Saturday, October 24, 2009

I wanted to win

a DSLR!Yea,that's right a DSLR,how certainly I would wish to win one.I had tried my best to several of creative shoots in order to outdo the others.Perhaps,luck and creativity are the most important in this competition.

Please Please Please Please Please grant me a chance to win that black stone!So that I can save my $ for a flashgun after I got myself a SLR.

Below are my enormous effort which exerted to win this competition,C&C please,readers to help me win that thingy!

I played with shutter speed,all the shots were placed with a 15 seconds of shutter,lines are all drawn by nature,no photoshop effects had added.





Below is the flash version,


Anonymous said...

"Courtesy of skychin" Lol.
Wish you good luck.

SkyChin said...

Thx man,let's hope for the win.I can save a lot of money if I did so.=P

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SkyChin-The Author.
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