Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today the Oh! MTV has been unveiled,and I cant help watching it for the whole day.Seriously,it's so contagious and I am succumbed to Oh's poison! XD

I like particularly sica's slowpoke,and yoona's impostor,what a great ending.Compared to Genie,the choreograph is rather diversified and bond to make a big limelight!Yeah..SNSD hwaiting!The also SNSD first trial in cheerleader theme,Oh! will be officially launch on tomorrow,cant wait to receive my pre ordered CD.
Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I will be driving!

I have enrolled into the driving school yesterday,I will be heading for road seminar in this Sunday.Driving is sort of fun and useful especially you are living in this city,without a vehicle is really hard to you and you know it's no difference compared to living in rural city since you couldn't go anywhere right.

  1. I can go hospital by my own in sooner
  2. More TT(Teh Tarik),phototrip sessions apparently!
  3. A necessity to Adult Life
  4. And many indeed,could not figure out now.
  1. Petrol a!!!
  2. Manual Transmission is going to disable your feets in long hour-jam
There are 500 questions within the booklet,I am going to read it by casualty during my free time.Also one of my major target in this year,I will be working hard to achieve them by the end of Q2.

Last,Sonyuh's second album is going to debut on the 28th.Kindly support them and hwaiting!

p/s I have placed my pre-order now,what speak you?Action!
Sunday, January 24, 2010

My nitro!

I think I have to continue telling the thing happened at this friday.Yeah, I went to hospital for schedule appointment that day.Obviously all the patients there are diabetes,since friday is a diabetes meet in the pediatric clinic.

There,we had never been that friendlier before as normally I will just sit there waiting for my turn and busy dealing with my laptop/mp3 player.That morning,a parent of a patient also,drove us out for TT and we talked about our condition..a lot.More,I have also met an Indian man which is around 21yr old,he is now furthering his study at New Zealand,and in the coming years you would have pronounced him a doctor.He comes back for appointment for every 6 months according to his mother,we talked about each other there.

This truly reminds me of how am I so eager to be a doctor when I was ill last time,and he's got a very bright model for everyone of us there.Who said diabetes are different?We are bond to be stronger and more endured when comes to pursuing dream.I was so damn enlightened by him,his success is definitely going to light up my doubt in the past.Of course I am not going to be a doctor,but at least it does strengthen my will power to success in my lifetime IT career.

For those who are so anxious of why am I so envied of him, please check out his facebook.

FYI,He's call Desh,look very decent also.

Now on a much relax thing here,I tried making my very own DIY lens hood,but this is a paper made one,when you lost it,you"ll just need to print another out,cool!I found cutboard can be very useful and not only limited on replica models.You can produce lens hood also!



Picture IQ was not that great as I took them with my phone.Know what? My PnS camera is given to my brother already.
Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life Update

I know I should be constantly writing posts,but this week is damn hectic for me.Resuming school from a standstill is definitely crazy,a huge pile of homework were bogging me down theseday.Especially book keep,one question could spend me 1hour+ to complete,and add math is getting harder now,tomorrow is going to miss another class again.

Off here,my life is getting better now,at least it's more like Life.Interpersonal hatred in school life is really fed up,I don't want to elucidate who was in grudges with me,but since now I am merely not in the game now.They wanted to play,I am definitely not going to roll into it again.

If you tend to be pretentious,then you would have been living in lies.Lying about your own is not going to make you any greater,it's just a matter of hypocrisy.

Tomorrow I will be going to the hospital again,so fast 3 months passed away,and now it's my schedule check again.

Lastly message for the concern of the recent plight of haiti,kindly join this FB group in order to support the Haiti foundation charity.

Facebook Disaster Relief Club

Further info about donation in form of $,for those who are 'lich'

Well,good night.
Monday, January 18, 2010

The reason that I had a fever

The namely 'Remedy Meal' but indeed failed to save the world.

FYI,I dunno why did I fall ill for so many days,seriously I was seeing so great at the morning of Thursday.And exactly from that moment to now,this would be the period that took me sick,unlike last time,I would have struggled for few more days before the ill worsened.And for people who know me in person,they certainly understand that I might take a long recovering period once I have gotten a fever.

For some reasons,I did not go to the doctor by the time the fever was coming to me.I was taking heavy vegetables like tomatoes,fruits in effort to bring down the fever.But they eventually happened to vain.At the afternoon,the fever did not come down either,I finally succumbed myself to medicine and went to see a doctor.

Many of you might be thinking if I were playing tick-tock ponteng again,but this time it's heck real one.I really fell sick.And the past few days were miseries for me,especially the first day when I was having a 39c high fever and hovering on the bed.Things then got better when Gatorade shown up to save the day,I felt gradually better and my lip was less cracking.

I quenched 4 bottles of Gatorade,it's better than 100PLUS trust me,less sweet,rapid hydration.

While the next day and the rest,I was recovering by a slow pace and indeed having some fever.That was the reason I am not going back to school.In theseday,many of the caring texts and calls were really bringing me to recover faster than I could expected.I like to pay my gratitude by saying Thank you to all of them including all the teachers and friends.

Lastly,take care all of you,nothing is more precious than health.
When it get ruined,the same will happen to you as well.

Tomorrow is going back to work,Go!Daebak!
Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A very first

..of everything!An entire new soul and target,the namely "Now or Never".


Now you dont,you would have never have the tolerance to revert again!

Yes..2010 is the year of SPM!Sorry for late posting,I should have posted this in the 1st of Jan,but heck I am so busy with things like going back to hometown and resume to school life wtf.

Let me share some snapshots taken in my Ipoh trip last week,it was kind a fun having dinner with the family.Dad has recently bought a blood pressure meter,we then tried to measure ourselves and even asked nanny to try on it.


Though,she is quite old,but we were so dumbfounded that she has a pretty good figure in the systolic and diastolic readings.What an amazement,80,110 for the systolic and diastolic reading.You might not know,she had a stroke in just months ago,fortunately she has recovered quite drastically as her will power is so strong that you couldn't image by plain words.

Dad was seen to have a relatively high reading due to the lack of sleeps,now he is back to the normal one as sleep is the best remedy to high blood pressure.Sleep well,eat well you will be healthy!On the contrary,if you dont,it will get worst.

Initially we were so freaked out with the reading,250,200 for the systolic and diastolic.Which then was realized to be caused by the improper wearing of the clothes shoe.We then relieved by the correct reading later.


We had our lunch in Ipoh,with the namely prevalent Ipoh Coffee,but mine was with ice cubes.There are so many delicacies there,and we managed to take some at a food court located at the vicinity of my bro's gf house.

It was fun cruising in the car with my SLR,ahhhhhhh chik chak chik chak!!

At night,we had our dinner at MP Restaurant,it is a restaurant somewhat similar to TGI fridays,but they serve buffet and steamboats.We chosen to eat their western variants like lamb chops,marrybrown etc.They have great environment for the patrons,you wouldn't know it was a banglo made restaurant.

My cousin,Yuhen who was so mischievous that time.He kept running around and shouted to you,made us wanna go mad!XD Hohooo..he is merely 7 year old,but you know he is wearing spectacles now.Issshh..what a waste la..should treasure your eyes.

The also mum of yuhen,which is my aunt.Pictured with my nanny.

The one which has been so faithful taking good of nanny,she is also my aunt.

Guess what?
They have remote calling service in the whole restaurant,we even hardly find it in places like KL right?Felt so techy!

Good Going! 2010 has begun,I will bring more posts into this column!

Much appreciation to the readers,


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