birthday isn't merely about anniversary of your manhood,it's a celebration of life for what you have achieved.Through the entire year,I'd like to thank everyone for shaping me a better person,be it nuisances or good people.

The best asset you could have for life is friends and family,I've never been so grateful for having them.You need these people to keep you on the right track at times and whine about life.

My birthday resolutions are pretty much the same,2012 is a continuation of last year's journey.So yeah,this year is the time to get ripe fruits and see results.

Let's do well in A level!

Lastly,thank mum for bringing me to this world.

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