Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dont be afraid


Dont be afraid,the goal is right infront.
Dont be terrified,your will power will standby you.
Be poised and accelerate!

Hi folks,I dunno why is the reason I wanted to blog today,perhaps my spontaneous intention drove me through this.The phrases above are written to pair with the photography of the day,it's a basketball court.

Taken when I went back to school today,it was a morning actually,but after some touch-ups in photoshop,the photo is more standout now.I wish to express the subject with the basket net that signified the 'Goal' of lifetime.

Well,I will continue to post more pictures in the upcoming ones.

p/s The picture look dark and had some color noises were because it was purposely done to project some nostalgic senses.



BlackJeanz said...

ya the editor of tis pic successed
i like tis pic =)
it's just nice

Anonymous said...

The photo makes me wanna go play basketball right now lol.
Nice effect.


SkyChin said...

Well,this shot abit overcontrast as I was initially planning to make it to a HDR one.

Since the result is not complementary,so I changed my mind and made this.

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SkyChin-The Author.
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