Sunday, August 30, 2009

My printer has revived!

I bet you guys would not forget last time how am I producing my CDs,the melted printer is working again.Today COD with Dr Printer at 1 Utama,OMG he overslept and we waited him for 1 hours+,but 1 Utama's crowd are not intimidated for the flu,aren't they?I would say 1% of them are wearing mask inclusive of us only.

This year,no merdeka countdown,so no jams at all.We then went to Ikea Ikano center for some shopping after that.

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan ke 52!!*Peace*No chaotic gathering liao.
Thursday, August 27, 2009

My DIY tripod


You know,I dont have a proper tripod,or you would say my tripod is a combination of bamboo chair+wood stood.Doing commercial shots are really hardtime,I might want to put for a long shutter to capture low-noise images.Who ask me not to own neither a DSLR or a tripod.

But ironically,for some rich geek who abuse the advantage of high-end wide angle lens for horniee purpose.'sigh'Funding now for my camera,but when is my cash prize going to be banked into my account?..Zzzz

Besides I am having a controversy with someone,and it makes me actualized that women are really hypocrite,trust me,do not ever try to infuriate women.They are really black-hearted..hmm some of them..*Argh*Had a bad experience towards the minority of WOMEN..almost gone mad you know..cant stand..=.=

Sorry for being such pessimist today.Haizzzzzzzz..
Monday, August 24, 2009

Woot! I'm Back!

In before I begin here,would like to apologize for not blogging for 2 weeks.Heck 2 weeks,I literally freaked out by exams and accrued homework,this past 2 weeks is a miserable life for me.Besides,many of conflicts in my life,I wont be mentioning here,forgive me.

Today I started my morning-afternoon at Sunway Piramid's Startbuck Coffee Shop waiting for my bro doing his shopping.After that,we will be going to meet with Ban Leong's Sales Manager.pertained to some reviewing issue for my studio.

Frittering off my time with Mum's netbook at the coffeeshop,nothing to do.Speed test the ISP,preparing my meet with Ban Leong,and waiting waitin..

Taken our lunch at Esquire Kitchen before head on to Wisma Academy.We then deal with the sales manager on how we are going to associate with their marketting intentions.Finally we brought back the first batch of products which really exquisitely adorable.

Besides for me,it's quite a rival and great chance within my life.I am worried because I'm pressured with their requirement,afraid of upsetting their expectations.Btw,I will try my best to fullfill my milestone as well as the distributor.Furthermore,I have my mum's new netbook and Samsung 2333SW to review,many of stuffs waiting for [Insert a verb here].

Lancool and CMStorm products here,will be up to my studio soon.As luxuries cars,I am driving expensive mices and chasis.Have to be vigil on every handlings.XD
Hong Kong's magazines from my cousin,you know sometimes HK's technologies are ahead from us.Have to learn from others as well as how we create our ramblings.
Monday, August 3, 2009

CHKL is very contagious! Closed..

It came in such a spontaneous,as the representative from the health ministry has sent a memo towards our school in this morning.Asking to self quarantine for one week,I guess must be some valid cases of h1n1.

Some of us are sulk and some of are damn psyched,then I must be in the psyche troop.You know,self quarantine means one week of holiday,but the holiday is aint free,we have to go back to school when it's a holiday=.=.

There is a brat like jason whom wears mask and glove,what a coward.If you are infected,then you must have not escape of it,Come on..what for putting so many of redundant things.Mask is acceptable though,but glove is definitely redundant.

Who said mask is only for prevention of flu?It could be used for covering pimples.That's the purpose I am wearing for.See,so handsome..without pimples.XD

Everyone was rushing to home,congesting crowd and cars really turned off the traffic in Jalan Kaya.

My regard to everyone whom had affected,kindly be aware and acts vigilance towards the flu.It could be a serious pandemic in Malaysia,as I know the 7th death is reported in Malaysia.Take care.



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