Friday, December 30, 2011

Sending off 2011

So now it's the last remnant for 2011, the time we keep track of the resolution we vowed to what we have done so far.For me,this year was never a short one nor it was too long because I have done so much in this length of time.

It kicked in with the period of myself wasn't certain about the future after SPM.Soon after,I started to work in the secondary school for 2 months as an IT assistant,with all the hardships and efforts I earned my first payout later.That later led to the purchase of my first iPad,I learned about how things are earned but not given at work.I learned about give and take and became maturer as I work because you deal with different and incomprehensible things when you work under someone.2 months just passed in a glimpse,I wanted to work longer but my A level May intake was nearing in around 1 week.

The other episode of me later started in TarCollege,I came into the college as an A level student and have now completed the first semester.Fortunately,with all the hard work paid off,I managed to retain my scholarship.Got to know new friends and amazing people there,I took the mandate as class rep in the class to learn more because at that time I was oriented with the spirit of working after sometime working as an IT assistant,after all it really is a great effort to serve people,never regretted about this.Will do my best to fulfill my job in the next 10 months later in 2012 :)

And lately,I ventured into online trading with a friend selling mobile peripherals.Despite it didn't turn up really promising but I had a better picture about online trading,the knack of dealing with customer,suppliers,logistic and cost management.

This year,I'd only finished reading one book,The Devil Wears Prada.Don't know how it's for you,but it's a big leap for me because I hardly read printed book but digital media.To my confession,the gratification of reading real book is incomparable for its continuity in story and the scented paper.Gonna get the SteveJob's chronicles after I finished the other one.

A significant makeover took place in this year,dyed my hair in the October.So far the color has not faded with just a little hair growing out.Happy with the copper color,will have some touch up before 2012 Chinese New Year hehe.Just went to see Dermatalogist in Clinique yesterday and I'm now in the progress of getting rid of acne problem.

All and all,2011 isn't a destination for me.There is a long journey awaiting me in 2012,the climb I have been longing so badly.We need to take down just another year!
Friday, December 16, 2011

The Perfected 9

After having to consume so many boxes of Vita 500,I have finally perfected the collection of 9 for the thin bottles category.


The sense of achievement is truly conceivable,snapped these using my rotten 50mm 1.8 which is already having some fungus mushrooming the front element few months ago.It still serves me well with scrumptious and vivid photos after some tweaking done in photoshop.




If some of you happen to be collecting the Vita 500 bottles could try your luck dropping a comment here.I'm still having some extra Vita 500 bottles here,soon I'm going to get them recycled already.So hurry,I'd check for you.

Speaking of which,I took this long to realize that I love my 50mm 1.8 until it was found growing fungus.In spite of that,it still works fine producing Bokeh like it's a new one.You would find a tight 50mm frame actually helps you tidy up your composition and makes you move more to picture a photo.Compared to last time,I liked the 50mm merely for bokeh and fast aperture and nothing more will make me hook up for better picture.
Friday, December 9, 2011


Finally got my new Jenga set few days ago,I hadn't tried playing Jenga in my childhood previously.So this would be the time to make up for it,it's a very simple but exciting block game just in case some of you may like me.At first I knew what was Jenga but didn't have much interest in it until I came across to an episode of Running Man and Kyung Geun's Youtube video.Then I started to fall in love with it.

Initially I was wanting to get it as a Christmas present but finally couldn't contain my impulse and bought it from a toy shop at Times Square.It wasn't cheap either which I don't want to disclose it here.

You don't need to love Jenga because you need to.The Pine-wood scented wooden block will really make you in love with it.If you know what I mean,try to picture the IKEA's warehouse and you would have got the idea of this scent.

There are 52 exquisitely sliced wooden blocks,for starter they may feel tough in the hand because they're too new.Need time to season the pine wooden blocks with more practices and I believe someday they all will turn really smooth and nostalgically waxed.

Jenga really is the perfect thing to congregate family members spending time together in the living room.I'm bringing it back to Dad's hometown tomorrow for a short vacation :D
Saturday, December 3, 2011

2005 6S Primary School Gathering

There's a saying where quality of life is not about how much you have in monetary measure but the quality of your relationship with others.I came across to this quote in the radio but indeed it's so true.

Time really flies,we all changed as time passed and this gathering had been anticipated like forever to happen.To be exact,the last time we met each other was the time when we returned to the primary school for the UPSR cash give away.That was the time we were so busy starting our new journey in secondary school.Life was tougher than we thought.There was once a little hunch of me to hold a gathering after we finished our PMR,but as time passed,it just made me overlooked about our primary school peeps and ended up going vacation with my secondary gang.With all the exciting events happening for that time,I didn't really have time to reminiscence the past.

We hardly get in touch with each other,should this gathering happen because of FB.Because we are still mutually updated with each other's happening through FB.Thanks to Hong Keat for giving initiative for this gathering.Thank everyone for having this common interest to meet up,indeed if you don't,procrastination will sway you away.

Dachuan is one of my BFF,we had never seen each other since I left CHKL.

Albeit it was a lunch session,we talked about our past and adventurous scenes in the primary school.Things like how we hijacked the teacher's computer lab for gunbound,and jeered at each other's scandolous affairs took placed back then.

Nicholas Zheng has not changed much,he's still the once controversial thug in primary school.He was having fun bragging about his Harimau Malaya jersey or whatsoever.Thanks to his ride at the half way to the venue,we reached Nelson Tan Restaurant without any problem.

Ngui is getting more gorgeous than before,at the right was Chin Yee whom I couldn't get to remember her name at first.She said she studied in the same secondary with me but didn't see her in the school compound.She said her moving area was really tight and hardly went out for a walk,what a bookworm she was lol.

Such a coincidence happened in the restaurant where Kok Ming shared the same shirt with that kid.The kid was so in love with us for this incomprehensible reason.

They were both annoyed by the kid's doing lol.

Nicholas was spotted with ear piece at his left ear.But in the end of the day he was jeered by us for having that cause only gay people prefer ear piece.

One of the toys the kid chucked us with,we used it as a nice glass holder Haha.

Hong Keat and Song Seng.Song Seng couldn't have his lunch here because he's a vegetarian,we were so dumbfound when he officially announced he is now a vegetarian.Like since when?

Boon Kai was once my best driving contender at the time when we were standard 4.Thanks to him,I had able to climb up to 6S and met everyone.

Yu Hoe is still a man of nonchalance,he hasn't changed much.

Nicholas was busy camwhoring with my DSLR lol.

Kok Ming with Woan Chyi

Dachuan and Yong Jie.

In the end of the day,the gathering was a success.Everyone went home afterwards,thanks to Woan Chyi for being able to join us because she's from Subang.

Look forward for the next gathering,hope more may be able to turn up.
Saturday, November 26, 2011

Taking off the G shackle

Finally I'm replacing my trusty router,the Aztech 605EW [Dual Antenna,rare version].Bought it since I was form 2,it had been a helpful hand in fulfilling my massive download habit.So far,it would have clocked up to more than 10TB of downloads,I conjecture.Proudly saying that even till present,it hasn't failed to work but started to show some signs of deficiency like frequent hangs and some volatility in DSL signal.So far,it hasn't given me any abrupt protest from keeping me online.

Till yesterday things started to woe and it hanged for thrice for the day,so I punched in 100 and thought it was something to do with TM.But surprisingly,after some degree of diagnose done by the technicians when they came to my doorstep.It was found that the culprit for the frequent disconnections was the router itself,I couldn't help but to concede to the fact.To be fair,it wasn't all the time internet slowdown owes to TM,but TM has a certain negative notion to make people think of it.We all know.

This time I have done things smarter than before,other than having a modem router which is a 3in1 setup,I decided to have 2 devices,the Wireless N router and ADSL router itself for better bandwidth rationalization between local and WAN outflows.The major purpose is to offload the need to process everything in a single chip,theoretically things may be faster.

TP-Link offers the best bargained Wireless-N router and 2 years warranty for only at a dirt cheap price of RM49.Bet you couldn't really find any other Wireless N router cheaper that this.The reason I opted for a separated setup is also to make way for the upcoming Unifi(Which we do not know how they termed'upcoming' in their timeline) so that I can reuse this as a repeater or as an additional access point.

This afternoon had been a tedious one,initially I bought a wired broadband router switch which I mistakenly foreseen it as a modem router.So we had to make our way back to Lowyat Plaza and had the router exchanged for the right one.It was a painstaking course because we took 3 hours for the journey and everything needed to queue before things got back on the right track.

Good thing is now our home is officially supporting Wireless N format and HD Video Streaming is now possible without the need to have files copied on external HDD.Wifi throughput has been extended and local bandwidth is so much given a robust upgrade.I'm so happy 

Dropped by at the Korean Village for some grocery shopping.Bought some korean soda milk to try out,will update everyone once I've tried it :)
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Log for The Makeover

This is just an experience of me for the first week right after the makeover.It doesn't just physically change your haircolor,but some other aspects like

Your shampoo. Basically,for discerned people,they know hair color fades when hair is exposed under UV lights and daily scalp wash.I had come across to the many opinions,they each have different idea about this.Some may claim it's needlessly necessary to use this,because as time goes the color will naturally fade down,so it would just be a waste.

For me,a paranoid first-timer,of course I use it for scalp wash.The thing is,you always mistakenly take the wrong shampoo in the bathroom because your subconscious had previously encoded to use the old shampoo.Indistinctly your hand may land to the old place where the old shampoo placed,In this week,I have shampooed myself almost few times wrongly with the old shampoo,and you always wash out the old one and reapply the right one.This is stupid Haha.

For first-timer like me,this makeover isn't just about yourself,you are socially liable to explain to your family and people close to you.Some of the parents may not have the right notion to dying hair or the people who had their hair dyed.So you need to play it wise and clever,asserting that you're matured and eligible for it will help to mitigate the issue but it will not immaculate.

The other part is your doing,in this case I mean your mannerism.Don't give them the idea you have worsen off after the makeover,your actions afterwards will always reflect to it.Even though it's not related in anyway,they will account everything into it.This observation will take place without your knowledge,of course you need them to know you do not know they're observing you.If you only genuinely learn they were observing you afterwards,then you must have screwed up,already.

The rest,Time will help to expedite for the rest.

The good thing is,you become more confident and upbeat than before,that would also be the entire purpose of undergoing the makeover.If you look better,the people around you feel better as well,this is the law of attraction.Then they will also conform to this sense of attraction and some may undergo their own makeover as well.For those who don't,they would just feel better,just seeing you.

All in all,this is not merely a physical makeover,but a makeover to your surrounding.It changes the way you see and others see you.That is the magic of it :D
Monday, November 7, 2011

The aftermath

Fine,torment is over.It just gets better from now on,in general it wasn't that bad now we"ll just be keeping fingers crossed at the moment.

Right on the next day,something impulsive came to my mind,that was to dye my hair.Since I'm 18 and no longer colonised in a secondary school,it really is a must-try experience for me.You really need time to orientate yourself for the new makeover,first is the hair color,second is the scent of it for the first week I assume(It's now only the 3rd day btw).Guess I'm gonna take a while to wash the color scent away because to me,the scent makes me feeling giddy and nauseous at times.

Just watched the movie 'In time' yesterday with the family,the story is about a fantasized world where everyone doesn't get older and will always remain the appearance of a 25.Having said of that,time is their common currency to foods,shelters and luxurious needs,the rich would get to live longer,while poor are needed to forgo their time to live,but ironically as they run out of time,they will die.

Couldn't ditch some of my economics knowledge in the movie,even the idea was strangely the same.They have similar things like interest rate,inflation,demand-pull inflation that I had all read to do the final exam.Overall the movie was great,must watch.

For now,I'm gonna play hard,because there's nothing more to preoccupy me in the next 2 months.So hell yeah,let the hunt for fun begin.Lots of things are ahead,but we're still going back to school for good,for the last 2 weeks :)
Friday, October 7, 2011

Parliament Tour

Life is rather packed,but good things did happen.We just paid a visit to the Malaysia Parliament in the Monday.

Nevertheless,the parliament is currently undergoing renovation,so we were only allowed to visit the temporary chamber.It was my very first time being an audience in the house of people,things didn't really get discussed professionally,they kept on knocking the table and scoffing to each under the mic when someone is up to table a discussion.I was really out of word to picture the whole situation,'Ugly' was what I could barely conjure up for it.

Having the first time appearing with formal attire,it was really cool enough.I really like the match of slim cut tie and the black cardigan.It turned to be really neat to me as if I were filming Gossip Girl.Okay,kidding.

 Xaviar,Jordan and Me in the picture.

Jiwan and us! Thanks to her,she's the one who organised the whole thing.


Us with Suzanne.

 Camwhore style.

More to come,I will be going to the Clinique Shine and some other workshops organised by the school next week.Can't wait to see what's about,for now we need to start revising as time to final is getting nearer.
Thursday, October 6, 2011

The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.

Apple fanboys have been shaken badly in the past 2 days,from the unveil of iPhone 4s to the news of Jobs's death.The world saddens over his death,the grief is indistinctly significant,it propels you to think of him when his inventions have already been the beings in our life.

"If Jobs were not so talented, if he were not so visionary, if he were not so canny in determining where others had failed in producing great products and what was necessary to succeed, his pushiness and imperiousness would have made him a figure of mockery.

But Steve Jobs was that talented, visionary and determined. He combined an innate understanding of technology with an almost supernatural sense of what customers would respond to. His conviction that design should be central to his products not only produced successes in the marketplace but elevated design in general, not just in consumer electronics but everything that aspires to the high end." Steven Levy.

I spent the afternoon reading about his chronicles,I wanted to know more about him more than just his name and the things he invented.It had taken this long for me to realize how his life really was,remembering I was once vindictive for Creative Zen better over the iPod,disregarding whatever things that came from Apple,insinuating that their things are poorly built without justification until I came to fall in love in the iPad 2.

He was the only one who came to describe computer to the word 'Beautiful'.To jobs, Apple is a blend of engineering and liberal arts.“If you view computer designers as artists, they’re really into more of an art form that can be mass-produced, like records, or like prints, than they are into fine arts,” said Jobs in 1983.

Jobs had once led a tragic life before he became a hit.He was an adopted child when he was little,being adopted by a poor family,Jobs even quit his study in college at the reason of study being too expensive for his parents.They spent their life-earned money just to get him to college.The key reason was because Jobs thought studying in the college was a waste because he hadn't liked studying for things he hadn't liked,instead he quit college and led the path no one would feel promising about.

He and his partner found Apple in a car garage,Jobs aim was to create a 10 billion company without losing its integrity.Gradually Jobs and his partner had their vision diverged and he was then kicked out from the company.At the brink of his personal crisis,Jobs held tight to his faith and then founded NeXT and Pixar.

Years later,when Apple acquired NexT as their renaissance of innovation,Jobs then got himself back into the Apple family.

Till the year 2004,Jobs found himself diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.The doctor even asked Jobs to settle his life affairs before things got too late.But fortunately,Jobs made a narrow escape from death and came alive again from undergoing an operation.

He then came to comprehend life in a rather in-depth way,to the extent of scary in a speech he gave for the Standford commencement address in 2005.“No one wants to die, even people who want to go to Heaven don’t want to die to get there,” he told the Stanford graduates. “And yet, death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It’s life’s change agent; it clears out the old to make way for the new … Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Jobs death is immeasurably sad to the world,the trace Jobs had left behind to the world would take a distant future to be placed into oblivion.I'm here to dedicate my sincerest condolence to him and his family,will take good care of my iPad 2 at any cost :) May Jobs rest in peace.
Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Groove,I've wanted

Finally the once groove of fulfillment is back,I've finally danced out from the deterrent of stick shift.Albeit I'd passed my driving test in almost more than a year ago,but I hardly drive because stick shift is a dreadful and an intricate science to me.

What even discouraged me was the fact that I flunked my driving test back then in the slope parking section.A never spoken confession of me even after so long the incident had happened.Since then,I really hated stick shift,to a phobic rate.

Every time when I happened to drive on a slope,I'd  have prayed hard for the traffic light to turn green so I'd not need to stop because I really hated to hang at the middle of slope,that's a heart wrenching situation where your heart would race out of nervousness because I was really dreadful of rolling back as though it's going to make a string of car behind you wrecked because your car would indistinctly roll back.

Only till recently I came to know that I'd be becoming more timid as I put away myself from driving.I've even resorted to substituting real driving experience to some driving and parking game on my iPad,I basically learnt all the steps and moves from that virtual game,it finally made sense to me when comes to maneuvering a wheel but none of any games are teaching you after about stick shift!American often claim that stick-shift is the best anti-theft system in the world,you don't even need an alarm,because thieves don't appeal to stick-shift either!
The cars in my house are basically all stick shift,only one of them is an automatic transmission.The thing is they wouldn't let me handle it before I mastered all the basic driving stuffs.Driving a stick shift car is tough for me,not even to say that there's only one old trashed car in the house which is left unattended for me,the rest are preoccupied.It could not be ignited once the engine hiccups,because it has a stone-like heavy wheel that you would break your arm at the expense of turning it.So basically,the situation wasn't conducive for me.

You may not have the option to evade when things are pushing you forward.Without a car,you can't go anywhere,not even going to school.Burdening others would not work for a long run,because I do not want to trouble anyone merely to give me a ride either.Lowering my pride to ask others to give me a ride would not work either,because it's just so lowly,I'd rather die there and take bus instead.When things in my hand are getting heavier and heavier,I find that I ought to drive already,it may not be imminent but at least it should happen in the near future.

That's the toughest struggle between your fright and needs,both are equally permeating you every now and then.Knowing I needed to come out with a comeback plan in order to fix things right,at last I decided to drive,again.

Mustered all my courage and before throwing myself back to the stick-shift machine,I'd found myself some guide to the trick at manipulating the stick shift system.Fortunately thanks to this I'd picked up the way to play the stick better..Initiated my adventurous attempt while mum and bro were having a quick nap during an afternoon,I drove out  to the vicinity of my stay.Thank,I did not crash the car but gradually picking up the knack of taming it.

Human problems ought to be solved by human themselves,there's no other option to fixing it better.That night,I decided to voice out my petition to the parents asking them to allow me driving,again.The outcome was rather complicated,but fruitfully mum and bro gave their consent to let me have their rides to drive occasionally.For the better,I'd still need to work better on it.

For the time being,hopefully I will just need to dance to this promising groove and find myself back to the fulfilled outcome.That's what we call life.
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Drive Thru Difference

Just a little video to share with,wonder if this would happen in Malaysia.I'd be very eager to try doing this if I were to have a car :S JS is always one of my favourite youtube stars,they're really lovely :)
Friday, September 23, 2011

Confession #1

This 8 years course isn't an easy one,I have done really well to manage life into it.For people like me,we don't want people to see us in a way we needed special treatment.We just wanted to be like normal people,to be treated just as no one.

But that doesn't mean you could cross the line when comes to words. You don't need to make fun of me for the fact that I jab myself for every single moment,for the fact that I'd be constantly jabbing for the rest of my life just so that you claim it's so natural normal people have no problems with your wits. For the past 8 years,I have come across to the many scoffings about my disease,I'd basically grown from those scornful judgements.There were times when these became so unbearable as my heart throbs exhaustingly sulking just for the basic equity in the society for why they just love to judge us.

Unlike you, we appreciate life better,doing things to the fullest,we treat people to our sincerest way.In fact,we are way confident than you when comes to personal establishment.Just because we know life is not briefly given,but earned by every struggle to jab ourselves everyday.You who makes fun of us just don't know the value of life better. #end of rant
Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life Update

It's been a while,I've got nothing to come up so it's just a very brief summary of the happenings lately.

Test 2 had passed thank I didn't flunk yet.It then kicked in with a 1 week raya holiday,somehow it's too short to serve me a rehab course.

Spent a lot of money lately,just bought a 2TB HDD not too long ago due to the imminent need of storage.Thanks to KPOP craze.Bought a pile of new clothing including a dirt cheap skinny jeans which I got it from PDI at 44.70MYR,and a really neat Uniqlo hoodie :) Spending was really fun,but come to think of it, money shrink up really fast.

Preoccupying events are endlessly keeping me busy,I'd say life is rather embraced in a play-now-or-never basis.Things are going on the track,opportunities come every now and then.I believe that's the norm of life,always give yourself the urge to endeavor anything and the outcome would be generous as it will definitely pay off.

Happy with the new Blogger user interface,now the text box is big enough to type in a comfortable way over than old one.Boon Yang just fled to Taiwan to begin his further study journey,wish him luck here.

Had a pool session with Serena,Prassanth,Vanessa and the friends this afternoon.Had a great time bonding together with Ivy,Elise,Kian Nam,Xaviar,Zack in Full House restaurant for lunch as well.

The haze in Malaysia is serious to the extent of suffocation,please drink a lot of water and prevent from going out for now.

Finally got myself 2 boxes of Vita 500 from the Korean Village Mart.It tastes good,just like the champ vitamin-C taste made into drink.Mum even convinced that it's tasty and cheap,great as a supplement at times :)
Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's totally nothing.Nothing at all


Do you have trouble concentrating in the Business Study Tutorial class or the Accountancy Lecture class?Or by any chance are you afraid of the upcoming Test 2?Can't perform well?

Fret not! We have an all-in-one solution for all.The Vita 500 Taeyeon Limited Edition.

Vita 500 Taeyeon Limited Edition is a specially sacred and formulated health drink to prodigy and superhero.

A scientific research has showed that the consumption of Vita 500 Taeyeon Limited Edition health drink could vigorously ignite the superhero buried in your mind.

For people who intend to gain or lose weigh,Vita 500 Taeyeon Limited Edition is the ultimate option.It lets you have your desired body shape in just 10s!

Moreover,the Vita 500 Taeyeon Limited Edition is the most advanced solution to facial imperfection.Facial scars,blemishes,acne can be eradicated in just seconds after consuming the drink.You don't really need to go under the knife to overcome facial imperfection anymore.

The Vita 500 Taeyeon Limited Edition bottle had previously inherited the sacred power from the great Aladdin who passed away in 2000 years ago.In other words,it's a highly sacred genie.You can pray to it with the mantra of 'I'm Genie for your Boy' to summon Kim Taeyeon out.Don't be greedy,you only have 3 wishes,so think properly before you cast it.

Please bear in mind that Vita 500 Taeyeon Limited Edition is a highly volatile item that needs intensive care while carrying it.It's a highly vigorous solution which will explode in no time.Your Vita 500 should be of the fully imported korean batch or it will not do the magic.

So what are you waiting more?Hurry and get yourself a bottle of Vita 500 Taeyeon Limited edition before the world ends.
Sunday, July 24, 2011

This is about Me

I've come across to the friends' profile page,they all have a brief index about themselves in person.So I'd decided to come out with one,with this one,I'm going to make it rather sensational than usual.

Well,I started blogging since the March of 2008,previously I had involved in managing sites and forums till I found my niche in writing a blog.

Since I was little,I was already into writing stuff.Rather,I'd say I write faster than I think at times.Doing essay is always my favorite,other than that, I don't do journals or diary like some do.

I'd previously involved in commercial write ups in skychinstudio.It was founded by me and some other secondary school friends when we were once passionate about technology.Don't get me wrong,even now I'm still do.As we grow maturer and busier,the site is then abandoned to a junk yard.That was also the first commercial domain I've ever owned in my life and followed by this blog.

Blogging appeals interesting to me because I feel expressed here,no one's gonna care about what I write here.But some time later,it grew to be a rather public place as the family and friends started to wander around here and truthfully my privacy is somehow compromised.But I'd still have a better reason to blog regardless of that.

Talking about myself,despite having a subtle dose of narcissism,I do not camwhore like some other fags do.I'm confident when comes to confronting,that's because I'm fundamentally enriched by the very subtle dose of narcissism.

There was one friend whom I came across asked me whether I'd always like winning all the time.I was then out of words and couldn't refute her out of sudden,because it was true to the fact that I used to be that at times.Perhaps it might be the trait of all who born as Aries?We don't have the option to lose all the time. So Yes,I like to win.

Those who know me in person,I have a great strength of imagination.That's why I dream big like no one does,up to everything that I'm up to.Many'd thought my dream is futile,but I'm still holding it back and working to proving it right.

The other part of me for being well versed in story-telling and crapping is always the key to define me.I can be a good liar and tell you craps and stories as if I'd really been into.I can be hilarious at times,you can't make me laugh big,because I'm the only one who makes people laugh big,or sometimes I laugh to my own thing.

I don't know whether it's a good thing,I tend to fade from smile at times especially when comes to face expression.I hardly fake a smile because I can't really smile without a clue,I know some can really smile big even there's nothing to laugh about.When I'm in that mood,my face doesn't lie,even if I want to conceal it deep inside.

Last but not least,I'm a sensitive man who aware of the surrounding regardless of how insignificant it is.Your hidden implies won't go away from my sight,even it's a small hint or underlying euphemism,as long as your words are toward me,that won't make any cover up.That isn't because I have super power but a great sense of vibe to the surrounding.

I'm suck in math,there's nothing to be hid for.That's why I didn't opt to pursue in computing,that's also the saddest part of me.Being an avid gadget geek,I'm an art student as my niche.

When comes to Food,I don't demand much,I"ll just eat for what's on the plate.I like Campbell soup a lot and especially when it's the creamy one.I like noodles over rice,I hate mixed rice and eating in a hot environment.Because most of the mixed rice kiosks are stuffy and hot,so that explained why.

I like money,like everyone does.Anything that is profitable will really hook me up,but I don't do things unethically.My extrinsic dream is to drive a Lexus and step on the paddle very hard to overtake those cocky fellas on the road who had patronized me beforehand.To me,money itself is not evil,but the one who owns it make it evil.I'm confident to make money worthwhile to everyone to see me being rich,I will not abuse money for intimidation.

Well,I think there's still a lot to write,but I"ll stop here already.Ask me more in the comment box if you want to know more :)
Sunday, July 17, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

It's finally a week I could head out for movie,at last.Previously had either been tied by the tests or physically preoccupied already after the long-tiring schooling existence.

Being able to hang out with Chin Yen and caught up some time with Boon Yang in Old Town was really a good-day out.No pictures taken as we dudes are not in the fond of camwhoring,so sorry out there.

In my opinion,the Transformers Dark of the Moon was up to my expectation.Nothing was more heart-wrenching than the fighting scenes and the nice machines(Cars).The movie was a 2 and a half hour one,spent my butt sitting in the cinema from 11.40am to 2.30pm,all to all from what I could conjecture,the ticket had already paid off as it was worthwhile for the length.

I'd still prefer Megan Fox over Rosie Huntington Whiteley because she didn't astound me with her play although she wasn't bad either.Mainly it's because Megan Fox has better charisma for the role I guess.

Generally,the movie was great afterall.I would say it's 8/10 to my preference.It's still a must-watch even though you have not gotten yourself to the cinema yet,don't worry it's still showing now.I was late for this somehow but still managed to get myself to the cinema during the Sunday.Had a good weekend thanks to that too.

At last,I could come out with this after spending out sometime revising business study,never thought of having the excess time beforehand.I'd like to wish my dad Happy Birthday here,it's 4 mins to his birthday precisely based on my clock.Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Good Night.
Sunday, July 10, 2011

The wait is over

After a long anticipation,the iPad 2 JB has come out.I would breathe a deep sigh of relief after months of enduring lite and free apps on the device,at last.Life is rather relieved when Test 1 is over for the past week as well.


Among the few apps I have been longing for like Pages,Numbers and Keynote were finally loaded into the device.Now,I could really have the liberty to work on my translation articles with the versatility that iPad natively appealed to.But frugality in its use must not be overlooked as 16GB will really get drained up in no time.

Previously,I felt 16GB was more than enough cause we had nothing more to play other than lite and free apps.But now the story is different,you get a lot of cool apps that will occupy massive space.Not to say about loading up your video collection anymore.

Nonetheless,I had no regret for getting the 16GB as the price deviation is still apart from the 32GB variant.It would serve me well if I don't treat it like a computer,on the contrary the 64GB wouldn't seem enough if you were really to make it storing your files.

The test 1 is over,well the resolution of me is to work harder.I could have done better in some of the papers like Econs and GP.Somehow,I've indeed fulfilled my own part.

My sifu is currently doing well in his Microsoft Imagine Cup undergoing in the NYC,

I'd like to wish him luck and tell him that I'm always supporting him in the motherland.Please come home with victory,I'm proud of you! :D

He's currently surpassed to be the top 18 and will be presenting infront of 6 judges instead of 4.

Hope you'all can cheer for him and pray for his victory!
Sunday, July 3, 2011

Book teaches you to be rascal?


My Princess[KSeries]or to blog with the excess time after I have finished my revision for tomorrow's Business Study test?Definitely the answer is lucid enough here.To the decree of blogger,I had no choice but to keep my blog updated constantly.

While I'm preparing for the test,I came across to a pretty ironic context in the book.Well,we all know that Business Study is all about business.It teaches you how to commence,manage a business,company laws,production insights and so on but doesn't assure the path to being wealthy afterall,you would never be filthy rich even you scored distinction in that.

You're still a dumb wimp who studied well in business study.Because Business Study doesn't hinge on the real scenario of the real economy,things would not be rigid and smooth sailing merely by throwing heaps of money into commencing a business.

But I was wrong.

We read the newspaper everyday,graft and money laundering among the society are pretty common already.This plague is undoubtedly aggravating because human have a shortcoming for being greedy,but do we really know that education and upbringing owe better importance to this instead?

If only the textbooks are written prudently with the right morality,the world could be better.

See what I've come across while reading the book.

My assertion could be wrong,that Business Study doesn't pave you the path to be filthy rich.Instead,there is one or many,but taking into account that you must be a rascal in real life.

Even when it's against the law and unethical they could still blatantly publish them to the appetite of all lads who are bond to be the future successors.Clearly,rather than whistling about Business Study,it's more appropriate to breed future scums.When the text book isn't imparting the right thing,we should not put it past that the society could do the right thing.

So you judge the book,don't let them take reign about your mind.Your objective wasn't to put them into application but to tackle the questions on your exam sheets.Mind you,don't be misled.
Monday, June 27, 2011

Life Update

A quick post about my recent happening,tomorrow is my General Paper test.Nothing much to prepare,but I'm still a little anxious as it would mark my first test ever over my A lvl course.

I have also started some nutrient enrichment plan to put on some weight lately,bought the Appeton Weight Gain powder to give it a try.It's always been my dream to put on weight since many years ago,but I hardly got the urge to kick start with this initiative.

Everyone is busy I'd bet,life has come to a faster pace.Assignments,homework and social affairs are challenging my productivity.You can't put others into standstill by only giving priority to one thing,things have to be constantly get done in the real rat race.

My trusty LG Cookie is finally made naked without the screen film now.Due to heavy scratches on the screen film,it's hard to use the phone with fingers.So I have finally decided to take off the film and use it with the naked screen instead.Time flies,it's been 3 years since I bought this phone,it has been serving me well regardless of some drawbacks like jerkiness and technical glitches that appeared once in a while(Auto restart,hangs).Look back to the post when I first bought it if you're nostalgic enough.

My tweeting existence owes to this phone as well,it may not have wifi nor 3G but I still manage to tweet with the text tweeting service-tweet2me.With some minor cosmetic wears,I could conjecture this phone is still well kept by me.Love it,no further intention in changing the phone.
Sunday, June 12, 2011

Relive the strength

Holiday is coming to an end today(Sunday),the past 2 weeks had been really long but short because I momentarily don't feel like leaving these heaven days without the need to wake up early in the morning.

We would question our enthusiasm when work and study overwhelmed our life.It would be hard to think about moving forward after having taken care of all the tasks you already have in hand.During the holiday,I started to succumb into procrastination,just after the first month of school life.

Before the holiday,everyday had almost drained off my strength,classes were not really too much,but the timetable was terrible.I hate few hours of interval between classes and you needed to fritter time in the school waiting for the next class.Travel around hall to class,class to hall really turned my strength off.I was merely looking forward to Weekend.

Some may say don't do it just because the sake of doing it,but this saying isn't always feasible to any situation.Because if you do,it would hamper you from moving forward.By the nature of devil in our heart,we would not want to strive in hardship nor worship persistence.By being too obsessed of being yourself,you would stagger out of the track.That devil is always gonna knock you from doing right,because you're desperate.

At times,we really need the thought of doing it just for the sake doing it to carry on your life and dream on the right path.When procrastination takes place,you need the urge to drive you through the temptation from your surroundings.By only attending to your hardships,you grow from them and find that you're one step closer to your dream.

After going through the many courses in these 2 weeks,I shall begin to get back to school life and get back to the once vivacious Me.Translation work has come back to me again,just received 3 articles from Jack,will start working to it anytime I'm free.

But for the afternoon,I will need to take care of some school revision before the opening of school.Economics and Business Study are on the list,way to go.Hope those who felt unambitious like me before could get back into actions like what I am now :)
Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flash fever

Just had a really miserable time in the past two days having fever after I had wine and groundnuts during night.You know when you just hit 18,having liquor is one of the excitements,I was really an obedient boy back then,never had wine before I hit 18.To the scale of mine,I mean anything less than one gulp doesn't count.

That night I had started to feel unease with the throat,but still gave in as it was hardly a chance to have liquor with the bro as he comes back only once in a while.So consequently I developed a fever in the wee hours and turned down stair to get some medicine,gargling and whatsoever means that could save me from succumbing to that fever.

The next morning was a little better but the fever made its way back during the night,then the next day I felt better again with another dose of medicine.Wouldn't put it past that it would come back again,now I'm managing it with heavy consumption of water to keep the heat away.Still,the throat is aching which I guess it takes more time to cure.

Lesson is to not take wine and groundnuts when you're feeling under the weather,it could seriously lead to fatal fever.

Saw this video on youtube,

This video has raked up for 1,305,193,present in youtube.

I was really amazed by his tragic upbringing and the magnificent voice.It's really sensational seeing a boy chasing after his dream with the excruciating hardships in his life.I was somehow driven by his enthusiasm in a big or more or less a tiny part.

I wish him all the best in the competition,may he walk away with the championship.
Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[110528] LYN Sone Gathering

Sorry for the late post anyway,I should have posted on the 28th.My apology to all,I have been really packed with the killer schedule lately.For I had to cover for a Buddhism exchange meeting as a photographer the next day after the gathering,so I'd given in the priority of time to that meeting.

I'd like to thank all who came to the gathering and shared their files to me,we definitely had a great time afterall.Leeching session was insane,I clocked up to 110GB+ files in the gathering.Thanks Zeng Yen,Alex Lee,Haru for the files.Also bumped into Jonathan Yip,Thomas Ho,Jet Yang,Lucent Shade,Alex Lee,Alvin Ter,Jeremiah for the first time.

Others who attended were Alex Cheng,Thean Shiong,Ian Chow.

To assure mint condition,the albums were still wrapped in the bubble plastic.

Jerimiah was using the same laptop as mine,his pink XPS was really awesome with the FULL HD screen.Everyone was glued to his screen.

Big brothar showed up,business BAGUS.

Verz came pretty late for likewise 1hour+ after the gathering started to get back the posters that he left at home,somehow we were really worried that he couldn't show up as our albums and merchandises were still under his possession.

My loot of the day.

Haru picturing with his camera

Some poisons,


#3 Thanks 7989k for the vita cards.

#4 Soshi wristband and their professional poster tubes lol.


#6 Soshi light

#7 Eargasm with Haru's Audio Technica headphones and amplifier.

The whole restaurant was occupied for its indoor compartment by all of us.We practically chased the other patrons out lol.

Later the next day,I'd to return to Mac City for the collection of my iPad.Given a little freetime for my own,I slept for a little bit more and came out with this.

As a result from the previous screen bleeding,they replaced me with another new unit.Sadly,they crumpled my Mocran Screen Protector while keeping it for custody.Now there's a permanent bubble at the screen's bottom right,I'm quite upset though.

Opening of Mr Taxi Limited Edition album
Actually I had opened it in the restaurant on that day,these are pictured later when I got home.

Call it a coincidence,I got Seohyun consecutively reckoning with what I got for the Hoot album.

Glances to the photobook,







Some bad news from me,my 50mm 1.8 was infected by fungus already.I regretted for not getting a dry box earlier,I left it unused for 1 month in the bag and it developed with fungus already.Just a reminder to all the photogs,please take good care of your gears in dry place.I learnt a painful lesson today.

The fungus were living within the lens elements,so it's impossible for me to remove it.Gonna send it to the service center sometime I'm free :(

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