Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm sorry

The first 'sorry' is written for my absence for not blogging in such a period.I had been undergoing adversities lately and really could not get my mind into blogging,not because I don't have time,but I don't have the intention to blog.

Well,today I have fallen into the deepest reflection of myself .The fiasco that I have been haunted since this morning-I failed my driving test at a very unforgiven point.It's not like what we often said about"Live is not a bed of roses"can be applied as a general means to convince every soul.At that very moment I felt really ripped off and lost.

The brother and mum would have certainly knew what I'm feeling in the inner side,the brother even phoned to console me and mum was trying not to mention anything about that incident anymore.Well until now,I only happened to find that actually I'm such not a great person in dealing with failure;I couldn't take failure easily;I tend to feel sulk and sorrow in the chest and mull it over.

'When you kena in person,you only rasalah!" it's indeed very true.We often offer to console people with optimism,but if that were really set to happen on your own,would you still confident to confide that you are a 100% human modal that wouldn't feel that way,No.

It really took me a lot of time to meditate my mind back to the track of life.I wouldn't just forget about anything happened like an eraser yet the sulkiness is still coursing in the blood and mind.

I believe that time will put this into oblivion.I will be taking extra classes for that and having my life track goes on,that's what I should put into the mind.
Thursday, July 15, 2010


Felt like,I'm not living to my fullest lately,the way I get tired and fed up with those verbal slandering.Well tired of being a nice person,if retaliation could solve anything,then I would have done this by the very beginning of this adversity.

In the very inner of you,if you couldn't get yourself convinced to do something that is a part of your job just because it's utterly not your way of being yourself.I fed up with life,tired to play in this disguise game anymore,someone would be pretty much content with this,I bet.Well,you had done the way you wanted bitch!

Forget about dedication and sincerity,because they dont deal with true heart nor even put trust on each other,then why would I need to put my heart into this piece of shit?Friends?At times of adversity,you would hardly find a friend.

Readers would wonder why I had been away from here for sometime,truthfully theseday happened to be the hardest time for me,I had to deal with heavy workloads and interpersonal affairs,what explained my ranting above.

I always believed that being optimist is the best way to get rid of slandering,but now my soul has been beaten to despair.Fine,I have convinced myself to let it be,be the way whoever wants.

SkyChin-The Author.

SkyChin-The Author.
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