Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chinese New Year is around


The last week in college was a long one,thankfully we only had one replacement class squeezed into the timetable.Yesterday rendered me no motivation to study at all,we completed our GP presentation,overall it was a success.We later went to KLCC for a lunch and I swear I won't ever want to go there anymore for its congestion.Nothing beats KLCC for its crowd and it's good for nothing,you queue when you eat,go toilet and even using the escalator,crowd is no where around.

We managed to have a toast session with the tutors Ms.Veronica and Ms.Jeswynna on Thursday.Despite it was a very rushed session that took 5 minutes to toast and drink,we sure had fun.The only thing I wanna rant is we should team up together not only in toast but the aftermath.Fortunately,some friends lent a hand in cleaning up the mess later which I really appreciate.While some just pat their butt and fled away :(

I'm still working so hard taking down the acne in my face but it really is a tough course.Hopefully I could have a fairer face during CNY,the skin has worsen quite a bit these days.

Wish everyone an early Happy Chinese New Year!


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SkyChin-The Author.
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