Saturday, February 28, 2009

Farewell hangout with Derrick today!

[Picture taken in Railway Station-Terminal Putra]

Been very busy for examinations over the past couple of days,today finally can hangout!You know,my studio and blog were left abandoned.Here,I would like to confess over to the readers which I'm sorry for not updating it.

This is not the first time nor second I'm posting regards with Derrick's hangout.But this will literally be the last for him in MY and the next hangout would be probably a long way to anticipate.As Derrick will be on Germany for 4-5years.

Today we went for movie,meal,karaoke.With conjunction of my school standardised test,I finish the class at 9.45am respectively.Derrick then came to school and we took a cab and went to Pavilion.Forget to mention that Yee Mun and Patricia were following along,we had a meal at Pavilion Sushi Shop,I dare not write the name here as it's not sushi king,have no idea of the restaurant name alrdy.HAHA

After that,Yee Mun recommended us a very stupid and ridiculous movie called"Love Matters".Believe me,do not ever and need not watch this STUPID movie.It's really useless,despite part of the casting jobs were done in my school,CHKL.(I'm glad to see my own school appears in the cinema),perhaps this is only the consolation for paying off RM12 to watch rubbishes.*SUPER NOD*

Thereby the finish of movie,we then went to GreenBox Karaoke for singing.This time,both of us had coordinated well in singing.Lee Shen Jie's songs were able to be sang well without any shaky voices.I guess we're improved to an existence alrdy.*Cheers with Derrick*

[Both getting high in GreenBox]

At night,Derrick dined with me and my dad.I guess,this would be the last and the warmest dinner I ever had in 2009.Because Derrick is going to leave,but surprisingly I dont have the feelings of farewell.Perhaps internet is a perfect medium for us,as distance is not the barrier in friendships.I could still talk and laugh with him via Skype or WLM.And that night was my first time in picking foods for people,not even my best friends,Derrick would be the first one.=)

[Posing for the last dinner with Derrick before he leaves MY]

The next day morning[Which is now],I and Derrick were doing a super lame thing.We chat with IM even just beneath a same house,less than 2metres.Hahaha..I and Derrick were typing all the long instead of speaking it out.It might be our orientation when Derrick is in Germany XD.

[Derrick's walk in the garden]

I even bring Derrick to a garden which near with my house,I want Derrick to know more about us.For instance,my daily routine,my favourite foods,and etc.Afternoon,we went for Bak Kut Teh at Jalan Ipoh,thus the best damn perfect food you may find in the town.XD...

We both using the same pattern pouch,which bought in S&J shop.Haha

Lastly,I dont have a conclusion here as our relation would still have a long journey to go.Like,Derrick's journey to Germany will serve as the begining part of our relation,I'm looking forward to his life in Deutschland.
Monday, February 16, 2009

Buy my CD!! Please!It's not expensive,RM6 respectively! UPDATED! 21th

After a long anticipations,tears,sweats,and courages poured into this plan.Today I'm finally able to come out and priding with the CD.Yupe,still remember the Story of Retard?It was incur by my tendency of doing this work also,long long story la.In simple way,I'd sacrificed a lot lot lot*cramping on* for this project.

Production is not easy at all,besides making autorun scripts,compiling the contents list,designing the covers,making the menu page and also running around to seek for resources like CD Sheets as well as finding color printings[Could not find any lower price at last,so plan is canceled),using black and white[5cent per page] method instead.Here,would like thank my dad for driving me to tesco to buy the cdsheets.XD

In my initiative releases of this "Product",I've only produced the 10th CDs for the first batch.2nd batch will varies depends on the sales performance.Thus,I hope would be an encouraging one PLEASE!HAHA

Cut and Trimming from the freshly printed layout is also a test of your skill.OMG,spent 10mins for 5 completed sheets only.How I'm going to complete the rest of 50sheets?==

Averagely, 5minutes per disc in production,I've produced the first 10 CDs to test out the response and adoptions of school markets.=) Play safe instead of getting bankrupt later!

Limited 10pcs of the first batch is here,grab yours now!Rm6 only!

"Made by Professional,Made for Professional"
Our product's slogan!

In order to please my RM300 liability of charity funds,I have to try whatever way to achieve that figure.Begging people is always not the better way,why not find the money yourself right?=)My 2cents!

Regards of the futureproof of this product,I am being pretty optimistic of the sales performance as well as the way to fame in conjunction of raising funds.How vivid is my idea huh?

UPDATE 21th February 2009
Since monday until now,the sales has been increasingly shown out.

Monday:Received several criticizes from the public regards my ineffective promotion way and lack of contents.

Tuesday:I worked out with another new revision for the CD,added with much more programs such as Password Retrievers,Portable Applications and some others miscellaneous.Besides,came out with a proper catalog for easier and more perspective way in raising sales.

Wednesday:Convinced my english teacher-Ms Tania to buy that.Frankly,this is my most priding sale.Because you know Tania would also give her face to me.Also,I gave her my contact number for future sales and technical support.Didn't this is Me?Haha


Thursday:The sales was begin to increase to 4 pieces today,I'm amazed with the result.

Friday:In conjunction with the computer society day,I took a chance to promote my cd and managed to received 5 orders respectively from the members.No doubt that today is the best sales I ever had.

Saturday:Managed to sold off 5 discs including one from my new agent-Souldchild which received commision from that sales.Hmmm..Not bad huh?Hehe..Derrick also bought my CD.So what are you waiting for then?

Derrick will be fucking going back to Deutschland,so today his shown will be his last in chonghwa.In conjunction with his visit,we took a photo here to encourage people to donate.*Lingering on that CD and $*

Sooner I will write something more detail about him,as he will be coming to my house once again to dine with my family for the goddamn leave yet.

Basically,the sales performance has been rising from day to day,I was consolated with the result.At least,my work did not waste.Managed to raise RM183 and sold off 27 pieces of "Freeware for Dumbies" currently.Once again,I would like to thank the donaters for their contribution.

More information will be posted soon!Stay tuned!
Sunday, February 8, 2009

Got my first Ubuntu Server 8.1 Edition!

Guess what?It's showoff category again,*Ahem..a little cough here*..I mean this post.

Few days ago,I've received my schedule ubuntu CDs requests.I think this could be the 3rd or 4th times.But since it's free,so how cool is this?Going to install right on my old desktop I guess.



Server Edition huh?Hehe..really never use before of that.Will try it sooner!=)While regards of the stickers,I really run out of idea in sticking them to anywhere.Maybe refrigerator?LCD TV?Or toilet?Hahaaahaha..Of course Not!Will keep them first,or you guys reader want the stickers?Do not hesitate to ask from me hor,I got tons of them here[Since my 1st parcel from Ubuntu].XD

Honestly,free stuffs sometimes may be awesome!Ubuntu is a really wonderful OS packed with tons of eye candies-desktop effects as well as prestigious freewares.For instances,Firefox,Pidgin,GIMP and more!You would not regret after install into your pc,maybe it could act as your secondary OS.
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First time in cooperating together.


Today is our very first presentation for Geography Subject,we're Group 2.This time,I think we made a great job.Besides managed to amused the audience,we're able to deliver all the important points which based on the syllabus indeed.For instances,we spent over some time in marking up some important points with red color font.

Here,I would like to underscore our respectful producer which was working in behind,

Scripts and Contents:SkyChin[Can I underscore myself?If no,just ignore this phrase XD]

Sounds and Effects:Alexander[My career working mate,which also an organ enthusiast I guess]

Speeches:Wei Hong,Me lor.=)

Aide:Zi Cheng[Also an important role in this presentation]

Camera Shooting:Chin Yen[Thanks to him despite the photo is quite blurrish but I know it's not easy to shoot in dark conditions]

SnapShots from Chin Yen

I was giving an initiative speech before the presentation begins.

Wei Hong role in taking turns of me.

"Lecturer" was drinking his water while his partner taken his role.

Audience was amused by our perfect speeches!=)

My butt shot also want,nvm la..I wont mind of it..XD

We were addressing some technical problems like projector connectivities as well as finding a replacement for the absent of microphone.Finally,we end up the speeches with our voice..I mean..without the little "black stick".*Sigh*

Overall I think the "show" was awesome,I hoped that school will change off the projector's lamp as it's pretty dull for basic presentation.Perhaps school did not maintain the conference room's facilities.In this regards,I hope that there will be more chances to work together with our classmates in the upcoming months.
Sunday, February 1, 2009

I cook you,You cookie me.=)

January are mostly bad things abounding me,now February is a great start of everything .Today is the 1st of February,I got my new phone here and it's a good news for me finally.Besides losing my Uncle last month,I guess I'd forgotten to tell you that I was also lost my phone.

Forget about that phone which had served me for 5 yrs since of my primary school days.Yesterday I and Derrick went to LYP again to "fetch" the phone and my sim card as well.Sadly,I had got a penalty of Rm10 for the new sim card cause by my reckless.But it's OK,what I concern for the utmost would be my existing number,dont say Rm10?Rm100?I would pay for it..if they urge for.

After that,I then walked in the LG store to fetch my Cookie.That's why I decorated my post header with that title....Cookieee.Without any hard or keen bargain,Rm850?I then quickly agreed and bought to home.Besides that,I and Derrick enjoyed the first touch and first call at Starbuck.Derrick had granted the virgin call from my Cookie,while my virgin SMS had gave to my dad's phone.Sounds silly huh?But I think it's sweet for me and the Cookie.

This is a Chinese New Year Performances held at Times Square yesterday,we hung on a while for that.

All of the main courses regard of my purchases of Cookie is over,Now for the Dessert!Obviously,everyone would know that Dessert is an incarnation of Sweet/Gorgeous pertinent.Now let's look in detail for the Cookie..

Cookie is all about touch and senses,my first touch on that chic is simply sheer and pleasurable.A silky touch would be enough to shake or navigate the menu.Ya,it's true!

A cute phone without an exuberant wallpaper is always a lack of perfection.Tracy's picture being perfectly suits my Cookie.

More detailed shots are here,

While I bought a Brown-Cookie pouch in order to suits my phone.The back is embedded with a very basic 3.0 Megapixels CMOS lens.Which is not sufficient for such blogger like me,A590IS is still my best lover in that case.=)

A really practical macro shot on the cookie,the 3 buttons serve for multiple functions clicks which may vary in different situations.

This one is not the spokesperson nor ambassador of Cookie,yet it's the true story User of this baby.Thus,whipped out his hand to show a satisfaction pertaining for the god damn sake.

The picture which interprets you that Cookie had met his owner and found its accommodations.How cool is this huh?=)

Lastly I would like to thank my dad for the gift,and I guess you guys would not wish to know who's paying for that Cookie.Haahaha

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