Monday, December 31, 2012

Best memories of 2012

I nearly ditched blogging since this year but continued to come out another one which is also the last one for the 2012.

1.Best achievement definitely owes to my completion of A level which had drained up an enormous part of my time,strength and soul.

2.AN12B was the best high school period of me,that despite what I had done in secondary school.To me,it didn't look like a college to me.Thank you for the awesome birthday party thrown for me.Not to mention our Melaka and Genting trips.

3.Attempted for KGSP program,but anyhow learned a lot from the course and finally looking for other alternatives.At least I was qualified to apply which it was a wonder to me,if I hadn't done my A level,I wouldn't have had the right for this.

4.Got to see SNSD @ Petronas Alive in Malaysia this year.Thanks to Petronas although I didn't even pump your petrol even once.Despite it was not quite a good experience due to poor organizer,but my longed wish to see them fulfilled.

5.Spent a lot this year and bought my new phone after so many years.Lumia 800 isn't the best phone,but I get to use data and have my calender and photos in sync with the cloud.

6.Did a lot of community work and though they were intangible and often are big part of my life.I feel great doing these and will continue to do.
Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back to December

I have fought so hard to prove something I did 2 years back.After such a hiatus,I am back here and consequently my rants were let out through twitter all this while,nothing comes handier than micro blogging.Now I ran out of hunch to blog here.

All this while,a lot had happened,I have no idea where to begin with.Speaking of which,my korea plan was refused few months back.Had nothing to mourn over but life has to go on,I believe opportunities are ahead.Thankfully,all my energy was spent doing the final external paper last month which had somehow alleviated my hardship.Looking back,I am glad that to the least,I had tried trying for it.

Life without going to college and exam is somehow thrilling but monotonous at some point.I wouldn't fight not wanting this kind of life.It is finally a time I can stop and ponder without much things preoccupied.When asked what is ahead,I wouldn't want to bother at the moment.I just want this holiday to be as long as it could be.

Letting ambition and work aside, for now let's talk about recreation and play,period.
Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time for a break

Blogger has entirely moved to the new interface,not really used to it.It took me sometime to play and rest before kicking in with this post,it was a standstill though.

Just did my AS and went to Melaka for a class trip.Generally,I would say I gave my best and fingers crossed only.Currently giving myself a short break in conjunction of the school holiday,not engaging in any obligation given yet,sad to say I'm having a flu right now.Too bad it's in the holiday,but fortunately it's in the holiday cause I'd have screwed up my AS lol.

I have finally changed my phone last month,complementing my trusty LG KP500.Life sure is more convenient as I have data carried around and a better phone camera.Not only that,having a private line means more privacy as I could have 2 lines for different types of contact.

At times we loathe life,studying eats up a big part of life,that when we finally able to breathe a sigh of relief,then your working life kicks in,after you worked yourself hard for 20 years,having family and this and that,then it's your retirement days...and then it's your grave.Life happens and never asked you for a break.

I dream of a length of time say if I were given a period of 1 year to play and live complacently.I would really make use of it.I'd read the books I like,drive out to places I wanted to visit,play hard and sleep early..that I could even write a book about what I'd do if I were given this one year.Okay,just an assumption.

We may not know,because we might need life to be somewhat contrived to really learn what is life and the important things don't we.Like studying,if studying wasn't obligatory,we wouldn't have done that at first.
Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Central Bank Visit


Finally got to visit the central bank,so far we have visited the parliament and central bank,hopefully more to come before we graduate.Generally speaking,nothing much than their fantastic architecture in the BSN Museum.They could be as lavish as spending on 3 commercial projectors just to make an interactive information wall,that they have like 16 projectors working in the gallery.Nice tempered glass and marbles there,there were sculptures and paintings on the 3rd floor which they claim could cost up to six figures.


Us and Ms.Koh and the birthday boy at the centre,Wai Leong.


The presenter did his job in the brief introduction part of what the central bank does.One thing I find irritating about the presenter was that he couldn't keep to his native tongue,trying to fake accents was odd already.The worst part was he couldn't keep to one,and switched from British to American and finally his own manglish later on.

It did us a painstaking experience walking for 600m to the BNM Museum,the irony was other colleges had their own buses sending them to the entrance but only us having to walk :( Overall the trip was a success and later we had our lunch in Steven's Corner with Jordan,Xavier and our president,Jiwan.

Tomorrow's a public holiday,that's why I get to blog now :D

p/s Pictures credited to Guo Zhang and his capable camcorder.
Friday, April 6, 2012


2012 has been quite good to me albeit being quite tied up,thank you for everything from the family,friends.I was touched by the birthday surprise and it was so beautifully planned that I totally fell for it.

Never regretted choosing A level at all,met amazing people and soulmates,teachers in the college.This year,I have plenty of things in mind.Age comes with wisdom is true according to many,you get maturer and care about people as you grow.Birthday isn't merely about anniversary of your manhood,it's a celebration of life for what you have achieved.Through the entire year,I'd like to thank everyone for shaping me a better person,be it nuisances or good people.

The best asset you could have for life is friends and family,I've never been so grateful for having them.You need these people to keep you on the right track at times and whine about life.

My birthday resolutions are pretty much the same,2012 is a continuation of last year's journey.So yeah,this year is the time to get ripe fruits and see results.

Let's do well in A level!

Lastly,thank mum for bringing me to this world.
Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fantasy answered.


Last Friday was a mind blowing one,it was the best Friday ever happened to me.The snippets of that night barely left me after few days of flashing back aka Soshi Redrawal Syndrome.I've finally got to see them in real person,although it wasn't close as in person,but it already sufficed me really.


Getting to see them was a lifetime opportunity,I had waited for years just for them to come Malaysia.Not able to go to last year Singapore Asia's Tour was a big regret,I swore to myself I had to at least catch a glimpse of them by whatever means this time.

Standing in the premium fanzone was a battle of life,apart from rubbing and squeezing with others,you needed 2 lungs to really breathe well.It was the will power that drove me to endure these,I could barely breathe amongst the people and was enduring a slight hypoglycemia,fortunately I managed to find some candies in the backpack and swallowed them that they momentarily saved me.I waited for 2 hours in that suffocating environment and barely got to breathe.The live performances delayed for approximately 15 minutes,and finally they appeared on stage!Audiences turned wild and I was suddenly pushed nearer for around 1 metre.

My eyesight suddenly improved to a supernatural extent,that I was able to see them clearly at that distance.Seeing them at first was surreal,delusional to me,I couldn't click my eyes because every glimpse was painstakingly earned.Yoona and Seohyun were the most obvious to me,while I managed to see Tae Yeon only for some parts during the performances.That emotional moment when that person whom you always spazzed and talked about appearing in front of you.It was mind blowing,I was caught in that moment for the past few days.Confession of a Sone.

Used all the reserve of strength to elevate my foot to earn a better glimpse and juggled between the holes and edges from the shoulders,iPads,Phones,Camcorder that blocked my sight.Curse those moronic people who raised iPads,and Phones to record,come to your sense please,you think your little phone or tablet could record better than the media people?Bitch please,it's vain.They recorded just for the sake of recording,they should have spent time enjoying the performances instead.To my suggestion,concert shouldn't have allowed tablets to be brought in,because I can't comprehend why would they use it for recording,first is the camera is a rubbish and secondly this is way too self-centered.Everyone wanted to see them,it's not just you who is eager okay.Verdict is management was poor and the only thing made us fulfilled was SNSD.

My heart stopped at that moment.

Taeyeon's best shot.Don't bother about oversizing here :P

Taeng nearly made me tear up out of happiness,I couldn't brain of seeing KIM TAE YEON in such a short notice.Till now,it was still surreal to me,still convincing myself that it really happened.

Fany's hair porn gonna make more fans switching their bias soon.

Sooyoung's best shot.

Sica couldn't stand the heat on the stage.

Later,we all had a great conversation at Asean Cafe.We barked about how rude the security was and how pleased and elated of us seeing Soshi in Malaysia for the first time.Having a jumbo glass of watermelon juice was such a bliss after being dehydrated so much in the crowd.Ian Chow,Jeremiah,Alvin Tan,Qun Shen,Wilson,Alex Cheng,Nicholas Chin,Ament were present.

Next time,I swear that I'm gonna get the best seat to see them,let's hope they would return to Malaysia soon :) Hope everyone enjoyed my post.

p/s Pictures are credited to respective owners.
Sunday, March 4, 2012


If there's one thing I could scrub the Genie for,I'd say it's Sleep.I have been missing a lot of sleep lately,because of the killer schedule I have in hand,there was neither one day in the week I could have my own sweet time for homework,not to say getting a nap or a quality sleep.The torture when you have finally had your own sweet time but something unexpected came up.Thank I finally have my articles done,and able to blog now.

Back then,I used to stay up really late just for the sake of being rebellious or wanting to be different.The irony is now I regretted a lot because I could use some of the sleep I had in excess to make up for now.

Trial is around the corner and I haven't done any far.Drove out a lot in the week and often got caught in the jam,life tortures when you need to repetitively fiddle with the stone-like clutch and paddle in the city,the misery of a stick shift driver I'd confess.Somehow the effort I put is all worthwhile because I'm doing something great that people would have pride in me,meeting great people who have the same goal with me.Despite being so worn,it's the will power that keeps me going because I believe in the pay off passage that will come later.

Translation job really inspires me for why we should get educated.We learn about the complexity of languages and put them into the simplest form so that the people do not need to.To me,getting educated isn't all about securing a better position in the society,it's about giving the best part of your talent to the society so that others would get to enjoy the talents they don't have,it applies to any specialty.It's this passion that will keep you constantly moving and find rewarding.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting me in the recent video of mine.Thanks for being supportive for this campaign and I believe that we would eventually win this fight.
Saturday, February 11, 2012


Late greeting in the month of February,my life is as preoccupied as a star.This week was a painstaking one,we had 3 core subjects at one go,what left is GP and Econs Test,not to mention about Moral Study presentation.

Blogging is always the best way to hark back things and regain what we were almost oblivious about.The urge to constantly come out with one post regardless of how busy and tough life is,I believe that you all would have noticed that this blog has traversed through the many stages of my life,and it will continue to progress for a lifetime longevity.

Being many years studying in Korea,finally there is a chance to catch up with Joel during the Thaipusan holiday.It so happened to be a holiday and the only day I could barely squeeze out from the killer schedule of mine.There is finally a chance I could fetch Joel and Lit Yang since I passed my driving test in 2 years back,time flies remembering last time when we both went to a school competition having to have lost on the way finding the right place.So that's this opportunity I could really do this!

So that hangout out lasted for a few hours because we all had things in hand.Went to Mid Valley for lunch and had a long catching up conversation in the Manhanttan Fish Market.At that instance,I nearly lost my iPad as I unconsciously left it on the couch of the restaurant,thank Joel and Lit Yang,and the restaurant staff for helping out while I managed to leave the parking lot as they went to find my iPad.At that time,I frantically finished my Chatime Matcha Latte in the car without much taste as if my tasting bud malfunctioned because I was practically so freaked out that I wasn't enjoying the tea at all.Later,when things got into order,we went back home for good.

Started my first translation task for the year,I'm getting back on the track of writing but things just get more challenging.Gonna finish it within a 3-day deadline,fortunately I was stealthily fast and did it in a less than 24hrs basis.In future,I would need to turn up in KL for meeting and job delegation.Life surely is not easy
Thursday, January 26, 2012

Road Rage

We all know road is the place we share and being on the road has somewhat occupied a big amount of time everyday.

Road rage often takes place in my place,rude honking,tailgating,abused lamp flashing,kill-steal parking,uninformed lane switching and so much more you could only come to name it yourself by hands-on experience.

There's this emotional struggle when someone had broke the rule and nearly caused an accident while what they did was to point you the middle finger just exactly like the uncivilized ones.The battle between your true conscience and the obligation to stay calm is a big crisis.Wouldn't you have responded to some vengeful resorts like speeding up more to tailgate,honk,flashing back that arse?The other part that holds you back is to remain calm because the actions you are to commit are indifferent with what the arse did to you.

Just came across to one on the way back from Dad's hometown,there was this driver who drove his car and changed his lane without looking at the side mirror,or he might be intentionally doing it.We got the shock of our life and honked him for a second or two.Later,what he did was to stomp his brake hard to provoke us,what we did was to respond to that brake and lit up the high beam to warn him.

That fight continued for 5 minutes,later that driver fled away using the emergency lane.We were left real furious for that moment,and took some time to calm down ceasing the tendency to not mock him in the heart.There's this incident I can quote describing the norm of drivers in Malaysia.We all wanna go home joyfully without any hatred but I just can't grasp what those uncivilized fellas are thinking.They just don't like driving peacefully on the road.
Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chinese New Year is around


The last week in college was a long one,thankfully we only had one replacement class squeezed into the timetable.Yesterday rendered me no motivation to study at all,we completed our GP presentation,overall it was a success.We later went to KLCC for a lunch and I swear I won't ever want to go there anymore for its congestion.Nothing beats KLCC for its crowd and it's good for nothing,you queue when you eat,go toilet and even using the escalator,crowd is no where around.

We managed to have a toast session with the tutors Ms.Veronica and Ms.Jeswynna on Thursday.Despite it was a very rushed session that took 5 minutes to toast and drink,we sure had fun.The only thing I wanna rant is we should team up together not only in toast but the aftermath.Fortunately,some friends lent a hand in cleaning up the mess later which I really appreciate.While some just pat their butt and fled away :(

I'm still working so hard taking down the acne in my face but it really is a tough course.Hopefully I could have a fairer face during CNY,the skin has worsen quite a bit these days.

Wish everyone an early Happy Chinese New Year!
Sunday, January 15, 2012

Life Update

It spent me that long to make up time for the first post in 2012,I've been losing a lot of sleep lately with so many events tied in hand.

Thankfully yesterday's CNY sketch was a success,we had practiced so hard in the past 3 days.Despite hard work paying off,my life would have figuratively reduced for 10 years if life paces at this rate in the future.

My resolution for this year is only to nail the A-level examination,hopefully I might be able to get what I wanted.Things are getting tougher,we are taught to write critical essays in the upcoming test.

GP teacher assigned us an assignment about historical person,with this conjunction I've of course chosen Steve Jobs as the theme.We have worked out a terrific presentation in tribute to Steve Jobs.To me,an admirer of him,I'm so pleased with this opportunity that I can convey his story as an academic content.Well,the presentation is on the coming Wednesday,let's see.

Such a shame to write about,lately I have only discovered that my speedlite features optical trigger on its own.Never aware about it before until it's now 2 years old since I bought it.With optical trigger,producing sharp and mind blowing photos on a compact camera is now possible.Cutting all the hassle of bringing DSLR out for a meet just to have great pictures really makes life easier!


The magic thing is you don't necessarily need a pro body to trigger up a flash but any low profile compact that has a flash.You have significantly low noise and better detail with speedlite.Sadly,mobile phones with LED flash cannot trigger up the photo sensor.

Bought this as a read for my assignment.I'm constantly inspired as I read from page to page,it surely is an amazing read.

Another good news is,Mum allowed me to drive out meeting my best friend-Joel for a single day.Waiting for Lit Yang's exam break and we will come out for a meet soon,I'm looking forward for it.Have not met him for almost 2 years till present.Thankfully Mum allowed this! *phew*

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