Saturday, November 26, 2011

Taking off the G shackle

Finally I'm replacing my trusty router,the Aztech 605EW [Dual Antenna,rare version].Bought it since I was form 2,it had been a helpful hand in fulfilling my massive download habit.So far,it would have clocked up to more than 10TB of downloads,I conjecture.Proudly saying that even till present,it hasn't failed to work but started to show some signs of deficiency like frequent hangs and some volatility in DSL signal.So far,it hasn't given me any abrupt protest from keeping me online.

Till yesterday things started to woe and it hanged for thrice for the day,so I punched in 100 and thought it was something to do with TM.But surprisingly,after some degree of diagnose done by the technicians when they came to my doorstep.It was found that the culprit for the frequent disconnections was the router itself,I couldn't help but to concede to the fact.To be fair,it wasn't all the time internet slowdown owes to TM,but TM has a certain negative notion to make people think of it.We all know.

This time I have done things smarter than before,other than having a modem router which is a 3in1 setup,I decided to have 2 devices,the Wireless N router and ADSL router itself for better bandwidth rationalization between local and WAN outflows.The major purpose is to offload the need to process everything in a single chip,theoretically things may be faster.

TP-Link offers the best bargained Wireless-N router and 2 years warranty for only at a dirt cheap price of RM49.Bet you couldn't really find any other Wireless N router cheaper that this.The reason I opted for a separated setup is also to make way for the upcoming Unifi(Which we do not know how they termed'upcoming' in their timeline) so that I can reuse this as a repeater or as an additional access point.

This afternoon had been a tedious one,initially I bought a wired broadband router switch which I mistakenly foreseen it as a modem router.So we had to make our way back to Lowyat Plaza and had the router exchanged for the right one.It was a painstaking course because we took 3 hours for the journey and everything needed to queue before things got back on the right track.

Good thing is now our home is officially supporting Wireless N format and HD Video Streaming is now possible without the need to have files copied on external HDD.Wifi throughput has been extended and local bandwidth is so much given a robust upgrade.I'm so happy 

Dropped by at the Korean Village for some grocery shopping.Bought some korean soda milk to try out,will update everyone once I've tried it :)
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Log for The Makeover

This is just an experience of me for the first week right after the makeover.It doesn't just physically change your haircolor,but some other aspects like

Your shampoo. Basically,for discerned people,they know hair color fades when hair is exposed under UV lights and daily scalp wash.I had come across to the many opinions,they each have different idea about this.Some may claim it's needlessly necessary to use this,because as time goes the color will naturally fade down,so it would just be a waste.

For me,a paranoid first-timer,of course I use it for scalp wash.The thing is,you always mistakenly take the wrong shampoo in the bathroom because your subconscious had previously encoded to use the old shampoo.Indistinctly your hand may land to the old place where the old shampoo placed,In this week,I have shampooed myself almost few times wrongly with the old shampoo,and you always wash out the old one and reapply the right one.This is stupid Haha.

For first-timer like me,this makeover isn't just about yourself,you are socially liable to explain to your family and people close to you.Some of the parents may not have the right notion to dying hair or the people who had their hair dyed.So you need to play it wise and clever,asserting that you're matured and eligible for it will help to mitigate the issue but it will not immaculate.

The other part is your doing,in this case I mean your mannerism.Don't give them the idea you have worsen off after the makeover,your actions afterwards will always reflect to it.Even though it's not related in anyway,they will account everything into it.This observation will take place without your knowledge,of course you need them to know you do not know they're observing you.If you only genuinely learn they were observing you afterwards,then you must have screwed up,already.

The rest,Time will help to expedite for the rest.

The good thing is,you become more confident and upbeat than before,that would also be the entire purpose of undergoing the makeover.If you look better,the people around you feel better as well,this is the law of attraction.Then they will also conform to this sense of attraction and some may undergo their own makeover as well.For those who don't,they would just feel better,just seeing you.

All in all,this is not merely a physical makeover,but a makeover to your surrounding.It changes the way you see and others see you.That is the magic of it :D
Monday, November 7, 2011

The aftermath

Fine,torment is over.It just gets better from now on,in general it wasn't that bad now we"ll just be keeping fingers crossed at the moment.

Right on the next day,something impulsive came to my mind,that was to dye my hair.Since I'm 18 and no longer colonised in a secondary school,it really is a must-try experience for me.You really need time to orientate yourself for the new makeover,first is the hair color,second is the scent of it for the first week I assume(It's now only the 3rd day btw).Guess I'm gonna take a while to wash the color scent away because to me,the scent makes me feeling giddy and nauseous at times.

Just watched the movie 'In time' yesterday with the family,the story is about a fantasized world where everyone doesn't get older and will always remain the appearance of a 25.Having said of that,time is their common currency to foods,shelters and luxurious needs,the rich would get to live longer,while poor are needed to forgo their time to live,but ironically as they run out of time,they will die.

Couldn't ditch some of my economics knowledge in the movie,even the idea was strangely the same.They have similar things like interest rate,inflation,demand-pull inflation that I had all read to do the final exam.Overall the movie was great,must watch.

For now,I'm gonna play hard,because there's nothing more to preoccupy me in the next 2 months.So hell yeah,let the hunt for fun begin.Lots of things are ahead,but we're still going back to school for good,for the last 2 weeks :)

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