Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time for a break

Blogger has entirely moved to the new interface,not really used to it.It took me sometime to play and rest before kicking in with this post,it was a standstill though.

Just did my AS and went to Melaka for a class trip.Generally,I would say I gave my best and fingers crossed only.Currently giving myself a short break in conjunction of the school holiday,not engaging in any obligation given yet,sad to say I'm having a flu right now.Too bad it's in the holiday,but fortunately it's in the holiday cause I'd have screwed up my AS lol.

I have finally changed my phone last month,complementing my trusty LG KP500.Life sure is more convenient as I have data carried around and a better phone camera.Not only that,having a private line means more privacy as I could have 2 lines for different types of contact.

At times we loathe life,studying eats up a big part of life,that when we finally able to breathe a sigh of relief,then your working life kicks in,after you worked yourself hard for 20 years,having family and this and that,then it's your retirement days...and then it's your grave.Life happens and never asked you for a break.

I dream of a length of time say if I were given a period of 1 year to play and live complacently.I would really make use of it.I'd read the books I like,drive out to places I wanted to visit,play hard and sleep early..that I could even write a book about what I'd do if I were given this one year.Okay,just an assumption.

We may not know,because we might need life to be somewhat contrived to really learn what is life and the important things don't we.Like studying,if studying wasn't obligatory,we wouldn't have done that at first.

SkyChin-The Author.

SkyChin-The Author.
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