Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chong Hwa Computer Society Introduction Video!

Yeah,finally I'd free to upload this video into youtube le.For peoples who never watch sake,It's a MUST!If not, you"ll really regret for it.REALLY!In addition,in this video I've took part in acting too,although is only a "Klefe" but its an honour to work for CHCS due to last time in 2008.=D

Overall,this would be the best video we ever done as we did a video last year and was not decent as this Enjoy!Plz leave your comment at youtube or here as well.
Friday, August 29, 2008

Damn Dissatisfy with Nutz Service Provider

Today went home hence bathed and wish to turn on my pc here,then sudden the connection could not be established.Oh Wtf?Then I asked myself"Again and again?[Actually this is not the 1st time alrdy,about 3 times liao] The same occurs problem?*Argh*So I tried up to 7times alrdy,but still remains the same...The Red LED still lights up instead of a normal yellow indicator at the internet lamp.So by that time,I was near to crazy liao,then pick up the phone and call 100..then select streamyx services,u know what happen?The operator put us into songs and advertisements while awaiting for their slow decads replies.So after 10mins,I still stucked at the operator waiting process and finally I run crazy liao and slam the phone.*No bird liaw*I straight went for a nap afterthat.

Then after awaken,I tried again here.Then comes back to normal liao!Finally!And WTF Tmnutz?Is this a relevant service to consumer that works occasionly and has a poor service support team that require customers to wait excessively long to report any problem either?I alrdy Fade up liao!Really funny la Malaysia's Monoplied Broadband ADSL service,they can do watever they like included in blocking people's website like Malaysia Today as well.So where's the justice?Making us more detest of them...Zzzz

Maybe next time will consider P1 or Izzi for my broadband services,I RATHER PAY MORE.Seriously!
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That's Me! XD

"The Computer Society organized a mini computer fair in the classrooms.With the walls and ceiling draped in black cloth and UV lights,they created a unique atmosphere.Chin Meng How presented a"Windows versus Linux Ubuntu show"

By Loo Han Rong

I was excited and appreciated to see this article after nearly 6months after the PC Fair had held on.Initially was abit depressed as the school didn't take any review about our society's biggest event-PC Fair,but today seems to have a little bit of surprise! The article was done by my friend-Ian Loo.XD


Yeah finally my name was honorably presented in the article.My effort are finally being appreciated by peoples!Cheers!*TOUCHED*

Our Society's Glories!

The little author! =D
Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fuel Price Reduction? So what's people response?

So like what Pak Lah announced,Fuel Price reduction for 15cents!So what do people respond for their candy trick?Politics Conspiracy perhaps?

Let's see what PJ people response for the decrease,

No sale?WTF?Yupe..nowadays people are kinda immunize by governments tricks maybe?As we know that PJ people are majority educated,so for this kind of little mosquitoes bit decrease would not gained any attention from them.The sales in fact are more less than normaldays,so people are fade up with their tricks alrdy.Who knows the price is not stable as you wish for?

Above is the graph taken for TheStar,so what do you think?So the reduction is not relevant right?The ratio of decrease are more than government offering for this case.
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PC's Physical Maintanence

Today was actually very lazy,so when I playing GRID experienced abit of jerky which was freaking uncomfortable plays.Therefore,I cannot tahan liao hence decided to clean up the pc's dust and see will be any improvement perhaps?

Who Knows? Guess what is this?

Yes..It's a Northbridge Passive Heatsink,the fan was removed.Are you guessed right?

Not only that,I had taken out the CPU Heatsink Fans as well as other additional cooler fan.

In addition I'd used the vacumm cleaner to suck those unreachable spots like those fans blades.After that,I power on back my fellow pc then It worked more silence and in GRID the performance was simply responsive and no Jerky anymore.Weird huh?So clean your pc regularly!
Saturday, August 16, 2008

My New Monitor aka VW2235wm rocks!

Yesterday just bought my new baby aka Viewsonic VW2235wm @Viewnet LYP.Initially I was thinking that 22inch is pretty huge,but when visiting the shop i realized that it's not actually big enough.So from ALLIT Hypermarket to viewnet,I just fallen love with the T220 from Samsung.But as the price is very expensive so is not my cup of tea,so after that we went to viewnet.Firstly,I shown the salesperson my pricelist which printed day before and asking for VW2235,hence I alrdy purposely highlight the line of price which eventually giving some pressure to the salesperson.

In result,the salesperson gives me the price lower than the pricelist which RM790 compare to Rm799 from ALLIT respectively.Sportingly,I agree with the price and purchased it.Before bringing back to home,I request for dead pixels and spots testing to prevent any hassle after purchased,in fact the salesperson was friendly and polite athough I was being very sensitive about the defects monitor.Likely after half an hour,we finally went back to home.

Begin to Shines!


[Now! =D Gigantic of differences right?]

Above are snapshots of my monitor both displaying the game-GRID.With the same red Nisssan Skyline GTR,*uhhhhh*Noticed significant differences right?So I swear will never ever use a CRT in future to come,unless I bankrupt alrdy!
My Little Confess
Actually this month I was a big spender,bought this monitor and some peripherals almost used Rm1k alrdy.Initially was "Pain" but when using this "TOY", I feel it's a worthy investment for my eye candies!Hehe..."Siegh"...Just Gorgeous!

Immersive HD playback enjoyment!

I played Red Cliff 2008 Xvid which downloaded via torrent,the playback was stunning vibrant and rich in color reproduction.1 to 2M viewing range will be highly recommended,as excessive close viewing range would be slightly not so nice for big monitor case.

New Workspace FengSui!

Apparently the workspace is dramatically increased resulting a higher productivity for user whom not only in viewing experiences as well as space conservation.In addition,the room heat was greatly decreased due to the removal of old existing CRT monitor.Looks like I'm a salesman right?...*Blek*No la......=.= Just too excited with new stuff only..

Environmental Friendly

[Energy Star Certified! Consumes 48W only! aka Philips Menthol]

Overall It's a best bang for a 22incher monitors,several LCD backlight leakage which can be experienced in dark environment is acceptable.Others defects like dead pixels,dots are Zero.Final word,I LIKE IT!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Torrent's Phenomena

*Aheerm*..Today wake up and sudden desire to download the Olympics 2008 HDTV Ceremony,so I went to many of sites including Isohunts,NFO, and etc for search.Finally found a 2.08GBs file and was excited hence I clicked and download.

Unfortunately things doesn't comes perfect everytime,this time the torrent didn't have any people seeding,about 300peers are awaiting for downloads.*Argh*Wtf?Then I think why I download Harold&Kumar this movie which alrdy been 6months from release still geeting 1k of seeds?Perhaps good stuff are hard to get right?

So my little advise and please for all torrents fans in the world,Please don't finish & run away!Please seed after download,at least for a moment ok?Hopes the olympics 2008 will got more seeds tonight.=D

Currently we have 2 seeders and 240peers are downloading now,perhaps will a more and more.I paused my downloads and will be resumed tomorrow.=D
Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tricked by the fella...

Initially this thing happened in monday,our class had finish the exercises period.Hence unfortunately that time is english period,as our english teacher is a death-ruled fella,so she forced everyone to change off the T-shirt.As her voice is not actually seems welcomed and unpolite,so some of our class members decided not to give her a Damn.That time things getting more climax,the teacher is a kind of face-minded.So she started to scold the student,as the student emotion is not welcoming her.So they started to argue,as the Fella is very clever,so she rapidly went out the class and went to the disciplines office and returned with a short slip and forcing the student to fill.

Then the stories continued in few days after that day,the Fella not only reported to the disciplines and even to the HM also.She added many of curries as obviously the things was never to be like that.In addition,the fella didn't come to class for alrdy 3 days.And today she finally shown up at the last period when after our class came in a disciplines master and only the fella shown up and u guess what the fucking reason she give to us?She said"Srry..teacher lee[the disciplines master],I used to see wrong the time table..."Oh Wtf?Dont tell me u had been seeing wrong the fucking time tables for these 3days?It's totally a Jerk action,I dont really need a fucking respect to these kind of fellas.

Nevertheless,as how it unfair to be....our class had been warned by the disciplines master infront of the fella.Not even that,the student that offended her had to read the apology letter infront of whole class and the disciplines master Loudly to cool down the fella's anger.Oh wtf?What kind of justice is this?Apparently the fella are tend to make this things big to revenge as according to her freaking characteristics.

So what to do?As we're student,everythings are not side to us when facing in these kind of cases.In every condition,the Teacher are the Right one whenever u're obviously the innocent one.From this story,I learned of lessons that some of teachers cannot be offended or else you"ll be ended with A Hard Fuck.
Sunday, August 3, 2008

PC Fair (II) 2008 (1st-3rd August)

Went Pc Fair today,this time I brought my A590IS along for some pic snapping.But unfortunately I dont dare to shot babes as my dad is beside me haha.Nevertheless,I just managed to shot some exhibition and manufacturers stores and etc.BUT,dont be disappoint I still will post some babes pic at the PC Fair which snapped by forumers.

[Samsung's Cute Babes]My favourite =D

BENQ's Babe [Looks sophisticated huh?]

You're not dreaming,Its a nurse-model for the PC Fair.But I dont actually realize them on the actual Pc Fair.

PC Fair Officials Babes.They sticking the upcoming Olymic Beijing Sticker on their left hand side.Overall also looks not bad!

Rest of these were originated from My A590IS

The Entrance of Pikom PC Fair,I used to walk along and take pics.Haha ~D

BENQ Projector Series Banners...

Guess what is this?Hehe..The Olympic Character!Haha..sponsored by Lenovo!Looks Cool!I took some survenior from him ady.Hehe


Bought a Konica 1350W laser printer as for RM199 and given Eminent Trolley and a Black T-shirt as free gifts.Otherwise,I also bought a black refill cartridge for my bro's MP145.As my upcoming 22incher,I"ll get it from LYP instead.Nevertheless,I'd took many of pics today!Cheers!
Friday, August 1, 2008

Received My Adsense Pin

Happy cuz finally received my adsense pin,so my payment is unhold successfully.Actually im quite satisfy with Google.Their services are great,I submitted my pin request from 4 weeks ago hence receive earlier than the time expected.Overall,It Great!

My current balance still far away from the cashout,so need more effort in getting visitor to my blog/site.Keke..~.~

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