Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cameron trip

The 2011 is all kicked in with a short vacation on Cameron with the family.I had never been to anywhere for the past few years,and now I'm only free to be elsewhere after doing my SPM.

In concerning to my new year post,I'd be writing it later due to some dilemma in my new new year resolutions.Still need more time to ponder on,I will be also going to The Star Education Fair tomorrow to look for some information.

We stayed in an apartment for RM180 a night,and had all the facilities there.

We were provided with the Astro Decoder and a small TV there.During that night,the floor was icy cold,I'd say.You wouldn't feel like stepping on it,we put on some mattresses in the living room.

If Cameron is not a place known for the farms,I wouldn't say it's Cameron.Apparently the flowers and plantings are all grown well there.

The farmers come out with various products from the tea to
refreshments.But don't be fooled by them,some are actually imported from China and repackaged in Cameron.

The souvenirs are all in a wide range,but mostly in strawberry theme.We didn't really interested in buying there.

I was busy camwhoring in the mirror hehs

A view from the tea farm there.

I and the Brother.

You can see a bunch of retro Land Rover Defenders there.The farmers are still using them in their daily course because it's rugged.

During night,everyone will be wearing hoodie or something thick to keep warm.The street is all silent perhaps it was a Thursday night.The road is cramped with trucks and cars parked inclined.Can hardly see P license owners there lol

Brought the projector for ear and eye-gasm.We played games and movie on the wall,that night was really awesome!


Joel said...

wa your bro 发福 liao. Haha..

If got time write a review of your camera bag. thanks!
Hope you enjoy your trip! =D

SkyChin said... 5 million dollar home?Okay.

Yeah,I always tease him for having belly lately.:DD

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