Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Assessment Test Days

Did a test regarding to the IT Center Broadband Connection.Since today is the Assessment Test Week,apparently the people coming here will eventually less.So I did a speedtest and some practical surfing test with the connection.Unfortunately the result is not promising,the pages loads as slow as normal days although the people are kinda less.Maybe they limit the connection using the QOS[Click to know for more info] method?What is QOS[Known as Quality of Service].I guess the IT room management limit the QOS to each I/O of PCs in the IT center.Thats why the connection is kinda slow right?Izzit logic?So Im thinking what's the way to unlock the limitation?Hehe..still in question mind..perhaps can find a way to surf faster right?

Here is the bencmark done by

The connection not even exceeds 1Mb/s right?Since its a static IP connection,it should exceeds 2 mb/s respectively.So what i suspect is the QOS limitation done by their router.
Monday, July 28, 2008

The Voice of Democracy?

Found some interesting stuffs,bored and I went google up Anwar and realized some interesting things.

So First I found the first page is his official site.Then hit my key and went in the site.To be honest,this is the most innovative politician I've ever seen.At his page,you have the freedom to"Make a difference" by clicking their sidebar which specially made for his site.

Anwar?It's a "hero" besides Raja Petra Kamarudin?Hehe..perhaps he's a professional blogger too.Actually,Im impress with his determination in standing up from a massive scandal and perhaps his family give full support to him while he's in jail for the past time.

His Site Snapshot

So he placed some definition down his name."Anwar Ibrahim is the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and is currently the de facto leader of Keadilan, the People’s Justice Party. After a distinguished career in public service he was unjustly removed from office and endured six years in solitary confinement on trumped-up charges. In 2004 those charges were dismissed and he resumed his campaign to build a prosperous, democratic and just Malaysia."And surely many people commented at the shoutbox mostly about the Sodomy case.Haha..

So finished looked at his site right?We look at Wikipedia.

Anwar is the only Malaysian to ever make it into Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world.Oh wtf?He is also one of the signatories of A Common Word Between Us and You, an open letter by Islamic scholars to Christian leaders, calling for peace and understanding.

[Personal Opinion Removed due to the restriction of public goverment]
Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Designed Dialogs.

I was just bored,so did some photoshop works with them.Left is my teddy which I give some snow-like effects for it.Looks like an angel bear right?Hehe While,the white rabbit which taken when I was rushing on my exam studies.

Cool huh?Imagine those nearby things are able to talk!What would you do with them?For me I"ll ask them to work as my assistant in handling my torrent downloads,helping me to posts articles and etc.Wouldn't it be great as they dont require foods and waters and so cute as you can hug them into sleep.Perhaps I can shake my leg and be a real Boss in the home alrdy,Haha!

Imagine your favorite desktop cute girl talks to you and inviting you out for a date?Isn't it sweets?Hehe..

So how's my photoshop imagination?
Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jay Chou's New Music Album

Today just visited Chinna's forum,then i noticed that JayChou's album likely to launch at this year August end.Cheers!Nevertheless,they claim that prepared since April of this year.Which meaning that this album must be a Great Work?Hehe

Lets see some snapshots i taken from that Chinna forum.

Hey,not bad!They use the latest Apple iMac for recording and editing works.Seems Apple's product are impressive in studio's production mayb?JayChou seems likes to wear the hat during the recording session.Perhaps Jay Chou will gain the Best Seller place again?Hehe..
Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Passed Behind You" MTV Exclusive Review

李圣杰 is a well known Love Song singer.His song is a must sing when you went to a KTV.Well this song 擦肩而过 is my favourite,that MV is a story about 李圣杰 as a professional photographer which holding a DSLR with Kit lens.He likes the MV girl,and everyday will follow and snap her picture.Then one day,the girl come and sit with him and their love story started.But at last,the girl decided to suicide and 李圣杰 was running back to the house but unfortunately the girl has just die.It's a perfect song if you broke up with your partner.I do recommend this song!=D
Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Art Work

It's my first time involving in designing a T-shirt layout.Overall I think still can!=D

How's?Can anot?The rear design is done,but I dont wish to publish out due to several improvement which tend to be fix later.
Friday, July 18, 2008


Today we lose in our Computer Knowledge competition.Once again,sorry to my teamate Joel,my fault actually.I shouldn't bet massively with them,if not we will not lose likely.

My feelings
From the highest score dropped to the lowest,Suddenly I felt shocked when it happened.Maybe the game's playing ways doesn't side to us.Although was saying Its okay,but my mind are still remains the"Geram" and wasted feeling.Maybe this is normal reaction for a normal EQ people?Perhaps so..

Thanks to Supporter
Anyway,we used to lose in this competition,but fortunately we did not lose the respect and the certification from the audience.I felt grateful that we realize that many of audience are cheering and supporting us even we're in dangerous in betting almost 3 times when the score comes to zero.
Sunday, July 13, 2008

PC Racing Game Experiences

This article I'm going to talk about PC Racing game.Seems Im a Mad Racer,so Im quite knowledgeable in the Racing Game Industry.

My first Racing Game that Inspired my gaming addiction was Vrally3.Its a Rally Game which is a Hot title that time.Featuring Peugeot 206,Mitsubishi Lancer First Gen,Subaru Imprezza which deserves a must for Rally Superstars.

Still remembered my childhood moment,was using Intel Pentium 4 1.8Ghz plus an integrated graphics "Intel Extreme Graphics" to play that game.Althought the graphics alike cartoon,but its enough to satisfy my gaming lust.

In early 2004 yr,I used to exposed to Urban Racing.Which people like to call"Illegal Race".Most of the games like Burnout,Juices those which actually burns up my Gaming Desires to the Eye Candies of Gaming Graphics.But unfortunately that time,Im still using the Onboard Crap PC.So these games might be a uncomfortable gameplay for me.But I still managed to finish the NFS Underground Career with my classic PC.

ntill the Q2 of 2005,I have an IT revolution which meaning a big changes in My PC and Internet connection from Telephony Internet Dial to a DSL line.Seems promising,My Addiction to Racing Game reached the peak because I have a new discrete graphics card Radeon 9550 which provides an essential clarity for that time's classic game.Playing NFS Underground 2 which the first whom features FREE ROAM style gameplay.

Since that time,My impression for EA Electronics Inc is great.So everytime EA released a new title,I"ll be the first one who going to grab the copy of that.After that,NFS Most Wanted was released,Its the second game who based on Cops Chasing story besides the NFS Pursuit version.My favourite car in that game is BMW GTR which is the Car entitled for the NFS Most Wanted Theme and Wallpaper.

Q4 of 2005,NFS Carbon was released.The first NFS titles,which features new Drift,Canyon gameplay.And since that time,the game requirement had increased due to the new gameplay.So making my 1+yr PC needs an upgrade for it.

And that time is my PC's virgin broke because i did some overclocking on my graphics card due to the game's high requirement[For that time].

Q4 of 2007,NFS Prostreet finally been unveiled.EA Games claimed that it was the Best Graphics Redefined game they ever done.Im not sure that time,that game features DX10 support anot,Seems like yes but not sure.Again....and little Pc suffers lags due to single core processor which cant able to handles so many of AI players in that game.So until the half of the career,I retired already.

Until today,i had step down from EA Games Fans community.I decided to play back CodeMaster's production-GRID RaceDriver.Fortunately i had upgraded my Graphics card to Nvidia 7300GT DDR3 which gives back some ample muscle for gaming.

The best racing game i ever played,Superb Physics effects and Dynamics Lighting effects.These reason which addicts me.Fortunately again,my single core AMD64 2800+ performs smoothly with my card even in many AI racers @800x600 Medium settings @2xAA.The visual effects really attracts me,but The AI strength are also insane which takes me half day to complete a session.

Besides that,I played TestDrive Unlimited also.The unique part of this game is a HUGE free roam world for gamers who likes to play online and interact with friends via Gamespy.The game graphics also consider awesome which is my choice also.
Friday, July 11, 2008


Diabetic Life's

What's so important for a Diabetic?Not face & honour anymore.It's Blood Sugar level.But sometimes,things wouldn't just same as you wish too.To maintain our lifestyle.We"ll need a massive $ to sustain,thats our constrain.For the past 90n,people usually suffered from diabetic miletus and deserves a shorter life because they didnt have a chance to measure and inject insulin.Untill now,people who unveils the insulin pen gives a great asist for diabetic in managing their life,but there's still a percentage of complication also.

Unfortunately,my blood sugar level is not as decent as doctor wishes to.So Prof Wu[The doctor] showed me another solution which called"Insulin Pump".

Its pretty expensive!Gorgeous!Rm15k+Every month high costs.My family cant afford for it. However,she warned me about the serious of constipation which will bring Blinds,Kidneys Failure,Heart Deseases and others as my control is not seems promising.I realized that the World Reality,the rich ones will gets a longer life,yet for the normal or the poor ones?These explained why someone with a great insulin gadget would gain an essential control,while people who using ordinary ways are harder.

My Sorrow Voices

[Left side is the Insulin Pump,Right side is the Needles Pen]

At the Clinic,I saw many of patients there,they're also have the same probelm as mine[Diabetic].Some of rich ones's daughter would have an insulin pump,obviously some of poor one which just using ordinary needles like me to inject.Apparently,those who rich are english educated,and most of poorer are malay and indians.So our diabetis destiny is,the one with poorer care,the faster it suffers for complications.We cannot cry,we need the determination to live on!

So thats why,I swear to work hard to be a success in future.That's the only way and Urge to change my destiny.


2 Boxes of Glucose stripes will costs you a Rm192 bang almost monthly.So Isn't is high cost?
Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Big Surprise in My Garden!

[Taken with my A590IS] Today morning when walking out the house saw this. Holy Shit! What is this? [I asked my self]

How come the Bees chosen my house as their Base?

Another News
Our Studio has recently got a new member called"Joel".He's my senior actually,perhaps he will contributes more articles for our studio.Hehe,Its a Good News for our Studio too!

UPDATED:Other Expression
This week was a bad week,had a fever and many of others confused things happened as i posted on my blog before.Next week,bunch of exams will be coming to me also,Sejarah,Maths,BM,and Geographic.Maybe I should more seldom online liao.

Next time i wish to post an article about my favourite racing PC game as Im a Mad Racer.Haha..So stay tuned!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Tulip Friday..~ ~

Today morning was a cold weather,after handed in my monthly school fees I go back to my sit to have a nap.Hehe,then 7.40 after is Science Period.But our Science seems not healthy,she have a rest on the stage.But i guess she was pretending that she's okay but obviously she is not feeling
well actually. Its a rainy and cold morning,everyone desires a sleep too.=D

During The Recess period,i ate "Dai Chao"+Fry Egg for my energy recharge after 3 periods of classes which is really debilitate my physical energy retention.

After that went back to class,and had 2 periods of English classes.Our English Teacher[Jane Loh] which had leave us away for 3 months changed to be a more kind I think.Althought her behaviour are still as "Re Diao" as last time,but she's less to scold people at class .Maybe its becuz of her 3 months "vacation" to somewhere which she dont willing to share with us about her "vacation" actually.

After finish classes,its society time!Today our society had invited the Malaysia's Blogging Society which formed a seminar for us at the small lecture hall.But unfortunately people who come majority are our society's members due to today is our society period.Other non members which are not more than 5 peoples i think.

However,we received a small sticker as souvenir.It looks cute and I stick at the back of my phone cover.Looks cool huh?

Conclusion for this seminar,i had learn the way to interact and some writing skill in that seminar.They looks professional too!=D
Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gossips Dilemma..zzz

Haiz yesterday,our society had a meeting but I did not get informed becuz of my GodDamn phone [which cannot read chinese] couldnt read the message sent by them.So after i forwarded the message to my mum's phone then only know about the meeting.But it's one day after the meeting,too late hence.

So unfortunately,i've been critiqued Hard by them.Some said i over act,some said Im too proud.Haizz,really dunno how to cover up these kind of gossips.Btw,i dont mind what they said to me,mayb i should remains silent next time instead of saying out my own opinion during any society activities.

World is like this ones,Politics probelms could happens in anywhere no matter in country,your office,class,even your society also.So what to do?Be Careful for some of Golden Fingers!Many of them would pretend Amicable infront of you,obviously when the time you're in trouble they wont lend you a help yet would give you a space KICK.

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